Monday, March 31, 2008

Once upon a time not too long ago.......!

Nicely bound tribute to Tun Mahathir that I rediscovered.

Not many may have noticed, or I may be wrong, but he has a very pleasant smile, not smug nor arrogant!

The stress is on the title of the tribute" A great Leader and Statesman"!

Following page after the cover!

There was this great leader and a statesman......hang on! He is still a great leader and people still listen to his wisdom. His name is Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad!
But I still hate him for his choice of successor that has brought this country to a political ruin and but then again TO ERR IS HUMAN AND TO FORGIVE DIVINE!
A found this nicely bound book on Tun and decided to have a go at it again and it occurred to me that for someone, somebody or some organization to have come out with a poignant narration of Tun from his humble beginning to what he has created for this country, and how Malaysians have a sense of identity in being Malaysian, is just great.
We do not loathe him in real effect, nor do we view him with total disdain, or abandon his leadership when he was fighting for something as "vague" as trying to save the country's economy from being stripped bare by international financial robber barons such as George Soros, when a fake such as Anwar Ibrahim was ever ready to sell this country to the highest bidder. But, Tun Mahathir stuck to his nationalistic economic policy and we persevere.
Today we persevere but we went to naught when his "successor" allows this country to be subdivided into fiefdom by his more shrewd and cunning evil people who see only money, and when greed possessed them.
Once in Canada I was reeled into an emergency ward with a severe allergic reaction where I had to breath only through my mouth when my sinus passages had constricted. A young and beautiful South African doctor saw my nationality and she mentioned Tun Mahathir as the much loved and respected Third World leader by the South Africans.
I thought I was going to die but when the name Mahathir was uttered by this beautiful brunette South African doctor with so much praise I was touched, I am going to say this for the first time, I cried. She placed her hand on my forehead and told my daughter, I still remember: "Your father will live and your Mahathir is a great man, he has as much responsible for dismantling apartheid in our mind."

Now then, I was thinking. If that were to happens to me again under Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, and any doctor were to utter his name, which I doubt that any doctor will care to do, I think my condition will worsen, or bad still I will die from further stress of the name being mentioned !!



Anonymous said...


I love this post of yours. Hope you don;t mind me linking it to my blog ya.

Thanks and regards,

jebatmustdie at wordpress dot com

Anonymous said...


Yeah. Any foreigners we met, mentioned of Malaysia - Tun came to mind of theirs. It is not easy to manage a multi cultural, races like ours where all come together to form a nation. Tun, we will forever be indebted to you for bringing us where we are today. You will be remembered for long, even when you are long gone, all of us gone. Not everyone would understand or agree your way of doing things, yet i feel yours is the best that we can have for the time we had for the last period you were there helming the country. Tears flowed my eyes when i read the writing above. I will always be proud of you Tun.

muststopthis said...

he he...severe stress from the mention of his name.....LOL

ShebaUncome said...


Dollah Badawi will be remembered for allowing this country to be broken in pieces, he will be as a prime minister who sleep at functions, incontinence, seeing other woman while his wife was still alive (someone got the pictures), allowing his advisers to squander the country, for having lavish party ala Hollywood at his residence Seri Perdana, and many more. But one thing though he will not be remembered as a great man or a great anything, and lastly for being a con-man where he conned Malaysians into thinking he was a great leader to be chosen as PM!

Anonymous said...

Had he been Japanese he would have taken his life by committing sapuku, Dollah Badawai that is!

BeruangKL said...

dear pasquale
may I know the author of the book? Is it published and sold in malaysia? Where can I buy?
Tun Dr. mahathir is a NEGARAWAN and I intend to have this book as I have bought Tun Razak,Tun Ismail book as well.

Berita dari gunung said...

Tun Dr Mahathir bak mutiara.

mim said...

I have been brought up under Dr. M's rule and yeah, I have not known any other PM other then him.
Love him or hate him, i have to give him credit for how far he has pushed the country.
As for his successor, I think Dr. M made a very big mistake picking him.

straycat's strut said...

I went thru several blogs and saw how some people were throwing verbal abuses at TDM.

And suddenly Anwar is a hero? Come on.

Some had just failed to see the bigger picture. The difference between someone who really loves his country and have the guts to defend it and the next guy who will sell this country for his ambition.

Some people simply failed to realize how close we are from being colonized during the last economic crisis.

Thanks TDM. Lots of us are still with u.

Anonymous said...

No man is perfect no matter how hard he try. But not trying to be perfect is a big sin especially when you are an appointed leader.

two-face said...

No man is perfect - yes! But the prostitution of the judiciary, inventing money politics in UMNO, manipulation of the civil service and police, taking the power away from Raja Melayu.... need I say more?

I think it's a bit too much, don't you think so?

Anonymous said...

Net-net, I believe TDM has done a lot more positive things for the country than the downside. I suppose for those of us (including "muststothis") who got stressed at the mention of TDM's name, maybe you could just stop and honestly ask, what have you done for this country? If the answer is a lot, then good for you! Otherwise, just shut up and move on with life!

BrightEyes said...

Looks like Mahathir has decided to jump ship from KD Najib to HMS Razaleih.

Anonymous said...

This what I think la. AAB maybe weak but he is not stupid la. Wait and see I promise you this. Just wait and see.

Anonymous said...

two face
who do you think a better guy is it you? nik aziz? lim kit siang? karpal singh?

Anonymous said...

two face
or is it anwar ibrahim that two face like you?