Monday, March 31, 2008

Arrogance brought historical signposts and institutions down!

Another one bites the dust under DAP!

An old and an alluring institution: Penang ferry!

But, the NST headline says "Apathy brings historical signpost to the ground", which is in reference to an incident whereby a 40 year old concrete slab at Ipoh-Lahat trunk road near Bukit Merah being smashed to the ground.
This can only be done under the opposition ruling Perak, and can only be brought down by a front-loader machinery. Now Ipoh Barat DAP MP M. Kulasegaran said he would meet PWD officials and "request them to repair the signpost and erected it at proper place", but I will say the historical concrete slab to be erected at original place as it is is or may be slightly higher as not to impede vision of incoming vehicles..there was no such problem then and why so much now.

In Penang, DAP Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said only the Federal Government can allow the "dismantlement" of the historical ferry-system that caries people from the mainland to the island, since time immemorial.
"Only the prime minister can decide," he said. You know what I suspect, prime minister's advisers will say: "Pak Lah buang kan lah saja ferry tu tak menguntungkan (Pak Lah scrapped the ferry doesn't make money)."
And Pak Lah will tell Penang DAP Chief Minister:" Buang lah (Scraped it then).

Historical monuments and institutions are meant for people to understand their own background, money sometimes is not everything. Historical continuity and perspective is very, very important.

My vote is: The concrete slab near Ipoh-Lahat trunk road thet says Utamakan Bahasa Kebangsaan must be reinstated at original place, and Penang ferry must be maintain in order to maintain, at the least, the allure of the Pearl of the Orient".



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kittykat46 said...

The provision of the Penang ferry service is actually mandated by Federal Law.

Before the completion of the Penang Bridge, it was the only link to the mainland for the island. So the requirement for the government to maintain a ferry service was made into law.

The fares, service level etc. is up to the Federal and State governments to sort out.

Pasquale said...

kittykat46, you are missing the point we all know the Federal provision vis-a-vis the ferry. My contention is DAP CM Lim Guan Eng will probably get a go ahead from our lame duck prime minister who will be advised by his advisers that the ferry is not a money making venture. My other point is the ferry system has been an institution therefore it must be kept alive and running!

shanghaistephen said...

Come on mo...surely you don't think a piece of slab saying "Utamakan Bahasa Kebangsaan" and 40 years old is historical ,now do you ?
When the former government can tear down really historical and 100 years old names such as Maxwell Hills to Bukit Larut in Taiping and Port Weld to Kuala Sepatang and a host of other colonial named roads to local "hero" flavors why didn't anyone protest and in almost all the states ??? A name change is as good as tearing or mowing down a site !
For Gods sake mo, 40 years is not historical, 100 years IS !! ... even the famous Le Coq Dor was blatantly torn down in Jalan Ampang in the name of development progress...and you know somebody made a tidy sum along the way....did you protest ?? and you bitch about a non-entity stone slab and make the new government look like mauraders ?Are you a BN operative ?? This country never had any respect for history...period ! Or goegraphy for that matter...ask that Immigration moron where Uraguay is ? Come on....Get a life ron ! Or have a drink with me ! Cheers !

Pasquale said...

Dear Shanghaifishheadcurry,

Against my better judgment and in a true spirit of DEMOcracy I am allowing your gibberish in my "newspaper" next time no excuse I know where you live capish!

muststopthis said...

SOmehow, it seems only in this country of ours, govt officials get away with:
a.Changing roadnames....
to suit their fancies
b.tearing down historical the name of development
c.Using loud colours to paint historical landmarks......????Whats with that???
d.Place warongs and unwanted stalls in places of interest....
e.And gawdy coloured lights hanging around.....

err....did they teach this in 'local U'?