Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Okay! Give me one good reason to visit Pulau Langkawi again after seeing Kok Lipe in Thailand!

Beach at Kok Lipe. The white sand is as soft as baby powder! All I did was sleep and eat!

View from one of the affordable "five star" resorts on the west side of Lipe Island!

I was in Langkawi I got really depressed, this premier Malaysian number one tourist spot is getting uglier and uglier as I come and visit. There are too many motor vehicles, development of the so called "chalets" and "convenience stores" are out of control, raw sewerage being pumped out into the bay. A roll of toilet paper costs RM3, and my foreign friend, from Indonesia said "terlalu mahal". And so after completing my job we were told of how to get to Kok Lipe in Thailand. So a bunch of us took a boat to Kok Lipe, which is in the southern west most of Thailand and after that Langkawi has to do better to attract me! Kok Lipe is simple, no pretension as it is a nature paradise, good food and friendly people! Oh Yes! A roll of toilet paper costs only 50sen our equivalent!
Write this on Kok Lipe and the water there is just so blue and azure green and I will write more! I am going for a swim now!

Cheers today!


shanghaistephen said...

hey pasquale,
you sure that photo is not "doctored" ? Man...I think that is a lovely island and must make it a point to visit....can I "tag" along please,please pretty please, when you go there next ! How about flights ? Is Langkawi the closest to Lipe ? or do we fly into Phuket and make our way down to Lipe ? Tell me something, what about the "chicks" ? are they as friendly as malaysians ? Do they have good traditional massages ? And how is the night life scene ? And what is the composition of tourists... are there more "whites" then asians ?
I hope I can "tag" along or better still we can share /split the costs for our little adventure together as we will get photographs of ourselves in holiday attire with arms on each others shoulders and a nice long chill glass of pinacoloda by the beach ! Hmmmm utter bliss !
Cheers bro and hope you're having as much fun as I here in this blistering heat and traffic jam and choking smog of KL !

hai mengantuk ke? padan muka !

Rocky's Bru said...

Looking at the picture, I am sure that Kok Lipe was part of Malaya once! If it was, we should reclaim it from the Thais! It won't hurt to claim and it won't do harm to lose that claim, either.

After all, we are going to lose Pulau Batu Putih and Iskandar to Singapore!

Chindiana said...

Holy Great Discoveries Pasquale! The beach looks gorgeous! Throw in some fresh keropok lekor and cocunut water and we've got heaven! Yes please, more info dude!

Pasquale said...

Shanghaifish you will probably destroy the island's ambience by making unnecessary remarks like "why no Indian here?" and FYI you still have six more months probation before you can tag me every where. BTW the answers to all of your query is YES! People are friendly toilet papers are cheap not like Langkawi. Rocky, I would rather the island stays with Thai if we successfully claim it we will destroy it by over "tourism" as usual. Chindiana Yes Yes they have all those and plus more! I will give more info when I am back!

Many cheers today!

Zawi said...

Get Tony Fernandez to fly Air Asia to Kok Lipe. Just a flight a day will do to avoid stressing on carrying capacity of the island as happened to Kok Samui.
Hey let us keep it a secret bro so that the less people know about it the better hahahaha.

Pasquale said...

Just fly to Langkawi go to Telaga Harbour and see Datuk Azhar Mansor and if he likes you he will sell you ticket to Kok Lipe for only RM118 one way. The trip on his Flying Fish takes about one hour or less!

BrightEyes said...

AirAsia to Koh Lipe? Ha ha... if only Tony had flying-boats in his fleet! There's no airport in KL, as the island is only 2km long. And since its in a marine preserve, the law might prohibit seaplanes.

But you don't want too many touristas there no?

The only way there is by boat from Langkawi. Another reason for you to visit Langkawi, Pasquale: To take the ferry to Koh Lipe!

If ya wanna know more, here's a website:


I better plan my trip this may before everyone knows...

Pasquale said...


You misunderstood me, I said "to visit" Langkawi aftern KL there must be a good reason for it. But of course I, and the rest of the foreign aznd local tourists, will use Langkawi as a transit point to got to Kok Lipe, but not to stay!

Just one example why Langkawi is not an attractive destination for me, a small Standard Superior room at Pelangi Resort costs nearly RM900, when a five star quality accomodation at Bund Haya Resort on KL cost me only BHT160,000, roughly about RM600! So there!