Monday, January 14, 2008

I am disappointed with Siti Nurhaliza!

Hi good people (not that there are many around anymore)!

While women around the world, in the developing or the developed countries, are becoming or are already emancipated, ours (I am talking about Malay women)are busy trying to make a pledge to wear a scarf or tudung, purdah or burka or whatever, when they get "older". Why is that!
To me, tudung is like an acceptance by Malay women of their subservient status.
I saw an article in the Star about my favourite star and person that is Siti Nurhaliza who said she had promised to wear a headscarf after marrying businessman Datuk Khalid Mohamad Jiwa, 49, on Aug 21, 2006.Why is that!
You should say: "That I will try to win an Emmy Award, or will try to break into Hollywood before I reached thirty, or something like that!!
She said: "For the time being, I am comfortable with my latest look. It would be all right if I change gradually, and not to drastically. Siti you sound not happy with the decision you made.
She also also said by wearing scarf she hoped it would not create a big issue.
"I always knew that one day I would be wearing the scarf. I am doing this sincerely without forcing myself. What I need is time."
Of course this will be an issue, for if you persist on wearing tudung and hide that big chunk of your personality that is your beautiful hair I will be very sad.
Siti I will be disappointed with you! To me you symbolised that emancipated Malay woman in the same light as Saloma, you shot to stardom through your sheer hard work and dedication and discipline and now you have to please your master by being subservient and to show that you have to wear tudung!?
I do not know what it is with the Malays, they are either impressionable, insecure when they are with their women, or weak or clueless of what life is all about, but life is definitely not emulating the Arabs or the middle-eastern culture!
You must really consider again about your decision to wear tudung, otherwise you will look like Aishah who was once with a group called the Fan Club.

No cheers today!


amidala said...

i dont think it is about emulating the arabs or the middle eastern culture.

i think u need to understand firstly, what wearing the hijab really means, for Muslim women regardless their race.

the main question for all siti nurhaliza fans would be not why she decides to put on the tudung, but her sincerity in doing so. wearing the hijab is in a way a form of responsibility, not just a cover, or a fashion statement.

a siti nurhaliza fan,
in hijab. =)

afiq said...

well its her life and if she decides to cover up, i'm very sure its because she wishes to oblidge with the teachings of her religion, Islam.

All is well.

Anonymous said...

hallo brader...bukan ikut Arab la...hijab is a requirement for all women of age in Islam!!!

Why Not said...

Wearing of the tudung has got nothing to do with being subservient or being less emancipated, Pasquale.
A true Muslim would know that it has been ordained by Allah and if you belong to that faith you don't have to question why as it has already been explained. In fact, even the bible described the use of head covering similar to the tudung for Christian womenfolk but unfortunately this was almost never complied with except by the nunnery.
So, don't be disappointed about Siti's decision Pasquale becasue I am sure many others are disappointed with you for your comments too.

a muslimah (wearing headscarf and lovin it) said...

Dear Madam,

Wearing or not wearing head scarf is a matter of personal choice.

Some people observe their religious obligations, some don't. some go to church (or mosque or temple) some don't. some pray, some don't. similarly, some muslimah choose to wear tudung (weather the reason being religious, vanity, status, cultural or family presuure or whatever).

But for you to use blanket judgement and call all head scarf wearing woman as "accepting their subservient status is plainly childish insensitive and utterly stupid.

It's called personal freedom. If you so want to try to win an Emmy Award, or will try to break into Hollywood, you should go ahead, but to thrust that down others' throat puts you up there togather with other prejudiced, xenophobic religious extremists!

If Siti said that she always knew that one day she would be wearing the scarf, maybe that's what she want.

Why not just let other people do what they one. Lets stop dictating others life, yes?

BigDogDotCom said...


I agree with you that more Malays are subscribing to this "tudung" 'fashion', 'fad' or 'culture'. Its a herd mentality.

Yes, I agree with Amidala that Muslims to adhere to Allah's call. But so many Muslims/Malays here in this land, cover the head and/or wear hijab (as per adhering to Allah's command) BUT conveniently disobey to other more important calls, such as observing prayers five times a day and abstain from immoral doings, such as fornication or even flirting in public.

So what is the point of observing just an aurat protocol but failed to observe other more material sins?

Muslimah & pro-tundung said...

