Saturday, March 01, 2008

Wine lovers beware for you may be drinking Chateau Plonck, or worse Fakes!

Guys Breaking News!

Those days in Europe I have visited many vineyards and have tasted various types of wine grown in many regions in Europe. I have also seen how these wine barrels stacked to be matured tested then bottled to be sold worldwide. A long an tedious process to make these fine wine.
I also remember in France when the wine industry there was shocked by unscrupulous wine makers out to make fast buck by "quickening" the pace of wine making by adding many unwanted chemical so the wine can be "matured" fast. In other words the reputation of France as a wine producer in Europe and the world was smeared at the cost of the country's economy when consumers in France and around the world were afraid to drink French wine let alone buying them. France dealt with the wine contaminators quite severely! They were jailed and made to pay hefty fines. Okay enough!
My wife stumbled upon a Malaysian made wine. A "Chateau" Y T Chen, and the brand is Glen Morris, and being featured as Tropical Wine 1999, Natural Fruit Wine. Then there is a statement in Bahasa on the other side of the bottle which says "produced and bottled by a company here" and "at an address in Batu 6 Jalan Kelang Lama. It came in a normal 750ml wine bottle and contains 12.5 % alcohol.
At the back it says "tropical wine made, the finest tropical fruit wine is produced by a blend of exotic tropical fruits....." I suspect the tropical fruit is dragon fruits which are grown extensively in the country where padi fields in Negeri Sembilan for example have been turned into Dragon Fruityards. There is also a seal of approval by the Malaysian government.
However, Y T Chen's Glen Morris wine is for real there, is no doubt about it.
But my concern is that"real" brand red or white wine, made out of real grapes can be easily faked. If we can fake other products like Roll-Royce airliners spare parts, drug like Panadol, Viagra, and even high blood pressure pills, trust me you can fake wine and wine labels, and you can never tell the difference.
Looking at Glen Morris, it has a very attractive label, real wine bottle and sealed caps, and it is a real product. But one cannot help thinking since wine is a big industry in this country, some one can just fake other wine brand by buying concentrated fresh juice in bulk, add Ribena for example, then alcohol and let it sit for a while then bottle it somewhere in "Batu 7 Puchong" or anywhere else in the country. The scary part is these fake wines will be produced in a backyard without proper supervision.
Fake wines can be done and fake attractive labels from famous Australian, South African and Chilean brands can be made here easily and trust me, again, you and I cannot tell the difference. Hey! If they can make fake money or even fake security papers, again trust me counterfeit wine labels is easy!
So next time you stuffed up yuppies, and rich middle class bore take a sip of you "expensive" wines think fake for in a long run your liver can give in and you die. Sorry I cannot offer solution unless if you can migrate to France or other real wine producing countries!

Sorry, but less cheers today!


shanghaistephen said...

Hey Pasquale,
Where have you been man...??? Welcome to the land of "original fakes"....that's what we are and this Hadari government advocates and endorses fakes...yeah just look, we have even put-up a roof over the entire Petaling Street to promote fakes !And this government esp. the enforcement of DBKL is deep in cahoots with this counterfeiteers with the blessings of the fake Mayor and the fake FT Minister...such hypocricy is beyond me man !Even the peddlers are fake man...they are not Malaysians but Banglas !
We are a bunch of hippocrites pretending we are buying the real stuff wherein the producers of the real mccoy cannot persecute ...becos these morons are protected by the enforcement morons ! Once in a while they make an arrest and splash in all media of their achievements (if the rogue does not cooperate with the corrupt enforcement !) BUT the rest are still peddling openly and YOU don't know ? (Read my earlier postings on my blog !)
Right from VCD's to top names like Rolex, Adidas to MU t-shirts are peddled openly in Petaling Street and at all "pasar malams" through-out the country and this Islam Hadari government don't know or are they themselves are partners in this mass production of fakes ???
Come to think of it even orgasms are faked !hehehe and even you and I are fakes !!! how about that ?
But I know the beers I down and this comment is for real bro !
Cheers to the Hadari goverment !

Anonymous said...

these days you can fake anything, and i don't mean just what sally did in a diner to impress harry in when harry met sally...

Pasquale said...

Dear Shanghairottenfish,

The part about you and I being fakes, well you can only speak for yourself!

shanghaistephen said...

mo pasquale,
goodman pasquale !...thank you for being thorough when reading my comment!
Actually I sacrificed "me" just so you wont stand out alone as being one...!
Will you join me for a bottle of wine tonight, ron ? Let's call a truce !
Cheers man and happy voting !

alliedmartster said...

Darn right bout fakes, mon ami...
In Bol3ehland, Its, ABIBOS, not Adidas....
But I suspect the wine is real, just the grapes are non existenet, and its rebottled from leftover wines.....

Pasquale said...

Shanghootsteven!fakes kill and your liver awashed! Fakes moonshine kill many Indians remembar Selanchar Empat?! Btw I am using my new blackberry to post this!

Bernard said...

Well, as purveyors of luxury goods will always say, "only buy from an authorized stockist." If you find and buy a Chateau Petrus selling at an unreasonably cheap price at a mum and pop's minimarket in Puchong, then it just puts paid the old adage "there's a sucker born every minute..."

Pasquale said...

How sure are we even if an authorised stokist is also selling fakes!