Sunday, January 06, 2008

I have to say this or I shall not be able to hold my piece!


It is Sunday at 1.30pm and I received a phone call from an obviously nerve wrecked person on the other end who did not sound Malay, and he said can I please help and tell the muezzin not to call for prayer too loudly!
My God I was shocked and I as a Muslim am also having the same problem, in fact if you ask anyone living in my area in Ampang Jaya, Ukay Heights areas they will say the call for prayers are erratic sometime too loudly and too out of tune that is not pleasing to the ears.
I have been a good Muslim for more than the last five decades and for heaven sake can someone from the higher authority curb this erratic practice of cackling, moaning, whining and out of tune call for prayers.
Please think of the non-believers who are trying to find out more about Islam for they will surely be turn off by the horrible and loud sound of the crazy, yes crazy, muezzins!
When I was growing up in Kampung Bharu I will be looking forward to the sweet calls for prayers, today I am a nervous wreck myself come the evening call for prayers, for it is like playing a Russian roullette, most of the time you never know who is going to cackle, to moan and to whine! Please DO SOMETHING!




i love the sound of the azan... that's because the sound that i hear where i am is beautiful.
my non-Muslim friends have lived in this neighbourhood for decades.
either they are so used to it or they just tolerate it. i dont know.

but, i have heard azan that are made so loudly, i could almost feel the ground shaking.
too loud. unnecessarily loud.

the azan that was made in that caller's neighbourhood must be way way too loud and disturbing that his nerves are so rattled and racked.

Rocky's Bru said...

The call to prayers is supposed to be beautiful, in whatever language.

When i was growing up, it is the azan is preceded by a rhythmic "tuk-tuk-tuk" of wood beating against wood (i don't know the name of the instrument). There were no loud speakers or hailers then; it was a small surau in a Malaccan kampong that did not even have street lights. Where I was growing up in Singapore, the azan can be heard through the loud speakers. You could tell who the muezzin was. My favourite was Ustaz Ramli who thought me at the Madrasah. His call for prayer was the most melodic. You could not hear him from our wooden home about a km away, though .. you would have to be in the vicinity to be able to hear the azan.

Where I live now, they would play the recording of a Quran recital or the reading of the Yasin (I happen to have the same disc in the car, so I am very familiar with the recording). I have always found this soothing and not just because I am a Muslim but because there is calming effect in the call of prayers, in whatever language and for whatever faiths.

I am sorry your non-Muslim friend found the call to prayers to be too loud. Perhaps it is too loud where he lives. If such is the case, I think the mosque authorities should be informed.

In any case, each call for prayer lasts less than a minute and there are only 5 azans a day.

p.s. Bro, you talked about the "sweet calls for prayers" during the time of your growing up. Surely our muezzins would like to know how they could make their calls for prayers sweet again, instead of being described as "loud" or "too loud". Listen to Yusof Islam's call for prayer. Or P. Ramlee's in "Semerah Padi".

Pasquale said...

Nuraina and Rocky,thank you for your comments, for a moment I thought I was going crazy with the erratic calls for prayer, I am not not being overly critical but the muezzin calls for prayers at my areas have gone awry and the religious authority must do something. At my present state of mind I believe the enemy of my religion is trying to make others to hate my religion by their cackling, moaning and whining when they call for prayers.

BigDogDotCom said...


I hear you.

You should go to the very mosque and sound out to the either Imam or Chairman of the Mosque's board of trustees, you displeasure views of the muezzin's poor call for prayers.

I live in a non Muslim majority neighbourhood, where in the quiet and peacefulness of the morning, one can catch the azan of two nearby mosque, very clearly. The (non Muslim) neighbours are okay with the Subuh azans but they are not too happy with the pre-azan blaring of Quranic verses from on of the mosque.

So we (the Muslim residents) went to 'talk' with the Mosque board of trustees and the changes made are much tolerable.

Pasquale said...

