Thursday, March 20, 2008

Aggrieved Tun Dr Mahathir urges Ku Li to challenge Abdullah Ahmad Badawi!

Tun Dr Mahathir aggrieved with the political situation urges Ku Li to the rescue!

Ku Li can engage the Malay opposition when facing common enemies!

Hey people!

My deep cover source in Pak Lah's camp confirmed that this prime minister is feeling it so bad already to realize that his one wish to resign will not and can never be achieved, but unless he "drops" dead!
"He is so, so afraid of his inner circle that he cannot even dare to utter the word resign," this source said. I was also told that when he found out Ku Li was going to mount a challenge him at the next Umno elections he started to wheeze.
Other reliable source also told me it was Tun Mahathir who prompted Ku Li to mount a challenge on Dollah Badawi in view of the critical last general elections that saw BN component parties, which includes Umno, being defeated so bad that it prompted Ku Li to say, as quoted by the NST: "Haven't Umno members realised we've lost five states? Are they all still sleeping."
Then Mahathir had met with Ku Li and it was then decided that the latter must challenge Dollah to save Umno and Malays from falling over into a political oblivion.
Ku Li's camp said the post of the deputy president will not be touched as it will belong to Najib for sure!
In view of this recent development, in supporting Ku Li, I have now decided to forgive Mahathir for his major faux pas in choosing Dollah Badawi as his deputy that have lead the country into a political turmoil where DAP has now the power to even ridicule the Malay sultanate system!

A bit of a cheers today.


Anonymous said...

Please Tun. Save UMNO. Get TRH to do something. Otherwise my grandchildren may have to migrate.

Anonymous said...

come on lah, KitSiang has appologized to the Sultan Perak personally and with formal letter too.

UMNO biggest enemy is UMNO itself, not PAS or DAP or PKR.

Anonymous said...

Why ask Ku Li to contest???

Why not Mahatir himself contest?

Since the mess is created by him he should have the B@lls to solve and instead saying later that he has make the wrong choice????

ali allah ditta said...

....where DAP has now the power to even ridicule the Malay sultanate system!

...but please dont forget that DAP learned the trade from Mahathir,who made the Malay sultans & raja look like a joker cum cendol seller during his era.


A Voice said...

Itulah kau, cakap macam laser. Ada nak forgive pualk. Kau should mintak maaf dari dia kerana buat andaian salah dan degil pulak tu.

I hope Najib will get sufficient time to strengthen his necessary organ to be a really brave leader.

He is capable but must not be just incontrol but be seen to be one also.

Ok bro, peace . We got a common battle to fight together. Use proper headgear!!!

tommy said...

Dato Seri Najib has to take a side. He isn't the referee. Unless he wants to be a referee. The referee never loses. He never wins, either.

Alan said...

Just like keluar mulut harimau masuk mulut buaya.

Sovind said...


Interesting that you mention DAP insulting the Sultan but forgetting that UMMO insulted 2 Sultans at the same time.

Can we have a bit more balance now please.

Bests wishes.

Pasquale said...

sovind, let us get one thing straight, only the Malays can criticise their Sultans just as only Malays can be a mentri or a deputy mentri besar of a state, except for this anomaly in Penang. In Penang the ancient Malays were so moronic thus we have what Melayu called "pekong" or a cesspool of a rotten sore for this country! Case close!

Anonymous said...


Just came to my attention that we seem to be missing the point of all this "hoohah". We just came out of the recent election because we want change, we want to be called "Malaysian" and not "Malaysian Chinese" or "Malaysian Indian" or "Melayu" let's all get back into the race issue again and the assumption of one race is above the rest be it in privilages or superiority. C'mon, is this what you guys want for the future? For our children? Who ever that eventually runs the country must not have this assumptions and agenda...PERIOD.

And you guys are harping over the Sultan issue......yes it was a mistake, DAP admits it, let 's move on, see the BIG picture...

shanghaistephen said...

hey mo, stop this malay chinese indian shit pls. Think Malaysian. No wonder UMNO cannot accept change with this type of moronic mind-set. Move on...get a life ron. Change is good and so are Malaysians who now are actually tasting CHANGE. We are all equal before God so stop this insecured superiority naunce about who's right and who's wrong pls. think outside of the "UMNO" box. No cheers today ! p.s. You speak and write good English. Where you from ?

Anonymous said...

"Just like keluar mulut harimau masuk mulut buaya."

This is so old quote lah, for the Melayu today, more apt is -- Keluar bilik pelacur siam, masuk bilik pelacur Indon.