It would have been good if you stated that you hate Hijab rather than posing as an enlightened and insulting people. There is no wisdom however little in what you wrote here. It is pure bigotry and grandiose, which unfortunately exposes your irreligious position though you may pretend to be a modern person. We are not aware of modernism defined by clothes and neither is modernism accepting your point of view. Muslim women including Siti wear or will wear the hijab because that's what Allah SW wants and they are listening to Him more than they will listen to marauding self appointed purported modernist ideologues. And let me ask you one more question: If Siti did this for her husband (And she didn't do that because it was clear in the interview), isn't it better that she followed the advice of the man whom she shared bed, pain and everything with? Or you want her to listen to you? I thought that's too much even if we demand to be seen. Get life my dear.



ypu have already demonstrated your prejudice by making a judgment on her choice to don the hijab.

why do you see that it is so wrong for her to "cover-up"?

siti does not make a judgment about others who do not cover up.

and wearing the tudung is not a symbol of female subservience, in as much as wearing western attire does not reflect progressive thinking.

indeed, there are many women out there who wear the tudung just as "a uniform" -- mere form but whose behaviour conflicts with that essence of Islam.
that is their business and they answer to the Almighty.
As we all will have to.

so..just give siti a break and let her live her life...


Anonymous said...

Hi Pasquale,

When we are lazy to read, or to seek knowledge - we will definitely be left behind in time. The Quran is poorly interpreted, always interpreted to the flavor of the day. There will be some of you who will go out brandishing ayat in the Quran saying that covering the 'hair' is compulsory,etc,etc. This is where the real problem lies. Muslims in general follow what people say and do without wanting to use their inner thoughts and god-given brain. Just because one person read and interpret the ayat and say it is wajib to cover the hair, the rest just follow and do it for generations even without thinking why on the first place the ayat says so. So this is what we have here - muslims all over the world malays included follow what is done in other places without questioning and thinking. If you read Syed Akhbar's 'Malaysia and the club of Doom' it says a lot about the origin of tudungs and stuff like that. Here in Malaysia and also other parts of the world, wearing tudung is akin to be pious as if that is all that is needed to do, it is a case of more form than substance!

talking said...

well.. dont comment pasal hijab2 nih...its about their belief system dude ... anyway... you are barking and not talking rite.... hmm... i think what creature barks.... :) and to comment about purdah, hijab, tudung .... you belong to that category .....

Anonymous said...

Its so easy for people to label someone as being prejudice just for highlighting an issue.

But it is the very same person who will selectively choose stories to report on.

If it is their business to answer to almighty, then why we have khalwat laws?

nisa said...

Salam, :)

Muslim pray 5 times a day. Muslim women pray 5 times a day. What do they wear when they pray each time? Why.

Isn't the aurat obvious. :)
I seek refuge in Allah Most Great.

kodok said...

ello bro...r u stupid or wat?..where did u learn hijab is arab culture?..i dont want to comment much..juz want to advice u to start learning bout islam..your ignorance juz showing your stupidity

Pasquale said...


Anonymous said...

hai mengantuk ke? padan muka!

Anonymous said...


i really don't understand why you should care whether Siti wears a tudong, or sarong or a really does not matter at all to us..just because the stupid media did not have any news to print and decided to cover this story..doesn't mean that you guys should get carried along...THINK AGAIN!

Pasquale said...

Ha Yawwnn!




Anonymous said...

anonymous 8:58,great job urging people to use their own thoughts then quoting someone else. uh..are those words on 'form not substance' yours or someone else's,i wonder?

hey i play cricket,see..and i just happen to not wear shortpants when i represent the varsity in the inter-varsities.but i won't claim myself to be more pious than say,the footballers

hidayah datang dengan pelbagai cara..and hey,ours is a relatively free country when concerning aurat and such so what the hell,huh?


Anonymous said...

if you don't prefer to see malays wearing tudung just move to Israel! That will make you happy!!!

A Voice said...

There are many who does thing because others are doing and they ended up ikut-ikut. That is wrong, not the act of "bertudung", which is encouraged by many religions.

Coming to your idea of emancipation, do you thing Paris Hilton is an emancipated women?

The idea of emancipation is the the liberty and freedom for woman to decide what is they deemed as appropriate for themselves, without being forced upon by others and society.

In the process, she make her decision with maturity, intellect and responsibility.

The way I see, Paris Hilton is not emancipated.

In the of Diva CT, she had more control and made good decisions and judgement in her youth. I guess love as a blinding effect to make a person willing to be give up their freedom.

As far as I am concern, lantak lah, dia ada suami!

Anonymous said...

hi..i think you're not muslim..that's why you don't know about the importance of wearing tudung to us the muslim women..

for your information,tudung is not an Arab's lifestyle as you's not only our hair that need to be covered but all of our body except for hand and our face..

why we need to cover up?the answer is so simple..because ourself is very precious..just like a diamond..a good and valuable diamond is the one that covered and put in the box rather than the one that is not do we as human being..

and please,respect other people beliefs...thanks.. :)

Anonymous said...

