Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pointless Prime Minister admits being insipid and clueless!

Insipid and clueless little man that can and have already destroy a generation!


Hey how about that, eh!

After four fu$king years this prime minister admits for the first time in his pathetic life that he was wrong. The man that I once admired was nothing nothing more than just a dud, a bad ones!
He admitted just now, only just now that "internet served as painful lesson" when Barisan Nasional (BN) lost the online war, and that this insipid little man said the newspapers, the print media , the television were important but young (and also middle age and old people you clod!) were looking at text messages and BLOGS!
Point made and point taken, but is a case of too little but too late. Bloggers will continue to harangue him until he step or slip down into oblivion, which ever comes first! Bloggers will continue to be a weapon for the masses when it comes to check government injustice and misdeed, and to check on leaders insensitivity when discharging their duties.
UMNO can cancel its general assembly or not hold it for all I care, but I suspect this party will cease to be if it insists on being belligerent and certain leader wants to cling to power. The longer it delays its assembly the more the country will be placed in a total disarray. Trust me on this, the majority of the opposition would love Umno not to hold its general assembly and for this country to be in disarray.
This insipid prime minister is getting advises from the enemies of the country and the people surrounding him. BLOGGERS exercises more of your now-totally-recognized responsibility, and do not trust any overtures by the government. And beware of "bastards" in sheepskin!
Attention Ahiruddin Atan aka ROCKYBRU also the protem president of ALL-BLOGS!! We do not need them then and surely we do not need them now!



Monstermom said...

Couldn't agree with you more..
How come the gov want to be so "friendly and loving" with the once-hated-bloggers? What good will it make?
They wanna be friendly? sure..sure..but if there's something wrong, sorry mate!
Hit the road!
ps-i smell something fishy la...

Anonymous said...

lost faith in mm-noo after Terengganu incident. They're clueless and still reeling from the PRU13 combination punch. Only missing an uppercut that will put them out for good.

Anonymous said...

young, for focks sake , I and my buddies are in the late 40s, sam harris coming on 50, ancient mariner, dah retire, rpk in 50's, mgg pillai already passed away so wtf is mr clueless talking about, or yah 80 % unemployed housewives, as the pseudo royalty adnan said

Anonymous said...

Am in my 50s n enjoying every minute of the illuminating factual news on various independent blogsites hosted by caring and concerned Malaysians, instead of the utter rubbish and spinned misdirections of the various mainstream media.

Anyway, the blogs did not undo the government of clueless Badawi. It is his own ineptness, his own greed, his own arrogance, his own tyranny, his own corruption, his own unfulfilled promises, his own hollow programmes, his own snores, his own cunningly devious & obviously ambitious son-in-law & his coterie of media & PR mis-advisors & sycophants, his own laughable staements like "I am Prime Minister, etc etc etc, and his own failings which led to BN's downfall.

The longer he stays on, the more of a laughing stock is UMNO, BN, the Malaysian government and the disappointed rakyat. Perhaps, it is better that he stays on so that UMNO and BN will become irrelevant through self-induced implosion.


shanghaistephen said...

It was a case of being "bodoh sombong" and clueless then...but now it's a little too late ain't it ? if only Pak Lah had not listened to all those "illiterates" and morons polishing his balls and put his BIG ears on the ground and listened to bloggers !

I feel sorry for this man, you know ? But I'm hopeful he'll just step down now and save further humiliation not only to himself and his family but the entire UMNO just as what's become of the now "ghostly" MIC.
Just an abbreviation with nobody proudly claiming association !hehe !
plenty of "cheers" today !

Anonymous said...

PL is still sleeping. No doubt, after 4 years of wetdreams, now only he is having the deep sleep.

BN lost because of their arrogance, law-breaking MPs, blood-money-$ucking policy, racist remarks, double-standard policy and the indefinite list continue. Blogs and internet news serve only as new broadcasting media, spreading the ACTUAL news evenly (not PM-fantasy-nice-to-see news like The Star).

Oh man! PM is still act like kid, crying over the spilt milk, blaming every inch of people for his loss. It is not the time for PL to review the losses, but to take the responsibility as a MAN! Step down if you are a MAN and stay put on the chair is you are a COWARD!

BrightEyes said...

BN/UMNO is a ship sinking because of its cargo of now irrelevant race-based policies. Changing the captain is useless... an Extreme Makeover is what they need if they want to remain in the political field in the upcoming years.

But I don't expect them to be doing this. Expect more of the same from these fellows...