Sunday, April 20, 2008

Karpal and Uncle Kit start to look like Dato' Bahaman and all, to the Malays now!

PAP logo of Singapore

DAP logo of Malaysia!

Notice the similarity in both logos! You can see PAP in DAP, and DAP in PAP. When PAP was banned in Malaysia they just changed the design of their logo but the spirit it intact! And yet the Malays are so stupid not to realize!

I like what straycat's strut write, I hope you don't mind if I use it for the benefit of others:

"Pasquale, it must be hard to go against the tide but someone has to do it. Somehow its no longer hip to even talk about "melayu" in what used to be persekutuan tanah melayu. The melayu themselves are drunk with the word "malaysian" and Karpal and Uncle Kit starts to look like Dato' Bahaman and all. And Anwar, argh, do they ever know who the guy is before worshipping him like a wali? Dear Melayus, careful of what u wish for."


benson said...

Of course you won't apologize for your remarks because you are a racist. And, having said that, I too, am not sorry for calling you a racist.
Oops...don't you think our 'Jalur Gemilang' bears several striking similarities to 'The Star and Stripes' aka 'Old Glory'? So, are you trying to imply that our country will soon be under the control of the Americans?
What a naive thinking you had!!!

Anonymous said...

you still have got your racial blinkers on. it is people like you that stop the country from going forward.

Anonymous said...

Get your head screw up in the right place.

Be realistic. How can DAP or Chinese for that matter rule the country when majority of the Chinese stays in urban area where as Malay stays in the rural area???.

Do you think PKR or PAS or UMNO will just sit down doing nothing or will not contest in PRU13.

Please do not insult the IQ of others......

BrightEyes said...

More racial sabre-rattling & BS from UMNO... only shows that this party and its crew are getting desperate.

KeADILan actually has more seats than the DAP, and then there is PAS. So no one "bangsa" really holds domination in the PR.

And all 3 parties realize that they will need each other to keep the current PR govt in the 5 states, and also take over the Fed Govt. Better than that BN formula where UMNO just does what it damn likes, and pulls along the others like cows with a nose-ring.

Anonymous said...

Melayu ni bila dah mula nak jadi angkasawan and cita-cita naik ke bulan, tak kan nak naik dacing, mestilah roket Kit Siang.
The journey takes about for days. How about the in-flight meal, dah guarentee ke halam haramnya, silap-silap Kit Siang bagi makan BRADER.

Anonymous said...

I agree that only moronic Melayu do believe in Bangsa Malaysia.
Look at the party (DAPee) and their members who are promoting the slogan, to name a few:
1. The Lim Dynasty,
2. Tak Rasa Kok (Babi),
3. Karpal the blood sucking parasite punjabi,
4. Stephen the dickhead Shanghai
Can anybody recall names like Ahmad or Ali?

Kelate School Boy

makhal busukhati said...

Melayu mudah lupa, we have to wake them all....and even the English borrows our word 'amok'.

Tok Guru Bin Ali the Baba said...

Oh yes I didn't notice the two logo look so much alike until Magpie mentioned it here. What do you expect, is hard to get news such as this before and staying in a kampung here in Kuantan didn't help. No one mentioned this in our mosque too. The colour and the design also the same.

If Malaysia and Singapore also have a lot things the same it would be good for us too. Imagine if our money is worth 2.31 times more value or our children are as educated as the Singaporean, our street as clean, our MP also not as corrupt like them, our PM also as clever like theirs, our university ranking is as high and etc etc., I would be very happy, everyone should be happy too.

Lets all Malaysian choose more things that looks like Singapore, I am beginning to love the rocket more and more after reading this entry. Lets vote for DAP and hope we will have more things the same as Singapore. Singapore Boleh Malaysia also Boleh!

Anonymous said...

Salam sejahtera Melayu!

Pasquale said...

To benson, of course I am a "racist" or rather an ethnocentric! I am pro Malay, especially to Minangkabau! But that does does not mean I hate others!
One of my first cousins is married to this very jet black Hindu, it has marred our bloodline but what the heck we are okay with it.
One of my nieces is married to a Serani thats okay too, when they asked me if it was okay for this mixed marriage I said "do they love each other?!"
Many of my moronic relatives are married to Chinese, European, American and many many more types,one is even married to a Jewish woman but lives overseas!
But you damn right I am a racist, I am pro Malays, but chances are benson I don't think I can hate you and moreover I don't even know you, moron!