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz................. malas aku nak layan topic yang tak berfaedah ni. Siti nak buat apa pun nak didebatkan??
Buang masa aje orang melayu ni.


Wak Segen said...

Why are you all wearing that shirt pants tie and suit.Are you guys following the 'Mat Salleh' our colonial masters?. I may also ask.But I don't bother.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I came across your blog from .. I can't even remember where. I was blog hopping.

This is your blog, and you have every right to say whatever you wish, however considerate or even thoughtless opinions you might have.

Great job, Pasquela

Azman said...


You've outdone yourself as far as western secular materialism goes. Why can't donning a hijab be seen as a progress instead of a backflip? And why can't Siti aim to break into Hollywood in style; with a hijab on?

Oh no. Let me guess. Yawn.

shanghaistephen said...

Think Grace Jones man...Grace Jones !
like anon of 12:44 am said's your blog're free to write what you want and it IS your opinion...amen !

Pasquale said...

To Rocky, Shanghaifish, Bid dog and those who came and knowingly or unknowingly supported my view on tudung. Not my intention to insult but I just do not see the wisdom of women covering up in the tropic and according to my doctor friend many Malay women are suffering from scalp problem, losing hair i.e going bald and bad BO! Above all loosing their temper because of frustration due to retention of unnecessary large volume of body heat!

Anonymous said...


dont tell me that people not wearing tudung doesnt suffer from scalp problem and bad BO.

i wear tudung. i dont suffer from scalp problem neither am i suffering from bad BO. its all down to how you take care of yourself. in islam, we are taught to take in particular about hygiene and cleanliness.

its all down to their mentality. if they wears tudung unwillingly, they will find it a burden. and that is why i feel that siti is trying to take it bits by bits and not all at one. i respect her for that. whats important is that she is sincere about it. in fact, fyi, its a must for muslim ladies to wear tudung.

afterall, she is just another human being that deserve to be entitle her own privacy to wear, do whatever she one. put yourself in her shoe than maybe you'll understand better.

and please, dont even try to comment about how stupid the malay women are for wearing tudung in the tropic. you seems to be someone who is not educated about how to respect another race. god make it in such a way that whatever rules make, its never a burden but have something hidden behind it.

opinions is yours, but learn to respect others. maybe learn to keep it to yourself than to blog it out.

Anonymous said...

body heat?? r u frikking kidding me?? wow, thatz just so shallow... wait till u go to hell n then tell us bout body heat! geez. one word. research my dear. or wait, yawn.

Pasquale said...

To anonymous asking me to do research on hell, I tried! But no one can tell me about what hell is all about since no one has come back tell me, preferably if there are pictures of hell or heaven so I can insert it in my thesis! Yyaawwn!

AliMcb said...

Heyyy stop this "you're going to hell" & getting all worked up! That's not the way to argue (sarcasm never was)

Anyway, IMHO (this coming from a non-fan of Siti) I don't see anything wrong with her if she chooses to don the tudung. It's completely her decision, her choice, her prerogative, her right to cover up.

I don't see what's the fuss is all about, after all last time I checked it's normal to see Muslim women to wear head scarves.

Speaking of 'opinions' & 'respecting others' opinions', I have no qualms with you expressing whatever views you have coz it is your right. But having 'rights' also doesn't mean 'having the rights to be tactless', coz look at all the Muslim women you dissed!

Anonymous said...


u r really lunatic...

dont response anymore to this lunatic msg forum..


makin dilayan makin menjadi..
try tengok setiap reply yg dia buat...
sengaja menghangatkan isu agar lebih panas..

ciri2 org gila@lunatic

pamina said...

emancipation based on what sum1 is wearing???

god...yawnnnnn. get a life.

Anonymous said...

from what i can adduce, yu are a malay yourself. and you r a PHD person.And u kacang lupakan kulit. and Your knowledge on all things are very very superficial. You think u are great, like most urban malays who came from the ulu place.

Anonymous said...

Pasquale, your blog is well supported isnt it? Lovers haters comment on your blog so thats awesome. The one who hates if coz they're just jealous, the ones who loves it, are normal people. To all readers and comments posters - Dont hate the player, hate the game. Whoops, cant really can you? Its part and parcel of life.

Queen of Hearts

Anonymous said...

from what i can adduce, yu are a malay yourself. and you r a PHD person.And u kacang lupakan kulit. and Your knowledge on all things are very very superficial. You think u are great, like most urban malays who came from the ulu place.

