Monday, April 21, 2008

Hishamuddin Rais and Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim are just desperate bastards!

Incorrigible bastard this one!

Hishamuddin Warih, pantek lah kau! I have a lot of respect for you for what you had gone through in life in fact I like you, but until just now my friend! Either you have been sleeping with BABI, or you are just not a nice and illogical a person anymore. Your power of deduction is marred by your relationship with BABI!

It is no surprise to hit out at a politician like Najib as he is seen as the front runner to replace Pak Lah but to accuse him of murder based on assumption and unproven claims made in the open court is a serious matter. Strong words indeed “ Apakah pembunuh boleh jadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia” as concluded Hishamuddin Rais in his column. Read here!

That the case is being heard in court is irrelevant to Hishamuddin as he is not interested in the due process and harped on the fact that people known to Najib are involved in the trial and as such the DPM is involved in the murder. Najib had publicly said last year that he did not know or meet Altantuya. A claim made by one Altantuya friends who was a witness in the trial that she met DPM with Razak was never collaborated except by Yang Berbohong (YB) Tian Chua who put on his website a pix which he later admitted to be doctored …. Did he apologise for it? No it is only POLITICS. Anyway the Internet is the most open and free media.

It is sad that despite our rich Malay value and heritage, people like Hishamuddin had no qualm in making wild and unfounded allegations in a shameful language. The internet is used to disseminate lies and falsehood, to poison the mind of readers especially the younger generation by some irresponsible writers like Hishamuddin. No accountability, no responsibility in the article but lies and more lies. Clearly, the allegations and tone used by Hishamuddin is reflective of his mentor, Anwar Ibrahim who have frequently accused Najib of being involved in the murder in the foreign press and the general elections. Again it is only POLITICS.

It is clear that people like Hishamuddin Rais and Anwar is not to keen on the succession plan. Najib, they know has what it takes to put things rights within Umno and BN. Anway, Najib has served over 32 years in public office, an experience politician. It is important to run the DPM down. We all should be alert and aware of this to differentiate the facts and myths.... and again its only POLITICS.



Anonymous said...


Bersama sama ini saya lampirkan ayat dari AL QURAN yang ditujukan khas kepada Raja Petra (Malaysia Today) dan juga Hishamuddin Rais yang hanya percaya pada kitab QURAN dan TIDAK pada HADIS. Adakah anda berdua sebahagian dari golongan Kaum Nabi LUTH?

"Maka tatkala datang azab Kami, Kami jadikan negeri kaum Luth itu yang di atas ke bawah (Kami balikkan), dan Kami hujani mereka dengan batu dari tanah yang terbakar dengan bertubi-tubi, yang diberi tanda oleh Tuhanmu, dan siksaan itu tiadalah jauh dari orang-orang yang zalim"
[Hud : 82-83]

(Demikian juga) kaum Nabi Lut telah mendustakan peringatan dan amaran (yang disampaikan oleh Rasulnya). Sesungguhnya Kami telah menghantarkan kepada mereka angin ribut yang menghujani mereka dengan batu, kecuali keluarga Nabi Lut, Kami selamatkan mereka (dengan menyuruh mereka keluar dari situ) pada waktu jauh malam - Sebagai limpah kurnia dari Kami. Demikianlah kami membalas orang orang yang bersyukur. Dan demi sesungguhnya Nabi Lut telah memberi amaran kepada mereka mengenai azab seksa Kami; dalam pada itu, mereka tetap mendustakan amaran amaran itu".
(Surah Al Qamar:33-36).

Anonymous said...

hey, why are u still reading malaysia today? i've completely stopped going there as its full of malay-bashing supposedly-non-racist people....

and what else can you expect from someone close to Brother Anwar?

Anjing Bisar @ Godang! said...

Tuan Pasquale,

Apo la nak diharapkan kek duo ekor kobau banggang ni ehh....

Sekor kaki wayang, sekor lagi kaki buek wayang!

Antaro nyato dongan khayalan pun duo duo tak buleh laiee dibezokan!

Manolah kobau macam dua ekor ni buleh dok ontok ontok. Dah kono poiee penjaro pun peragai cam koro laiee........

Paham tak ni????

tombiruo said...

What will happen to Malaysia with all the qualities we have on our so called leader (Gov n opposition)? Most are tainted, ass lickers, hypocrites n u name it..... God Bless Malaysia..

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.39. I too agree with you that MT has lots of non-racists bashing the Malays. They seem to be gleefully doing it now that BA has power in 5 states. However,I continued reading MT cos I want to see to what extent thsse so called bangsa Malaysia condeming the Malays and what the President of PKR gonna do about it?

kerbaupendek said...

Hashamuddin who? Is this the man who ran away, outside the country when his fellow mates, like me stand to face the consequences in our lovely Malaysia long time ago! Is this the coward who left his so called comrades long time ago for a better pastures overseas?. Is this the man who came back like he was the ultimate hero and presumes that we all love him?. Is this the man who talk cock every time he opens his mouth?. Is this the man you are talking about? If he is the man, tell him to go to hell and fly kite there!

