Thursday, January 10, 2008

What's in a name (or fashion) ?! A lot! Trust me!

Hi good people of Malaysia (A big chunk of them anyways!)

Years ago our Malaysian sport contingent at any international meet had the word MAL printed on the back or front of their sweat jackets or Tee-shirts, until friend pointed out to the Malaysian Olympic Committee that it should be changed to MAS.
Well the word MAL has a negative connotations; in Latin it means anything bad: Malo in Spanish means bad, in English you know the meaning of the word mal-function, mal-adjusted, etc!
Now, I am proud to realise that members of our sports contingents at any international meets sport the letters MAS; it could mean gold in Malay, and well it sounds better than MALo!
Then there is this bank, or rather an Islamic bank called Bank MUAMALAT! For heaven's sake the word sounds like "MEMALAT"! When I was growing when we spoke mostly Malay, we had a word "memalat" to describe anything shitty or bad, such as if a friend was doing something bad we will tell him "ooi, jangan memalat ye!".
"Now a bank has a name that sounds like that negative word; you wouldn't catch me dead opening an account at Bank "Memalat"!
When I was growing up we just call it Hari Raya Haji, not Maal Hijrah. To me Maal sounds like "MAL", thus "Bad Journey". Why cannot we just stay at Hari Raya Haji! Just like the word MALAYS, it sounds like the word "Malaise". So negative. In the Malay language, my race, is MELAYU, or in English it means wilting. Thus a wilted race, Bangsa Melayu.
The US government spent millions of dollars to come up with an un-threatening name and a PR company entrusted to do the job after many years came up with the name "CRUISE Missile". Thus the deadliest flying bomb is now seen as a benign destroyer which just CRUISEs around and "not making any serious damage". Well the Russians came up with names like SCUD, which mentally associated with SPUTUM, or SALIVA, or everything negative!
So no wonder Islam as a religion, and Malays as a race are suffering from serious personality bypass, BECAUSE we don't really care about how we sound like.
If I have the power I will revert MAAL Hijrah to Awal Muharram, name of my race from MELAYU to Bangsa MELAJU, or something up beat like I do not what, but not Melayu definitely!
Datsun was changed to Nissan simply because the cars under that name did not sell. So some Japanese expert from one nondescript building somewhere in Japan which specialises in advising naming names of all Japanese products said Datsun as a name will not sell the product. Japanese are peculiar, they like names of their products to be easily pronounced and to sound nice.
Bottom line here is, Malays should try not to be too ARABISED in their way of life, "adorn" the religion YES, that we have been doing for centuries! But do not discard their Malay culture!
Oh! How I longed for my Malay women to dress in their Kebayas, with their beautiful hair flowing down their shoulders. I still cannot comprehend why Malay women must cover their hair. My contention is, if God wants women (or even men) to hide their hair, so why did he bother creating them complete with it! Just a thought!


PS. This is my thought and I will not entertain negative comments, if anyone wants to comment!


Rocky's Bru said...

Another is "Menerung", remember? The guys at BRDB, which owns Bangsar Shopping Centre, has decided to call the extension which they are currently constructing by that name. It is derived from the word "terung". The meaning, I was told, is rather sexplicit!

Or maybe "menerung" is different from "menerong"?

Another is the name "Hang". No Malay today uses that name. Not Hang Abdullah, not Hang Din, not Hang Tu.
That's because Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat were Chinese, and NOT Malays.

Come to think of it, that's so muamalat!

Pasquale said...

Rocky you are so right! I called my childhood friend to confirm and he said that menerung is a slang for staying home to have sex ONLY! And Not to do do anything else!
Terung is a slang for your "penis"! And yes we should have a committee to sift through names of companies, or anything! And yes this country is so out of control!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pasquale,

Love to see your comment. I cant agree further with what was said. How I wish our race - the Melayus can discard all the arabism that is strongly clinging to our identity as Malays! People - mostly those who think they are of the religous stock are even worse they wear religous clothes and here they are - religous at its extreme! Take off their superficial impose and they are really nothing more than religously confused....

Anonymous said...

err...maal hijrah and hari raya haji are totally 2 different celebrations. maal hijrah is the mark of the new year for islamic calendar, while hari raya haji is hari raya haji la. between these 2 celebrations is 2 months, and you're confused?

Anonymous said...

while we're at it, why should we cover up our tatas and tutus. i mean comeon every body. god created it for us to embrace it in all its glory-hair and all- so flaunt it dont shun it.peace

Anonymous said...

it's freedom of choice. as much as some women love to flaunt their boobs or butts, there are also those who wish to cover up everything. does it really matter what's outside? i think what matters most is what's inside.

Anonymous said...

January 16, 2008 8:17 AM>
*please turn on your sarcas-o-meter when reading this

tengku affendy said...

I wonder whether are you aware or not how biased and paranoid you are? My my.. these are one of the ppl who we thought that can represent us a forward thinking modern malay, but the more I understand you and a few bloggers, (included rocky bro who had my respect initial until his NST court case snatched that virtual from him.. he is now totally different person.. what a pity!), I feel ashame d that I have mistakenly put you in my 'mentor' lists.

Pasquale said...

Hey! Tengku Affendy who ever you are shit happens! We are not asking for your self righteous approval! Nobody ask you to placed us in your fucking mentor lists! Next time if you ever condescend again you will not be entertaind! I have survive this far without anyone's approval Moron!