Sunday, February 24, 2008

Face-off in Pekan?!!...Well not really!!

One for the album..photographers requesting for a group picture after nomination.

Najib and his team of Pekan BN Assemblymen being introduced to voters after they filed their respective nomination papers.

Datuk Seri Najib and wife Rosmah greeting loyal supporters at his residence in Pekan, minutes before he filed his nomination papers.

Face-off! Like medieval soldiers!

The Blue Waves!

Pekan women in blue!

A young and unknown 31-year old first-timer union education officer, Khairul Annuar Ahmad Zainudin, cried after filing his nomination papers because he was overwhelmed by the atmosphere, and for contesting against an "illustrious" incumbent.
He was a last minute PKR sacrificial lamb to be put against Najib. His nomination is meant to insult Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.
However, Najib scoffed it off as "normal". "Its okay, its a normal thing as I have faced all sorts of candidates, some were young and some were old," he told a Press conference, after filing his nomination papers.
Sources in PKR told Pasquale of BarkingMagpie, PKR advisor Anwar Ibrahim wanted to field "any" PKR candidate so he can come to Pekan and insult Najib with lies and innuendo.
However, sources in Najib camp said "let him (Anwar)come and we will treat him with Pekan "hospitality".
"We are polite people in Pekan, we do not insult or throw garbage at our host, so Anwar if you come just make sure you are civilise." Najib is expected to win with an increased majority while his opponent will most surely lose his deposit.



mika said...

pasquale, very nice to see you again there in pekan yesterday. i never know that u like najib so much but i do agree with u that he is actually a very cool fella despite being an umno leader. i like the way he answered all those political questions without going overboard n refraining from running down his opponents, no matter how ridiculous they may be. he is a typical pekan guy - polite, humble n very approachable (really, i m not kidding). he was going around the pekan market today and u should see all those petty traders (malays n chinese) beaming with smiles as they chatted with him. he have this small book (like mahathir's) to jot down their grouses for follow-up. anyone who had heard all those slanders against him should meet him in person to know the real najib. i hope he make it one day as prime minister.

I didn't forget... said...

Now you insult Badawi and cry that he is bad, hypocrite and etc, and pussyfoot Najib in the sense that you may get crumbs but you will be tossed out again and then you will vomit hard and cry that Najib is evil, bad, hypocrite. That's how cheap and opportunits Malays operate.

muststopthis said...

PAsquale in Pekan????
I dod not see no French looking man there, though I strained hard to look for him!
I would be surprised if Boy can get his deposit back..(PKR's deposit that is....)