And for Malaysia Today, I also has stop reading it as it has turned into a bashing Malay media, but in the same time are using the Malay Kings as cover up.

Anonymous said...

la... if that racist moron threatened to bathed his pen-knife with chinakui blood in front of thousand of peoples.. and what make you think he not capable of murder?

Anonymous said...

Barua, babi, binatang anak haram, sial, babi ini Hishamuddin Rais, he lead a protest and a whole bunch of us got arrested and expelled from UM and our future was destroyed and he flee the country, he is a self-aggrandizing bastard who was probably buggered by Anwar Ibrahim at MCKK,k he is also a good friend of Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, I wonder if Zahid is still with Anwar! Expose them, korek, korek, korek!

BrightEyes said...

Saya tahu mengapa awak berang sangat pada Hishamuddin Rais baru-baru 'ni...

Anonymous said...

It is sad that despite our rich Malay value and heritage ? what crap , u guys dont even have a written language ! booo hoooo

Pasquale said...

"Anonymous said...It is sad that despite our rich Malay value and heritage ? what crap , u guys dont even have a written language ! booo hoooo"

Of course you guys have Chinese and Indian language and we Malays don't slo what?! My question is what have you guys done lately, say for the pasty few hundreds years!
Do I see Askhar China/India DiRaja, or Ketetapi Tanah China/India?! Come on give yourselves (I was going to say you people) a break enjoy living in this beautiful Malay land and stop griping, you bunch of Morons!

Anonymous said...

Of course you guys have Chinese and Indian language and we Malays don't slo what?! My question is what have you guys done lately, say for the pasty few hundreds years!
Do I see Askhar China/India DiRaja, or Ketetapi Tanah China/India?! Come on give yourselves (I was going to say you people) a break enjoy living in this beautiful Malay land and stop griping, you bunch of Morons!

April 23, 2008 6:15 PM

Anon 5:33pm was a f@#king loser......!!

but do you have to do down to his level ...???

BTW Msia it is not Malay land as much as China is Cinakui land or India is Indian land ..... this is GOD's land we are just the temporary occupants that happen to born & live here with his grace.

U Wanna be a blogger, try to be one that is not supremacist in nature, else you are no different than Hilter.
In this highly tension & difficult time, why dun u try to be a responsible blogger for a change !!

And as for those that make disparaging remark againt M-T for being a racist, try to see from the other side for a change most of them are anti-establishment for being a corupt regime, anti-UMNO for being corrupt & arrogant animals, anti-NEP for being a corrupt tools for the BN money-making machinery, anti-supremacistBumis who think of other race as slaves !!!!

If you guys cannot wake up to these changes there is no hope for Malaysia, remember you can kill/eradicate all Chinese & India and even the non-muslim the end may I ask, you are 'Ketuanan' to whom ???, your pets ??, the mat salleh or Arab tourist ??

You may say you don't need ketuanan by then ,
well then let ask you why do you need ketuanan now ....?? when you never need them at all in the 1st place...!!!
Isn't it better to earn the "ketuanan" thru respect given by the non-bumis thru your good deeds and action, isn't that a legacy that will even be long lasting.


Anonymous said...


1st paragraph,
i agreed with u the land belong to God.

2nd paragraph,
talking about supremacist, everybody had a racist identity as long u feel your a chinese,indian,malay etc don't bullshit when u think ur not a racist as `cheating' element is in ur heart.

3rd paragraph,
I’ll try to submit few comment to this M-T (with mild word of course) but unfortunately were not entertained. I`ll still read it even though it’s hurt.

4th paragraph,
We will not going kill/erredicate all chinese/indian (please do not drag/bring non-muslim bumis into this) this is purely your own view as we believe there is is still some chinese/indian with a fair minded

5th paragraph,
Don’t talk nonsence about ketuanan when u ask about fair treatment to all races? Please refer back to the 2nd paragraph When the `cheating’ element is in ur heart

Wake up Malay! Hidup Islam!

Anonymous said...

Tahukah anda semasa di kolej kelima(UM)dahulu, merekalah yang telak memasang bendera Nazi(Swastika) diatas bumbung kolej.
Bila bendera itu dibuang oleh Pak Guard, mereka naik berang.
Apa punya orang.

Anonymous said...

hei, guy..and magpie or actualli mat oiee, altho this blog had been un-updated, i would like to share with you fella, today 9.01.2012 ANUAR IBRAHIM IS FREED. TIDAK BERSALAH, yg bersalah hampa yg tidak ingat KUBUR..he4e...hee...MAMPUS DENGAN umno.

Anonymous said...

Anuar Ibrahim memang kaki jubok,depan belakang, Kau, Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang, Mat Sabu, Hishammudin Rais memang ketrunan sial anak babi, anjing segala anjing, syaitan iblis, bila nak mampus agaknya-sial kau babi kau, seluruh penyokong Pakatan adalah syaitan dari keturunan dari benih babi dan anjing. Bila nak mampus siAnuar celaka ni, doa nsaya depan KAABAH