Sunday, February 10, 2008

Arrested MAS co-pilot could be part of international child porn ring!

Internet: It can be a boon or a bane. This picture is found when I Google "child pornography"!


In Memnory of NURIN! May you find protection and peace in Heaven!

"Canadian and Australian law forbids the production, distribution, and possession of child pornography. Prohibition covers the visual representations of sexual activity by children under 18 and the depiction of their sexual organ/anal region for a sexual purpose, unless an artistic, educational, scientific, or medical justification can be provided. It also includes the written depictions of children engaging in sexual activity. Law that addresses dynamic aspects of the Internet by regulating the nature of live-time chatting and email communications that may relate to enticing children for pornographic (e.g., web cam) or other sexual purposes has passed in 2002. It also criminalizes the intentional access of child pornography." And I don't know about this country's law pertaining to the subject
THIS could be a break through on child porno rings that the Malaysian police have been waiting for. Rockybru's thanks for bringing it up!
A Malaysian pilot has been caught with a child pornographic material found in his laptop. Now the question is what was he doing with such material in his laptop in the first place. If you are pilots or flight attendants all you need is a change of clothes or your toilet kit, when you have to stay two nights or overnight at your destinations before a flight back to where ever you are schedule to fly to.
I was told the best way to smuggle first run movie before Hollywood found out about piracy, was for airline stewardess, pilots to bring the master copies of a first run movies into a country. These movies are in a form of a CDs. So today they can be brought in via laptops.
The Malaysian airline pilot implicated must answer to all of the charges, for he cannot plead ignorant. He must be brought back and our police must break him in pieces for him to tell the authority who are his contacts.
We have received many pornographic material via our e-mail and I am sure we have expunged them. If I am that Australian judge I would just consider this case as a normal "man thing" for having been caught with an adult porno, of you know what I mean. BUT to have a child pornographic material!!!!? Nail him!
I have said before that Nurin was a victim of a snuff and porno movies I am sticking by it, and now there is Ninie. So anyone caught with child pornographic movies must be charged with big time!

No fcuking cheers today!


Anonymous said...

Chill out man! Your ranting and raving might wake up the sleeping Emperor and he might find out that he is not wearing any clothes!.
The police is clueless, the system corrupt, and now ourr pilots are breaking new frontiers.
Bet the ferrari that I am yet to own that nothing will come out of this. Lets all follow our leader's example and go back to deep slumber ... ZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZZ ZZZZ

Rocky's Bru said...

Ahmad Said needs to explain to us, his fellow Malaysians, what went on there which led to his conviction to the charge of possessing child porn.

Perhaps Ahmad Said has never heard of Nurin or Ninie.

But Malaysians have not forgotten Nurin and are still hurting over not knowing what has happened to five-year old Ninie.

As a society, we Malaysians will have to make a stand on Ahmad Said.

Malaysia Airlines must make a stand on Ahmad Said.

The police doesn't need to make a stand. It only needs to do its job -- bring in the MAS pilot for questioning. If there's a link to snuff movie industry or to Nurin's murder and Nini's disappearance, charge this guy big time. And go after all his friends, too.

Anonymous said...

When the word child pornography being used...automatically ppl would think of 5, 6 years old gals...but it can be any age ranging from that young to 17years old. coz any under age is consider as child.

in the west, it is so common to have teeangers in we never know, wat's the age of the gal in the media file...

Anonymous said...


I heard of the story first hand and it was teen porn and since it was under the legal age of 18 it was considered as child porn. He was wrong in doing it but I must say that most of our youths indulge themselves in the occasional porn. It was a mistake on his behalf to keep porn but it was just for personal use and not for sale or commercial use. My sympathy goes to him as he goes through this difficult time.

so, get to know the fact b4 u speculate it base on the article.

FACE IT. How many people DONT have some kind of mp3/mpegs on their computer???

I dare say that if every incoming student from malaysia is checked for contraband files (illegal music/anime/porn), 95% of guys would be sent to court.

Anonymous said...

His actual full name is Ahmad Syauqi Dato Ahmad Said. You should also know why the Australians did not mention his first two names. Come on... his father is the ACA Director!!

Anyway, go on and check the MFA (Malaysian Flying Academy) website. His name is listed under the 2001 Graduate. Young eh?

And for those who are "curious" to see how he looks like, follow this link to see his wedding photos in 2005.

Not bad for a 25 year old!! He gets to pull strings to become a pilot.... if you know what i mean

Anonymous said...

Pasquale, I think we need someone like Tom Welles, the PI played by Nicholas Cage in the movie 8mm.


Pasquale said...

anonymous! No we do not need Hollywood, but I know what you mean. However we do need a more effective police force to nab the bad and evil people and for them to make the public to feel more safe! Thats all!

Anonymous said...

His full name is not mentioned because here in Australia ( i am a Malaysian residing in Australia) they adress you by our first and last name, they dont recognized or might i say use your second name while addressing you. thus his name is only known as ahmad (his first name) and said (his surname)

Anonymous said...

well I guess its just the Aussies having double standards again. Its fine for men to bang each other in this country and they have so many sex clubs and porn shops in Australia I dont know what they are trying to prrove here - apart from destroying non-Australian lives. How many Quantas pilots have been cheked eh? I know many guys who have sex with girls at 16 and 17 and this is perfectly legal - so what not tape it and enjoy it later - these customs guys are just bored.