Sunday, February 03, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim should be stripped of his title and Azmi Khalid is the one who should be exported, not our simian friends!

Dear all!

"80% of our monkeys are unfit", says environment minister Azmi Khalid. May be he is unfit and he should be the one to be exported. That is not a fair statement by a minister. They are "unfit" may be because they have no more space to move around.
But I think the government should be more pro-animals. I would say 80% of the animals environment have been ravaged, destroyed and the monkeys have no choice but to go out to the urban setting to find food in a garbage cans.
When we inundated an area that is now known as Tasik Kenyir, and area which is bigger than Singapore, a lot of animal drowned, no concerted efforts were made to really save them. Except for a couple of jumbos taken on a raft that was meant for a PR excercise, but that did not fool me!
For example, our monkeys are now forced to go out to look for food, just go to Taman TAR in Ampang Jaya, hundreds of monkeys are unfit because they are given unhealthy and junk food by Morons every evening. They have to interact with human because their habitat is shrinking.

On other matter, the government should also consider stripping Anwar Ibrahim of his datukship, after all he is a convicted person. A honorific title is a titled bestowed on a person of great standing in society. Anwar has proven that he is neither great nor is he honest, otherwise he would not have been convicted.
I read about Amin Shah stripped of his datukship, we want to know why that was done to him can someone explain! Seriously, there ought to be a committee to look after those with titles to behave or they should be stripped of their titles!

No cheers today!


shanghaistephen said...

hei mo !
When this Azmi fellow said 80% of the monkeys are unfit...he meant himself and the "monkeys-in-suits" in parliamentlah !
Yes you are right to say our simian brothers have lost their habitat due to greed by over-zealous and corrupt local councillors signing away the vast forests to turn it into housing estates and logging by greedy contractors, thus they scavange into dustbins and are fed crap by morons (read us )!

On the subject of stripping away you strip one, he can go "buy" another from another state or even WP...right ? dime a dozen, bro...nothing sacred comes with titles...OR forever hold my price/piece/prick/peace !

Cheers ron !

ali allah ditta said...

If they are that hardup,then strip the datukship coz it make no difference,after all Anwar tenure as a banduan;sentence by a kangaroo court by the drunk HACKS judge orchestrated by Mahathir & his goons.


BrightEyes said...

Why was Amin Shah's Datoship removed? Gee, perhaps it had something to do with the navy ship scandal? Billions spent with overbudget, and all we got were 2 boats which had numerous problems during delivery. How much was actualy wasted on that whole farce anyway?

Anonymous said...

If I am not mistaken, he was recently declared a bankcrupt.

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Anonymous said...

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