Hey Big Dog, how are ya doin! No I do not have the patient someone else has to do it, I will probably will start with a line "listen up you moron....." The thing is they should know the sensitivity and they should be magnanimous about being the majority!

mika said...

this reminds me of what my girlfriend used to tell me. my girlfriend is a chinese non-muslim who grows up in a totally chinese community environment. she got no muslim malay friend until she started going out with me. when she was studying in Taiwan, her hostel was located somewhere near the only mosque in Taipei. she told me that everytime there was an azan from there, she found the call for prayer very soothing and nice. when she came back here, things seems to be very different. she said most of the time, those at the mosques or surau tend to play recordings of quranic recital or even religious speeches over the loud speakers for long period of times. even worst was when they do it before the suboh prayer. she asked me how do muslims justify their claim that Islam is a reasonable and tolerant religion if even the caretaker of their houses of worship can't consider that playing such religious sermons on the loudspeak in the early morning is akin to forcing others to listen to it. Honestly, i can't answer her.

Pasquale said...

Mika and People!

Mika you are right this is the only "muslim" country where the major races irritate each other by making the biggest! Hindu construct the biggest idol at the ire of the Malay community (do not kid ourselves, the Malays are angry over the allowance given to the Hindu to have a massive idol, and the anger is festering). The Chinese wants more bigger temples and also idol,if not they will withdraw support to the government (as the case is in Sabah). The Malays are building bigger mosques and making their very out of tune and loud calls for prayers a disconcerting event for many, also at the ire of non-Malays. So it is a vicious cycle! The Muslim-Malays can park anywhere come Friday prayer, even in the middle of a road. Now the Hindus are doing it if the Muslim-Malays can, so it will go on and on, until one day something will snap. Gone were the days when we do not use religious cultures to piss one another, gone were the days when azan was so soothing and nice and the Hindu temples were just a soft chimes of a bell and chanting. Gone were the days when we were genuinely nice to each other. I will not and have never accepted the word TOLERANCE for it implies a breaking point, now then,we have to be very concern and careful over the future of our generations.
Please do not allow our religious cultures to be hijacked by extremist conservative, be they Malay, Chinese or Indian!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you put it. How about the call to Azan in a condominium and your unit is right above the loud speaker?

When the residents make a complaint, we were asked to refer to DYMM as apparently he has given the rights to them to broadcast the call to prayers.

I am not against the azan but in an enclosed location, we just want more peace and tranquility at 5am in the morning.

warrior2 said...

As a moslem, when you look upon the call of the azan in your area as one hell of a torture everytime it is done speaks a lot about you.

It is a call to withness Allah`s greatness and to worship him. I dont know how you are able to compartmentalise your emotion (and I hope you do) in "cursing" the caller and the meaning of the azan!

Pasquale said...


You are one so fucking self righteous bastard that is making my religion look bad to the eyes of the "non-believers"!
There is no way in my posting that I said anything bad about Islam, my religion that I love. I am against the so called believers who are bend on making Islam an object of ridicule.The muezzin in my areas are mad and they should be shot, muezzins around my areas are making Islam a loathsome religion for non-muslims living around my area with their horrible crackling moaning calls for prayers. I loathe these muezzins the same way as I loathe suicide bombers, whose leaders told them if they die that way they go to heaven. No way Islam said that and taught that and in no way I am going to tolerate horrific out of tune and out of sync calls for prayers.
Warrior2, the reason why I posted your comment is to show how fucking stupid you are, and do not bother to reply for I will not even open your fucking message after this and let alone publish it!
You fucking Moron! Try to understand the issue before you make disparaging fucking comment next time!

Laksarian said...

Wow, talk about over reacting.

mika said...

take it easy pasquale. if u got worked up everytime u encounter muslims like warrior2, u ll definitely end up with a heart attack. there are too many of them. be cool. just show our good non-muslims friends that not all muslims are self-righteous morons by following the true path. dakwah by examplary behaviour is the best way to educate non-muslims on Islam's true virtues.

Maverick SM said...

I am a non Muslim and we tolerates the azan. However, we do feel what you said but couldn't complaint as it would be taken as contempt and would be punished.

We have the greatest respect for Islam, but does it need to hurt others by such high decibels? I won't dare to comment further as I have no balls.

pamina said...


im sorry this irritate a lot of people, apparently.

pamina said...


im sorry this irritate a lot of people, apparently.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pasquale,
What the heck. That call to prayer in the mornings around 530am to 610 am should be a welcomed alarm clock for all to get up and get ready for the day. Pray for those Muslims, and exercise for the others.
I view it that way and its an acceptable arrangement. Re the voice, that is a matter of choice by the respective mosques. Few have soothing voices and others have jarring ones. That is a matter of management.