Thursday, March 13, 2008

A letter from Mukhriz urging Pak Lah to resign?

This is what I gathered that a letter from Mukhriz Mahathir , CC to top leaders, will be sent to Pak Lah urging him to step down for the sake of the Bangsa, party and the country. I am hoping someone can come out with the letter! Rockybru! Are you on top of the situation, is there such letter por favor!!


Anonymous said...


I hope you are right such letter exist I also understand Umno Batu also had letter sent to PM asking him to relinquish his positions. Personally I think PM must heed this.

Thank you

Sophie said...

yeah man, time to shop for a new leader.

ZURICH said...

PM pasti berundur.. yang penting berikan sedikit masa untuk PM berkemas dan tander ANGKUT DAN PINDAH..di keluarkan dari MOF..
sabarlah sikit.. KURUNG ajar lah kita menghalau PERDANA MENTERI..tak baik kita buat PM bergitu..MALAYU ADA BUDI DAN MARUAH..

Pasquale said...

ZURICH, I am sorry FYI Melayu dah tak ada budi let alone MARUAH! Kalau tidak kita tidak berterabur macam orang gila!

0ranger said...

After 50 years, if not for Datuk Seri Abdullah, we would not have the first Tsunami and victory for democracy in Malaysia.

Let's just look at the scenario:

1. Datuk Seri Abdullah released DSAI when he came to power.
He did not need to do this.
Dr M would probably have driven DSAI to commit Harakiri in prison!

2. Datuk Seri Abdullah did not stop the bloggers from giving altenartive news.
He could have arrested these bloggers under ISA.
Dr M would definitely have done this at least prior to the election.

3. Datuk Seri Abdullah allowed the Bersih and Hindraf to organise their rallies. Under Dr M's rule,
the organisers would have been arrested even for thinking about organising the rallies.

Judge a person from the outcomes of their leadership, not from what their detractors say.