Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Margaret Trudeau has Malay relatives in Singapore!

Margaret Trudeau has Malay relatives in Singapore!

Hi All!

There is this popular television series on Canada's CBC called "Who do you think you are?!". It is about finding out who your ancestor were. Well one of the famous personalities featured was Margaret Trudeau, wife of the late Pierre Elliot Trudeau, who was one of Canada most illustrious Prime Ministers.
Margaret Trudeau found out that her great, great, great grandfather, believe to be on her mom's side was stationed in Singapore and was a rival to Stamford Raffles. Margaret Trudeau's ancestor lost the personality battle with Raffles and was sent to other colony. But he did leave his Malay wife and five children! He left them with a piece of land, and they were well taken of for a while.
Margaret, was able to meet the descendant of those five children while making the series. In fact they held a birthday party for her in Raffles Hotel. The series I was told was quite well done!

So there, you will never know who your ancestors are unless if you care to do some research. An English lord told his genealogist to stop further the research when he found out he has African blood! Very funny, eh!
As for me we have Dutch blood on my mother's side I was told and I have to stop my research right there, as I have always claimed to be a proud and full blooded Minangkabau! Sigh!



The REAL Razak Ahmad said...

Cool. Hope they show the documentary on Astro. Come to think of it, I don't think that nowadays there are many Malays who are really "pure-blooded" - whatever that means. If our great grandparents didn't intermarry, then the intermarriage is taking place in the present generation. But in the long run, mebbe diversifying the gene pool is a good thing, I think, for everyone.

Pasquale said...

Hey real razak ahmad appreciate your comment!

Of course there is no such thing as pure blooded Malays. Malay is just a political, psychological, sociological, and emotional concept.
The same goes with "there is no such thing as pure blooded American", or "pure blooded English", as we know Peter Sellers and Rowan Atkinson both have Indian (from India) blood, and then there is this powerful five generations English lord, a member of the House of Lords, with Senegalese blood. But the point is they are all English, the same as Zainuddin Mydin who is a Malay, as opposed to Zainon Ahmad who is psychologically, mentally, emotionally Indian. Malay is a nationalistic concept either you accept it or you don't or just claim to be anything else! Zam has accepted this concept! True if there is no diffusion or infusion of genes we will have morons as a race. I am all for gene diversifying! In fact I suggest we should declare a moratorioum, say for six months, to allow all major races in this country to fu#ck each other to hope for a new race then we will surely have a true Malaysian race! Just a thought, eh!

Mr Bojangles said...

We are all descended from Adam and his rib, no?

Obama is related to Dick "bombs away" Cheyney. Apparently they are eighth cousins, according to Dick's wife who was researching for her new book.

When informed of this a spokesman for Obama said, "Every family has a black sheep."

And, horror of horrors, Obama is also distantly related to President George Bush.

Dig up a little over here and you mind find that pak tidurlah is actually related to rip van winkle.

Zawi said...

mrbojangles' dig on pak tudurlah is a masterpiece. Nice one.

bailey said...

i have dutch blood on my dad's side. and i'm half minangkabau. my mom's a minang while my dad's a mandahiling.

Pasquale said...

Hey bailey thank for dropping by. My point is we should be proud of our heritage but not too pushy about your "other" blood at a point of trying to discard your Malaynesss. There are many "half-breed", to descrbe the situation clearly are so trying to show they are more "white" than what they are! I think that is very sad. I met a Bidayuh, who obviously looks more European from his general feature, but he is adamant that he is only Bidayuh, and he is very proud of his "ethnic" identity.
I have a beautiful daughter and she is proud to be a Minangkabau-Malay, but also very proud of her other heritage. In a nutshell,jangan lah mengada ngada nak jadi orang putih sahaja because there is nothing to it!

Anonymous said...

Hey, there's a mini series on Trudeau on Astro's Hallmark Channel. I think it started last night. Check it out...