BrightEyes said...

(quote)One of my first cousins is married to this very jet black Hindu, it has marred our bloodline but what the heck we are okay with it.

(quote)Many of my moronic relatives are married to Chinese, European, American and many many more types,one is even married to a Jewish woman but lives overseas!

Magpie, if I remember reading from your articles, aren't you married to a Mat Salleh yourself?

Anonymous said...

Dude. have u read the Star today, Umno Youth in Johor propose Umno open up to non-malays.

Lets hope the DAP fellas all join Umno.....

Pasquale said...

brighteyes not so bright!
My wife is as Minang as you can get, she is not a Mat Salleh! Nice try!

Anonymous said...

what with all this malay supremacy?

you guys got something extra that other don't have... like couple of horns & a tail issit?

jeez, don't go around & keep telling the whole world of your inferiority complex...

Anonymous said...

Most people want to be known as Bangsa Malaysia. However,I wonder how many of the Bangsa Malaysia also hold PRs of other countries like Australia, NZ, Britain and America. Might as well change it to Bangsa Dunia.

ShebaUncome said...

Some one wrote: "what with all this malay supremacy?

you guys got something extra that other don't have... like couple of horns & a tail issit?

jeez, don't go around & keep telling the whole world of your inferiority complex..."

We have never been inferior neither have we been Malay supremacist, it is just that when "guests" came into our "house" they behave unruly and refused to acknowledge and respect the the host! We just hope you "guests" had better learn some manners and decorum or shit will hit the fan, trust me!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Malays are stupid, idiotic, accommodating, with very low threshold of pain, and a bunch of OCD when you guys holler before you pray and your Prime Minister is weak and we will one day take over your country, the town, the urban sides and your women too!

Anonymous said...

Hidup ISLAM!!! Hidup MELAYU!!!
I'll only support for PAS or UMNO. PKR? Depends. But never..never..never DAP.

I'll endure that the stupid bastard DAP will never rule malaysia.

Allahuakbar (3x)

Anonymous said...

Find, if DAP want to rule this country here is the condition :
1.Do not Cheat the Malay and other Bumiputra.(Of course they say they wont Cheat)
2.To Protect the Malay Right their Religious and other Bumiputra Belief (Of course they say they will protect our interest )
3.Do not easily give Bribe to the Malay and other Bumiputra (for example if the policemen take years to write a summon)
4.If Singapore attack and try to invade please Defend this country
(Do not assist them or at least please Left this country )

Anonymous said...


when are all these idiots going to realise that this is not about us thinking we are superior. Ketuanan Melayu does not mean that we have 3 heads or 4 hands or golden eyeballs. It means that this used to be Tanah Melayu until we had to accommodate 'other people'. Tolonglah, ni jelah tanah sekangkang kera yang kita ada.
And please stop on the Bangsa Malaysia crap. Cakap BM pun merangkak2 ada hati nak jadi Bangsa Malaysia. Hell, I know some who couldnt even string a decent sentence in BM. I have travelled for quite a bit and I have never seen a country where its people cannot speak their national language properly. In France, the Chinese that I met spoke French fluently. In Malaysia, its a different story.

straycat's strut said...

Tq for quoting me, pasquale.

I guess some righteous western ideal worshippers would call me a racist now.

No, I am not a racist. Even if I am, I'll never let myself to "bertuankan" those who are more racist then me. Ever been in Public Bank? Ever been in Hong Leong Bank? Ever done any business dealings? Ever been treated like a pariah in your own country before?Nope. I guess not. That is why we melayus think that its hip to shout about bangsa malaysia, equality, semua bangsa adalah sama pendatang stuff. Yeah, give them petronas, give them maybank, give them your land... and tawakkal lah. Melayu had been diperintah countless times due to our budi- bahasa, sopan santun, adat and definitely sheer stupidity.

Just remember, when you deal with Anwar, watch your back-side. We could've been screwed big time in the last financial crisis and now so many melayus are excited of the idea that he might be the next pm... are we stupid or are we stupid?

Ketuanan Orang Asli said...

