Sunday, January 20, 2008

Any more comment on Siti Nurhaliza will not be entertained.

Sorry I said there will be no more comment on the subject but Rockybru insinuated otherwise,and since many people want me to go to hell over the subject, what the hell the subject is close!Yippekayee! Mother F****rs!


Rocky's Bru said...

Ah, so .. you are covering up the subject, Mr Pasquale? But why? I was just about to leave a comment on how intriguing the whole thing is. I picked up the posting you did and it drew over 100 comments in just a couple of days! It shows, to me at least, that the matter of the tudung is always open for/to debate. said...

I disagree.I think the reason the subject is so interesting/offensive is due to the reasons Pasquale stated on his feelings toward muslim women in tudung.
And btw,is it possible to know where your doctor friend graduated from?I'm practicing myself yet I have never known of this scalp,emotional problems etc that your friend has associated with women in tudung.
Just as it is your right to your opinion,all these other people have a right to theirs too.
I would just like to advise you to properly choose your words next time instead of coming off as such a dumbass.
Thank you.

And btw.I m muslim and NOT in tudung

Anonymous said...

I am not going to be original this time, so all I am going to say that your blog rocks, sad that I don't have suck a writing skills