Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kok Lipe - Part Two. Just to share!

Hey good people of the Middle Kingdom! here are some more pictures of Kok Lipe, cheers!

All pixs by: Pasqualensa
Sunset on Kok Lipe!

The sea gypsies of Kok Lipe, they are friendly!

Just a constant reminder of the force of mother nature when you are having too much a good time!

The water on the shore is so clear you can see five feet under.

Nice affordable accomodation and very well looked after.

Courtyard of the famous Flour Power Bakery in Kok Lipe, a coffee shop in the jungle famous for its cinnamon buns and fluffy bread, there is a huge oven at the back!

They may not look it but they are Federal Agents on R&R!

More nice secluded beaches of Kok Lipe!

Restaurant at Castaway Hideout in Kok Lipe, it serves good food and hospitality! Good enough for me!

Check out the blue sky man!

View from the Mountain Resort, in the background is Kok Adang, another haven for scuba diver and snorkelers!

Hey! Just another good shot of a good view!

If I have to be a castaway I would like it to be on Kok Lipe !


shanghaistephen said...

pasquale !,
Sure looks like paradise....but man....why do I not see any indians huh ?? Is it a "white" and a couple of bumiputras only island ?

Though I see a beautiful iddylic island and now that you have exposed it, there's going to be hoardes of morons making a bee-line to it ! And in 3 years time it's gonna be another Phuket !

God save Kok Lipe !and it's your fault !

Cheers man for the lovely shots (btw, what camera are you using ?) and are you back already ?

Pasquale said...

Dear Shanghaifishead!

The answers are YES! YES! YES!

BTW we have a fail safe mechanism to sift tourist from a boor to a genuine nature lover, it will not be allowed to be turned into another Phuket! No sir! FYI Stephen only cultured Indians are allowed and given visa to Kok Lipe, no public spitting, public teeth picking, public burping ugly Malaysian Morons are allowed!

Oh another thing before I forget! Women with small and no tits at all are not allowed, to save them embarrasment, if they do they have to compete the Swedish and the Danishand the Dutch at their own peril!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pasquale,

I would love to lie on my back on the baby powder sand with my balooned tummy pointing to the sky. Its heaven on earth dont you think.

Will go there one day, now about to go to bed and dream bout it and tomoro go to prison again - office lah!

Zawi said...

I thought Kok Phi Phi is the only island paradise this side of the Thai coast and now you have discovered Kok Lipe. You should plant the Malaysian flag there and tell the world you have found a new territory like what Fancis Light did to Penang and Raffles did to Singapore.
Gotta go to Telaga Harbour now to befriend Datuk Azhar Mansor in order to ride his flying boat to Kok Lipe. Wish me luck bro.