Pasquale said...

anonymous at 4.35pm March 20, 2008,

my point is DAP has a taste of that little power and already showed its true colour by disrespecting a Malay symbol He apologized yes, but in his blogsite and not to the regent personally and he must seek audience with the regent of Perak!
My point is while many Malays may not care if Chinese or Indian ruling this country but if they must rule they must show magnanimity in excercising of power. You must understand this country was once called Tanah Melayu but due to their own doing Malays are on the verge of losing their rights in their own land, but if Chinese like Lim Kit Siang is arrogant enough to mock the Malays no one will win, that is all I am saying. Oh Another thing, the word is "brouhaha" not hoohah, so please do not mimic the English language but try to learn the nuance, anonymous!

March 20, 2008 5:39 PM

Anonymous said...

Najib sould go for the post instead...he must show he has balls...not just sit down there an keep quite when BN lost five states...oops..six actually (we are fogetting FT)
TRH is too old...
Go Najib go...

Pasquale said...


If you really think we are all equal before God than you must go to Dharamsala and pray to Dalai Lama, or either that you are delusional and if you don't like my blogsite go visit Big Dog! Mo!

Pasquale said...

anonymous, TRH is not that old and Najib is still young. Did it ever occur to you people there might be a tacit understanding between Tun Razak and TRH eh! Who knows! Actually I like the idea of TRH being the PM for just a term for enough time for him to unite the Malays and who knows may be Kelantan will be back to BN, who knows may be after one term TRH can pass the baton to Najib. I do trust TRH as a gentleman-prince from a good breeding from a long line of toroughbred Malay lineage just as Najib is. Not much can be said to some mongrel, who really think that money alone can guarantee them to join the club of good pedigree?!! I do not think so!

Anonymous said...

Pasquale - You sound like a blind UMNO follower, just mengikut perintah sahaja - blind allegiance unable to distinguish between right and wrong, justice and injustice.

High time you stop playing ostrich and open your eyes to face reality !!

Anonymous said...

The Secret Pact of Pak Lah/SIL & ANWAR/DAP

I think PL/KJ/ANWAR/DAP secret pact is just to kill off this UMNO baru. PL/KJ knew all along they cannot resist Tun M (UMNO Baru). ANWAR is the only hope for PL/KJ to escape free w/o backlash & punishments.PL/KJ are buying time till ANWAR is ready. Wonder why ANWAR/DAP are never really critical on PK/KJ scams, WPI & flip-flop policies. On the same score don’t discount out Shahril Samad (ECM-Libra) & sife Musang Hitam (WPI share holder).

ANWAR/DAP have always praised the way LKY Dynasty(PAP) manages the city state. Ask the Singaporeans the real feeling on the ground with our similar issues (freedom of speech,blood sucking govt policies,puppet judges ,rising unemployment rates (they too prefer cheaper labours of PTI), deteriorating social values, high crime rates, unaffordable properties, inflation rate 6.6% etc are really alarming.LKY Dynasty has always been in denial state ever since & it’s a total media blackout too. Oppositions leaders can never last long with the LKY twist & turns using legal proceedings against them.

Do u really believe Mas Selamat (so called the JI terrorist) managed to escape the city state with all the CCTVs at every corners & their state of the art securities & public only knew it after 4hrs later.(Biggest Joke of the Century).

LKY Dynasty is just another proxy to the British East Indian Company descendants or to be exact the British Zionist(CAPITALIST) regime enjoying people miseries with their slave economy methods (sounds similar too)on people/resources, manipulates CPF,Trust funds,taxes & other financial instruments to control economy on this side of the world.
Do u really think they would gave up the most strategically port (east-west route)in the world. In fact Singapore is among the top 10 busiest port in the world.

Since all the medias there are govt owned (sounds familiar )are totally blackout,people there too turn to bloggers like we do here .Do check some of their site(eg; , Dissident Singapore etc).Guess the number of brain drains there(migrating to Australia, NZ ,Canada,USA etc) & its not strange here too.Our Political Tsunami is getting on the nerve to LKY Dynasty & their people already said “Tak Boleh Tahan” with red shirts in front of their parliament recently . They are watching our political scenario closely.
I wanted to believe in ANWAR fights, but the recent DAP/ANWAR events of power hunger makes me puzzled.It is interesting though when ANWAR enjoys the media coverage of LKY Dynasty. DAP has really shown their true color in Perak & Selangor finally for their long waiting mission/vision (PAP to be) & proudly claimed their popularity,luckily our rulers were wise to see its coming. I smell rats here if the lobbying of another 30 became reality , Pak Lan & KJ will escape with big KENDURI, but i do hope i'm wrong. Ku Li & Mukhriz on the other hand must hurry before UMNO is to be buried by this Imam HADHARI.

Rats Tracker

Anonymous said...

