Friday, January 04, 2008

This government appears not to be too people friendly!

Kuala Lumpur



Hi People!

It is sad to hear grouses and complaints voiced by residents whose private spaces are being invaded by unscrupulous greedy local government, private companies and even the Federal government.
One case is the location of the Eye over KL (EoK), constructed smack right in the middle of a once nice, quiet and expensive bit of real estate at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. When it was proposed I said to my friend, "Your area is a goner." True enough, they the voters and strong supporters of the government, are now suffering from lack of sleep due to excessive noise and health problems from the carbon monoxide and other toxic gases emitted by vehicles taking tourists to the EoK. The majority of them now have split personalities initiated by tension, and hypertension caused by their serious problem.
Their problem is being exacerbated by a statement made by a federal minister to make EoK a permanent fixture. The thing is the other Eyes, one in London and the other on S'pore, are all being constructed on commercial districts overlooking the cities while EoK is situated in a very respectable middle-class residential area. Come on Government what is your problem? Move it somewhere else, be magnanimous and maybe you will win a big majority come the elections. Please do not be smug.
Then we have the proposed destruction of a water catchment forest in Ukay Heights, in Ampang, by a company for the sake of building roads and shop lots etc!
Then there is these row of poor house owners overlooking a former tin mine lake in Ampang Hilir, where the local council allowed some kind of a project that has now destroyed their nice surroundings.
Hey listen I am not anti-development, but it must make sense, all three that I have mentioned are just mind boggling to understand, just try to empathise with the feelings of those affected!

Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

I called up a landscaping company that was listed on the big signboard. I was told they are enhancing the lake. How true this is, time will tell. The place is so well-boarded up (why so much secrecy ?).
To verify, u may call Satar (landscaping company) at 03-78830704, or another company (architect firm) at 0341439278.
I thought it might be a row of shoplots for hawkers, and I really hope it is not ! With so much senseless projects going on, anything is possible. After all, the surroundings of the lake was enhanced only a year ago to its present state, so what more can they do ! And why so many companies ' expertise needed ?