Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim is a Moron!

He is a charlatan, and imagine him wearing a turban and a white or a black robe he will surely look like a Taliban leader ordering a suicide bombing mission to his stupid followers!

People this is what Anwar Ibrahim said to the world and he is dead wrong!
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There are no race policies in this country but just a race oriented program of various racially-based political parties in Malaysia since time immemorial and it is definitely not about to change as it is already a deeply workable and entrenched political system of the country.
This racially based parties work in tandem with a bigger party machinery to make everything go, simple as that.
When Anwar became the DPM and Finance Minister he told Samy Vellu that Hindus did not need any more temples, and by saying that he did not respect the spirit of multi-racially based agreement made when he was just a nobody. Samy Vellu went and saw Dr Mahahtir that day to ask why designated sites for Hindu temples have been de-gazzetted, simply put taken away. And Anwar mock him at the corridor of the old PM's Department in KL.
We must remember this and I shall not repeat myself again, had Anwar be given the chance to run the country, had he successfully "dethroned" Dr Mahathir during the currency crisis, Malaysia would have been a bona fide and a permanent client state of the USA and the "IMF" and the "World Bank".
Mahathir held steadfast to his nationalistic economic policy, and told Malaysians to tighten their belts and to go along on a long "bumpy" economic ride for it would soon should pass. Anwar was wrong and Mahathir was, and is still right!
As a Malay study graduate of the Universiti Malaya, Anwar's grasp of the world, international financial system, and of Malaysia foreign policy is nil, it is solely based on what he learn from Coles precise and compressed books on any subject.
Go to any bookstore in the West you can get Coles thin compressed booklet on Plato, The Prince and many other heavy subjects that Anwar loves to quote to the "untrained ears" of the masses impressing them. Basically, he conned his way to politics by using short impressive quotes and using religion and Dr Mahathir was naive enough to have bought his con job!
Now Anwar is babbling again insinuating to the world Malaysia has been practising a wrong political system and he can remedy the whole situation? He is indeed a Moron of a first class!!
Who does he thinks he is trying to create a dynasty and making comments implying he is the only viable alternative to bringing "ailing" Malaysia back to health?!!
To begin with the system is not sick as he implies, but he is unwell to have still harbour the thought of being politically relevant again, I don't think so!
If you talk about corruption you might want to talk about all of your cronies that you have enriched, tell the country how you dish out big fat contract to built KLIA to your friends?!
So Anwar stop, for you have even overstretched your self-delusional and dreams and it is not good for you.
The people has already know that when you were in the government you did not do anything to change what you claimed or perceived to be wrong, so why are you saying now.

No fuc#ing cheers today, for sure!

BTW! NEP is not an affirmative action ala the Black solution in the USA, NEP is just a policy to help the majority Bumiputra with their economic woes, when we all know the economy of the country is controlled by the Malaysian-Chinese!(I do not want to debate on this since we all know it is true). Anwar also loves to equate NEP with the US affirmative action he is dead wrong again!


Agence France-Presse - 2/26/2008 11:17 AM

Malaysia's Anwar vows to dismantle race policies

Malaysia's opposition figurehead Anwar Ibrahim vowed Tuesday to end race-based discrimination policies, lower fuel prices and fight corruption in a policy manifesto ahead of March 8 polls.

Anwar, who was deputy prime minister until being sacked and jailed in 1998, said long-running policies favouring majority Malays had only benefited cronies of the ruling United Malays National Organisation (UMNO).

"The New Economic Policy has been abused to enrich the family of UMNO leaders and their cronies," said Anwar who is campaigning for the Keadilan formally led by his wife.

"If you really want to deal with the issue of poverty, why can't we just say we have an affirmative action policy helping the poor and the marginalised. It should not be racially based."

Malaysia has pursued an affirmative action program for Malays and indigenous groups known as "bumiputras" since the 1970s to close a wealth gap with the minority Chinese community.

However, it has been criticised for failing to pull a large number of Muslim Malays out of poverty, and of ignoring the minority ethnic Indian community, which is also disadvantaged.

The manifesto entitled "A New Dawn for Malaysia," centred on battling rising inflation, which has triggered public anger and rare public protests as the prices of food and fuel edge higher.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has said the government cannot afford to continue spending 43.4 billion ringgit (13.5 billion dollars) annually to subsidise essential items.

Anwar, who was heir apparent in 1998 to then-premier Mahathir Mohamad, spent six years in jail on sex and corruption charges. The sex charge was overturned but the corruption count bars him from taking public office until April.

His wife has said she will stand aside to make way for Anwar to contest her seat in a by-election after the March polls, in a plan that could see him return to parliament within months.

Anwar said Abdullah was "in denial" over the state of the economy.

"Keadilan promises to lower the price of petrol ... as well as manage the prices of basic goods to ensure a consistent supply. Tolls and tariffs will also no longer be raised," he said.

Keadilan has forged a loose alliance with two other opposition parties who have agreed to stand just one candidate against the government in each constituency, avoiding damaging three-cornered contests.

The opposition hopes that gripes over inflation, rising crime rates and mounting ethnic tensions will enable it to reduce the government's thumping majority below two-thirds for the first time in history."

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Pro-Khairy said...

If you have evidence on his corruption, why don't you take him to court? And now that running fo favours after Najib, and that he is engaging in modern day mega corruption, are you honest here? whether Anwar is relevant or not is not the matter, because it is Malaysians to know and decide and everyone has a single vote so no one can manipulate others beacuse of his personal hatred and prejudice. But I believe that Abdullah Badawi too is good if Najib is good and that Khairy is an excellent person too, knowing that he directs Najib as well. Otherwise, stop blaming them because I support them. (How does that sound?) If Badawi and Khairy are bad, don't you think their evil is being glorified by the man you are running after to some Sukhoi deal? Isn't he part of the problem of the naked Emperor? Time will tell. But if we are wearing prejudice glasses, then we can't see far.