Friday, March 28, 2008

Umno has decided..but not on a serious issue!

Umno should have also decided on the prime minister's immediate resignation in order to save this country from further political deterioration, mental haywire, general chaos and total social upheaval!
Former prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad, in so many words in his front page column which appeared in the Sun on Friday March 28 (Must read the column) clearly said the present prime minister has been rejected by big majority of Malaysians for being inept as a leader, and dangerous to the country's well being.
He is undoubtedly the Clear and the Present Danger to this country well being and to this country well-entrenched racial relations and institutions.
Tun said what had happened to Pak Lah had never happened before under the country's premiership of four previous prime ministers. CONCERNED MALAYSIANS SHOULD WONDER WHY!!!! Concerned Malaysians, in this case, also mean Umno members, and Umno Supreme Council members, and Umno Divisions heads and Branches, for heaven sake!!!

(Tun also said in his column there must be something dreadfully wrong why rulers rejected mentris besar proposed by BN leadership, in this case it is Pak Lah, and I said there must surely be something wrong for the Sultans to invoke certain procedure to express dismay and disdain over Pak Lah leadership as prime minister, does not take rocket scientist to figure this one out! )

Tun also said newly appointed Minister in the Prime Minister's Department cum de facto Law Minister, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, as a dud and a hypocrite for saying the government or someone should apologies over the sacking of the former Lord President Tun Salleh Abbas and some judges, when he (Zaid ) in 1988 also supported the action to sack Salleh and six-judges!



ShebaUncome said...


I wonder why no one wants to comment on this one. You are right serious issue like forcing Pak Lah to resign should have been forced to the agenda of that stupid meeting!

Anonymous said...


MT members, aka Melayus are just a bunch of coward with no backbone and no balls, including "firebrand" and also corrupt Shahrir Samad who is so thankful to Pak Lah for making him "relevant", so sad day for the malays, notice in lower case, they are also now an irrelevant and pathetic group!

Berita dari gunung said...

Of course Pak lah will go, and the safest exit plan is in the way.

Pasquale said...

berita dari gunung, unfortunately I do not share your optimism, neither do I believe you are a soothsayer! I am afraid Pak Lah will win come December party elections! How? He will buy votes from the moronic division chiefs say for M20 million a piece?!

deecrab said...

I am afraid that what 'pasquale'said might be true.
Hopefully, they will get the money but still vote for CHANGE.