Ketuanan Orang Asli, Ketuanan Dayaks, Ketuanan Kandazan! The Malays should not tell lies that they are the original people of this land. The original people in this land are the Orang Asli in West Malaysia, Dayaks in Sarawak and Kandazan in Sabah.

We the Orang Asli, Dayaks and Kandazan want equal rights and oppotunities to all races in Malaysia. It is only the Malays that claim they needed more, I wounder if they are born without a limb or wothout a pair of "ball"?

Pasquale said...

kedruanan orang asli....let me ask you a there such thing as ketuanan Maori di New Zealand or Ketanan Aboriginal people in Australia...of course Orang Asli in West Malaysia, Dayaks in Sarawak and Kadazan in Sabah ARE ORIGINAL PEOPLE...but the question is what have you people done lately? Do you now have Askhar Orang Asli DiRaja, or Police DiRaja Orang Asli, or Sultan Sultan Orang Aslin yang termaktub di dalam perlembagaan. If not just shut up and enjoy your beer and your tuak unless you can really overthrow the government! Sallam Muhibah!

Anak Malaysia said...

So the logo is similar. If you read up about the history of DAP, you would understand it. But for decades, DAP has been a Malaysian political party and taking in Malaysian interests, regardless of race of religion.

And whats wrong with being Malaysians? I am a non-Malay but I was born and raised on this soil. I treat my fellow Malay brothers and sisters with respect and as equals under the same flag as we together make our country -- both equally yours and mine -- a better place.

I think it is better for you and all Malaysians to stop racial talk.

Racism in any form isn't healthy.

Let is talk about a common goal for all Malaysians based on togetherness without division.

Seloka Rindu said...


What's with the black Hindu marring (meaning to disfigure or damage) your bloodline?

Sebab dia gelap tu kira kurang baiklah ya daripada kau?

Seloka Rindu said...

This talk about the Melayu being ridden roughshod by other races because of their sopan santun and accommodating nature smacks of UMNO indoctrination.

My girlfriend is Melayu (and I am Indian) and she never believes in talk of this sort, and is very enlightened about the reality of living in contemporary Malaysia.

I am proud of her and she is proud of me.

It is rather sad to see people being motivated to write by ideologies that are driven by a sense of instilled insecurity. Let us instead unite and forge forward.

Lagi satu, kepada mereka yang memberi komen pasal orang bukan Melayu tidak fasih bercakap bahasa Melayu: Tolonglah, bukak mata skit. Ramai orang bukan Melayu kat Msia boleh bercakap dan menulis Bahasa Melayu dengan kefasihan yang sama dengan orang Melayu. Malah, ada juga orang Melayu yang penguasaan BM dia tu tak sebaik orang bukan Melayu.

Pasquale said...

seloka rindu I am talking about hundreds of years of Minang blood suddenly there is a Hindu blood,I am not apologising over what I said, because I was right since my "nieces" and "nephews" cannot even speak Malay properly they are so Indian in their outlooks, so un-minangkabau!

anak malaysia, I firmly believe Lim Kit Siang is Lee Kuan Yew pet poodle. If Singapore over run Malaysia I do not think you will defend the country!

Minang Mutrad said...

eko bagalai
baso bundo
eko terceliek mato yang buto
indak serupo nan celik hati


Anak Malaysia said...


I will fight for the sovereignty of my country, Malaysia, and it is ridiculous for you to say I would not do so if Singapore overran us!

I like how my country is and it should be looked after properly, its nature, its humble simple people, its self-sufficiency. Ours is a blessed country that could be run and lived in so well that it could be a model nation.

Pasquale said...

"Anak Malaysia said...Pasquale,I will fight for the sovereignty of my country, Malaysia, and it is ridiculous for you to say I would not do so if Singapore overran us!
I like how my country is and it should be looked after properly, its nature, its humble simple people, its self-sufficiency. Ours is a blessed country that could be run and lived in so well that it could be a model nation. April 23, 2008 2:55 PM"

anak malaysia, I assume you are a non-Malay Malaysian, okay granted there may be a handful of non-Malays that will defend the country, but looking at the results of the last PRU12, I doubts if DAP, sympathizers will shed blood for this country!

Anak Malaysia said...

Pasquale says:

"Looking at the results of the last PRU12, I doubt if DAP sympathisers will shed blood for this country".