"only the Malays can criticise their Sultans".... can you substantiate this statement of yours?

You're nothing more than another racist pig dude..truth is you are your own enemy. Keep fighting in the shadows; just don't trip over your own foot while you're at it.

Anonymous said...

i think your thinking reflects on what most umnoputras are thinking... keep on doing it!

i really hope ku li takes on AAB and in the process destroy UMNO the symbol of what is wrong with the country

deecrab said...

I fully agree with you,Pasquale.Some mongrel think that money can buy anything including 'people support'.....but it has been proven being reflected in the PRU12 results.

Hopefully,Ku Li will get enough nominations to enable him to challenge Pak Lah.

Hopefully, there's a WIND OF CHANGE in UMNO!

tommy (chinese and proud of it) said...

Shanghaidickhead's delusional, indeed. There's no chance for being "just" Malaysian instead of Malaysian Chinese, Malay or Indians. Unless you don't mind changing your name to Saleh Farid instead of Stephen Frances. I am happy to be Tommy Ang and not Mohd Tomoi, no thank you.

If we really all want to be "just" Malaysians, we'd get rid of our Chinese schools and we'd be speaking Malay at home (not English as this is Malaysia and not Englishia).
So stop being a dickhead, Shanghai.

But Pascuale, Razaleigh to unite the Malays? He can't even unite the Kelantanese, for heaven's sake. You as delusional as that Chinese dickhead called Shanghai.

Anonymous said...

pasquale, you are just too arrogant. No difference or even much worse than the umnoputeras. Always thinking you are superior and smarter than everyone else. sounds like an older version of khairy. This is my first and also last time on your blog!

melayu said...

1. DAP has definitely apologized, so why are u moving the goal posts? I wonder if UMNO has apologized to ALL the Malay Sultanates after Mahathir derhaka to them since 1993. What about Shahidan Kassim's derhaka to the Raja of Perlis recently? No open apologies what more personal ones have been reported. Tak bising pulak? So u think Melayu derhaka tak apa?

2. Malays losing their own rights all this while because of Opposition or because of UMNO's own greed for 50 years??? Think lah.

3. Unity of Malays can mean Malays working together no matter whichever party they support. If u start to think this way, then u won't be too paranoid about UMNO losing states to PKR/PAS/DAP. After all, even if UMNO is the Opposition, there can still be unity.

Anonymous said...

Can anything be taken from this (speech) as an example when discussing race in Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

what happened to BN now is created by MM,so don blame Pak Lah.Not that DSIA,LKS and Hadi are powerful now but bcos BN is weak and useless.Don stir up the issue of LKS not respecting Malay Sultanate,it UMNO the one who started all this..

shanghaistephen said...

to tommy, it was the Bangsa Malaysia theme that saw this change in the GE, you moron and bigots like you should be deported. Have you any idea who initiated these moves for all the oppositions to collectively toe the line ? In fact you ignorant chinese must even 'think' in chinese, right ? No thanks to your kind that has kept Umno soaked in arrogant corruption all this 50 years. Maybe you ARE Umno masquarading as a chinese? And to pasquale you moron, the name is shanghaistephen kapish ? Show respect and don't call names if you don't want me to call you by your name ? Sheesh man you are so duhh ! And you claim to be smart in your views. What crap. And I'm moving to Tibet soon.....coming both you morons ?

Anonymous said...

Stephen ah!!!
How long "your" bangsa malaysia theme can survive and how sincere the supporters of the theme can be when it comes to practice!!!
Cakap manyak sinang ma!!!
Please accept the fact that in the previous election, the rakyat were bonded together not to glorify the concept of bangsa malaysia, but to express discomfort with the KKK government, be it BA or BN voters.
Truly, I hope and wish that bangsa malaysia would materialise in front of my naked eyes, where people speak the same language, share the common goal and willingly contribute for the betterment of the nation.
Sad to say this, but Stephen you are dreaming...
Wish that you drop yourself dead in Tibet.

My prayer will always be with YBM KU LI.

Kelate School Boy

shanghaistephen said...

kelate school boy,dreams are good only if you are awake but hey how did we acheive the results in the recent GE huh ? One dream many colours. Ask Haris Ibrahim or Sam, and my sincere apology to your sorry soul if you wish me dead in Tibet for I hope you WILL live to see the day MY dream come true. Unfortunately I have to deduce you must have had a bad childhood or must have been living in a cocoon. I grew up with people of various races and religion in Taiping back in the 60's and we had no hang-ups. For you it might be culture shock but for me it was a way of life. Go to my blog and read my earlier postings then you my even learn to like me. Sorry pasquale to patronise your space but I had to engage the school boy here. Cheers.