To the person who has made the above comment- I think you are being very ignorant. Pasquale made an effort for this blog; at least he's not hanging outside boozing or taking drugs or harming other people physically. I am a Malay myself but i've been growing up overseas and i travel a lot. Just to have different knowledge and to see the world, that doesnt change who i am. By the way, in your context - you should use 'deduce' instead of 'adduce' blends better. People who has been around have different set of mind, though they have Allah inside. Think about it, if Pasquel's 'urban'...are you an orthodox villager? You should open up mate.

Queen of Hearts

Anonymous said...

Pasquale, what are the biggest religion in the world? Are there any similarities between the 2 biggest religion- Islam & Christianity? If you are well knowledged, you would realize at least 1 thing - There has been a man who is not Muslim or of Muslim descent that placed Prophet Mohamed as 1st most famous important man in history. There must be a reason why. He's not Muslim and non Malaysian. Heck, he probably haven't even been to Malaysia. Al-Quran existed way way before. And because of people like you, the Truth of Quran has also been proven scientifically- that is if you have been fully aware and acknowledged about that. For sarcastic skeptic people (I guess Allah has prepared Al-Quran for these problems that may arise later). A fair person would read more and talk less of the unnecessary to encourage the downfall of other people or anything at all. Please dont be ignorant yourself. I respect you for creating such a blog but...i think you know what i'm trying to say. You're smart aren't you? Or else you wouldnt know how to create a blog.

Queen of Hearts

PleaseRecheck said...

Well, to those yang kata "Buat apa nak debate pasal Siti" well sebab this is not about Siti. This is about membetulkan persepsi orang yang nampak macam bukan Muslim. Yang ingat Muslim pakai tudung sebab nak ikut Arab sebab agama Islam asal Arab. Yang ingat Melayu nih bodoh sangat saja2 nak pakai tudung untuk nampak alim, dan ikut Arab walhal that is not the case. The reason people are giving opinion sebab diorang cuba nak terangkan keadaan pasal Islam dan salah faham writer nih yang sememangnya tak berapa berfikir tenatng hal ehwal sebab dan campurkan lojik diri. Maybe she thinks she dia perfikiran terbuka, dan modern dan tak suka tengok perempuan zaman nih merendah2kan diri. Dia nak perempuan semua kuat dan berkuasa. (Dia sebenarnya ada masalah self confidence dan cuba carik kekuatan pada orang lain, I can assume that too). The fact that she's yawning while orang cuba explain in a good way shows he character. She writes this for all I care is for the attention because she is as she is - I tried to avoid this but here it comes - attention seeking whore.

MR ANON said...

Why is everyone crazy about women emancipation? I know there is a stereotype faces by Muslims with regards to the wearing of hijab/tudung, but to claim that we emulate arabs culture is too simple and vague. Does it mean we’re not emulating western culture when we touch about women emancipation? Are we sure it is just some instinct kicking out with anyone’s persuasion? Does liberty and freedom is a truly globalized concept or perhaps made to be pushed as globalized?
This is similar when others accuse muslims as hypocrite by wearing tudung while neglecting other important aspect of Islam. Islam is a part of life accrued with good ethical governance. To be an islam is to abide by its rule. For me, human need rules to prevent them from harming themselves and others. If everyone wants to talk about freedom, what would we end up with? Civil partnership, incest relationship or worse, with animals (it is already happening). When we abiding the traffic laws, are we being hypocrite?
I don’t really mind if people have intention to change. To do it gradually means that they acknowledge own weaknesses of ‘hangat2 tahi ayam’. If subservient brings good outcomes, why not? Or perhaps your concept of women emancipation is preferably like in the US, where being a ***** could enlighten others about freedom. Again, perhaps you are too naive and too much emulated by western culture.

Nora M said...

Though my comment is 3 years too late...I wud like to share my view about hijab. My Malay people are becoming backwards. Herd mentality is one of the reason behind this hijab phenomena. But I believe in freedom of those who prefer to wear it, just let them be but what I don't like is some of these malays try to make some of non hijab malay to wear it by preaching and forcing our kids to wear it at school. I do not want my kids to wear hijab, I do not want my kids to believe that when they grow up, as women they must allow their husband to take another wife/wives, I do not want they teach my kids that they have to obey their husbands, I do not want them to believe that they have to cover their hair because it is haram for man to look at their hair..HELLO!!! everything is about man! and that make us women stupid! FREE US Malays FROM THIS STUPID RELIGION!!!