Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gosh! Somebody must hate him bad enough to climb up and do this to his face



Gosh! They smudged his face with black paint!
I mean what can I say, this country is full of morons. To be able to climb up and do all that to the picture of this poor born again bugger is very funny! I hope we as Malaysians will stop at just smearing pictures of people we do not like, or people making assumption to represent us purportedly for our well being. So funny he, he!

Lots of Cheers today!


kuc1n993m0k said...

wow nice!

so any comment from PJ people??

Anonymous said...

it was done by a malay racist bcos there is a chinese picture in chinese writing...

Anonymous said...

Must have cost a lot to use such a billboard.
Such a wealthy MP.
Wow! so much can a BN MP make a month.
ACA should look into this.

shanghaistephen said...

Don't you think this guy looks alot like Taksin ????? Or is it Taksin himself?....scarry !
Anyways as long as he is a BN goon quoting Jesse Jackson, he can afford the high cost involved in erecting this expensive the tax-payers' cost ! Don't all BN morons have this ego for things grand !@!! Sheesh !
And afterall PJ is already a "city of billboards "...right ?
They should have drench this board with human feaces not paint !
No cheers today mo !

Anonymous said...

Stupid racist no home teach

Anonymous said...

holy cow!

that paint could be cow dung! right where it should be.

you would need a higgly town hero to be able to do that. that some one special.......must be some one who owns a crane!

its no bloody cheap to get that cow dung patched to such height.

must be somebody with lots of money just to have fun and this is nothing to do with being racist.

who could it be? that some one special?

Anonymous said...

BTW, it should be Loh Seng Kok's face or Loh's face, and not Kok's face.

Please kindly rectify. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous February 21, 2008 5:01 AM, wow, are you trying to incite racial hatred?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

it was done by a malay racist bcos there is a chinese picture in chinese writing...
February 21, 2008 5:01 AM


wow.. very brilliant ANALysis...
you can make one hell of a CIG...

Anonymous said...

i bet yea, this was done by khairy becauze the picture is bigger than any of his or his father-in-law's picture.

Anonymous said...

MALAYSIA BOLEH. once again we proof it!

cantopop king said...

this country is definitely full of morons! who you think are those people governing us?

btw, he must have done something really bad for someone to be so semangat to take the trouble to smudge his face. in short, he probably deserves it.

cucu pak sako said...

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wisdom above said...

Of course, there are always Christian politicians who do not just sit idly by when the rights of non-Muslims are encroached upon. Apart from some opposition parliamentarians, Loh Seng Kok, the MCA Member of Parliament for Kelana Jaya, once voiced the concern...

Keep up your good works even you were not pick to contest in 2008.

The Lord of Hosts will answer at His timing.

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