Sunday, March 23, 2008

Clearing the slate or demonising Mahathir Mohamad?!!

Zaid Ibrahim the new "guard dog"!

Demonising him!


This is what newly appointed Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim said in the newspaper:

"I'm going to propose to the government that we apologise to (former Lord President) Tun Salleh Abbas and the judges who had been sacked...and to their families. It's clear to everyone, to the world, that serious transgressions had been committed by the previous administration."

In other words the previous government under Tun Mahathir Mohamad was brutal when sacking the then Lord President and therefore he must be punished and chastised. Zaid in not so many words claims and telling the whole wide world Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's regime is magnanimous and is out on his self-righteous path to correct where Mahathir has fucked-up! I am so tired of all these unworthy spins.

It is not as though Zaid is having an ala South Africa Truth and Reconciliation of forgive and forget program where White Apartheid regime fascist
officers and ministers cried in a special court and in public admitting their guilt, at this special hearing they told the whole wide world they regretted killing the black Kafirs, and Nelson Mandela forgave them! Now that is being magnanimous!

But, under the present regime and statement made by Dollah Badawi's new "guard dog" that truth must be told, BUT in this case someone must pay dearly for this, in this case it is Mahathir! This is not correcting the wrongs but plain Malay revenge, pure andf evil!


Anonymous said...

This action should not be seen as a witch hunting exercise but to reveal nothing except the truth. I'm sure all Malaysians with no vested interests will not object to this. Keep up the good work, Zaid Ibrahim.

Anonymous said...

Easter is here, why don't we crucify Mahathir?

He's a false prophet!

arab said...

Zaid shall work on the better FUTURE judiciary, not the PAST judiciary. If he wants to be Hero, work out on the better future, not the PAST as he might implicate the then King also.... dont be so exited about fixing DrM, as Zaid might entangle with his own rope.

Anonymous said...

"In other words the previous government under Tun Mahathir Mohamad was brutal when sacking the then Lord President and therefore he must be punished and chastised"
Interesting interpretation of Zaid Ibrahim's statement. How is Mahathir being punished or chastised? Is he being made to apologise personally to Tun Salleh Abas? Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Sudahlah...Pasca !! , TDM orang tu mcm mana semua rakyat malaysia sudah tahu, tapi tak ape, kita masih respect same dia sebab dia bekasu PM kita kan...!! Tapi we must right the wrong that was done onto those that was sudahla....engkau punya idol pun ada mistake punya....kerana dia bukan Tuhan...tapi tak ape kita punya Hati manyak "forgive is divine",

to "return the honour to those that was wrong accused is our responsibility...!!! be a good boy, just becoz your are angry, don't start setting-up Ku Klux Klan club in Malaysia ...Ooi..!!

Dark Vigilante

justin said...

Zahid - Good work.

One must recognise one's fault, be brave enough to admit, and more important be mindful of not committing it again.

It is not a question of Brutaling TDM. Not that we like the old man less, but that we love our judiciary system more.

After a century, the Australian finally was brave enough to appologise to their native for the stolen generation. We must be brave enough to recognise and to prevent further rot in our Judiciary system.

baie-segan said...

what more can i say....the man have give u a post (minister)....the least u can do is to defend him and make some else look bad....this is pure politic.even a child know this fact.

Anonymous said...

Back in Kelantan, general public are not aligned with Zaid for his willingness to go against hudud law. Perhaps, the statement is made to shadow his previous mistake.

And he didn't need to wait for a post of cabinet minister to have come out with such proposal because he is a prominent lawyer.
This is just another act to polish Dollah's apple, OR
rather rude "sucking pak lah's ball".
Wait for Tun Salleh Abbas's memoir, perhaps we can get clearer picture.

Well said baie-segan.

Kelate School Boy.

Anonymous said...

Badawi sucks, Mahathir sucked.

Anonymous said...

Well, Zaid since you think it is necessary to apologise to Tun Salleh please consider also about apologising to:

1. Anwar Ibrahim.
2. The Late MGG Pillai and his family.(VK Lingam-Judge writing judgement based on another lawyer write up)
3. Mrs Boonsom Boonyamit who lost her land in Penang to a gentleman who sold her property by falsifying her signature. (Read Adorna properties v. Boonsom Boonyamit)

Just because Dollah give you a ministership you do not need to polish his balls too much, that Najib and Hishammuddin and Nazeri has done it a lot earlier than you.

To clean up the Judiciary and bring it to its former glory and beyond? Why not propose a Royal Commission consisting of emminent former judges and existing emminent Malaysians and then maybe propose Tun Salleh as one of the members and also invite Raja Nazrin for good measure. This commission could look into how judges are currently appointed and make many good recommendations.

Zaid, buat cara baiklah, no need to demonise Tun Mahathirlah, dia tu kan orang UMNO jugak same as you and anyway Tun Salleh was judged by a tribunal of his peers what and the then his Royal Highness removed him based on the tribunal's recommendation what? No need to open another Pandora's Boxlah, Zaid. When you become minister the IQ should go uplah not go down ma.

Thank You.

Anak Jawa Johor.

Anonymous said...

Clearing slate or demonising Mahathir?

Who cares! Many would not mind both..
if it means justice.

Navi said...

Hats of to Zaid. He has the moral courage and conviction to do the right thing; something he has advocated even before he was appointed minister. Its people like him that we need in the cabinet, not apple polishers like Nazri Aziz and Zahid Hamidi.

To right a wrong is not brutalising another. The whole world is aware of what happened in 1987/88 whwn Salleh Abbas was sacked (or rather fixed up) for dishing out justice.