Saudara Pasquale,

With all due respect, allow me to say that I voted for DAP. I would have voted for PAS or PKR too.

For me, I want my country to be rid of the arrogance and corruption that has been stymieing our nation. I want you and I, though we may be of different races or religion, to live happily together and share the fruits of our land together, and bring the country forward and be proud of it.

Hence, many of us who voted for DAP, or any of the other opposition parties for that matter, felt that we have had enough of the oppression or hubris that develops in a long-ruling political party that has had little check-and-balance over it and treats the country and its resources as if it belongs to them. Voting against UMNO or Barisan Nasional does not mean any of us are less patriotic. We stand for principles, not for brand name (UMNO/MCA/MIC). This is what Allahyarham Rustam A. Sani stood for -- principles and love for his country.

It is time our people had viable alternative parties that can also steer our country and look after its people's welfare. People who claim they will do better and serve the rakyat in the name of the country, with respect to its constitution, should be given a chance to prove themselves. DAP fulfills that criterion, and so do the other opposition political parties. Before we pass judgement, let's wait and see how they contribute. Let us also not forget their contributions in the past. Let's also take stock of that too, objectively.

By voting opposition, the rakyat wanted to see some balance in the administration and wanted greater empowerment of the rakyat. Opposition political parties lend a broader representation of the people's voice. This can only be good. Also, when there is competition, we can see improvement in administration, and greater fairness and justice done, for all these parties will strive to improve governance for the people if not they will lose out.

I am not one who wants to see our nation being converted into a duplicate of Singapore. God forbid! Most non-Malays do not want that. In fact, that is a very naive thing to believe in, because our land, Malaysia, has its own flavour and heritage, its own rich culture and values since the days of the Kesultanan Melayu and even before that (the other empires that ruled it for hundreds of years), and the country has been enriched by the contribution of all its citizens and those who call it 'tanah tumpahnya darahku': the orang Asli, the Chinese, the Indians, the East Malaysian races as well as the Malays. We are all citizens, bro, who have made this country what it is today.

Like what the Tunku said, for those who love and feel they owe undivided loyalty to this country, are all equally Malayans/Malaysians under the same sun (Putra, Tunku Abdul Rahman (1986). Political Awakening, p. 31. Pelanduk Publications. ISBN 967-978-136-4.). This is the key. Those who feel devotion for this soil and its trees and sky and the spirit of its people. This is how many of us non-Malays feel too, because we are Malaysians. We were born and raised here. Our grandparents were also born and raised here.

I grew up living with Malay neighbours who loved and respected us as much as we did them. I miss those days when we lived without prejudice, fear, 'syak wasangka' (suspicion) or a sense of superiority over one another, but just with a shared sense of belonging to the same place and considering one another as equal human beings with a heart.

So when you hear all these very disrespectful politicians saying "balik negara sendiri", tell me, bro, I nak balik mana?

Pasquale said...

anak malaysia at april 25, 2008 9.42am......touche! But it remains to seen for me as how many of us us are round to totally convince me that we can all live together as one...I have spoken to Lim Kit Siang, an like his son Lim Guan Eng, they are so smug and detach to a Malay like me, you can sense it in his body language et al! He smells chauvinist and if my life depended on it I will not leave my family under his care!

Anak Malaysia said...

Bro Pasquale,

Be assured that the majority of us are undoubtedly willing to live together as one. It is just that the divisive nature of the politics of the last few decades made people from both sides of the fence become very guarded and suspicious. Satu belah pikir yang belah satu lagi mahu pijak atas kepala masing-masing. Ini adalah maya yang berpunca dari mainan politik. It is dangerous, as you can see, and it must be rectified.

Importantly, we should make sure politicians such as Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng do what is right and fair for all Malaysians. If they treat the Malays unfairly or badly, we must vote them out. It is our responsibility to do so. We should not accept racial chauvinism or unfairness of any sort. So let's wait and see, and give the opposition a chance to prove that that they will be good for all Malaysians. Sementara itu, mari kita awasi mereka betul-betul, dan beri kerjasama yang seharusnya (usah mengekang atau menghalang usaha mereka) agar mereka dapat menunaikan mandat dan janji kepada rakyat.

Lastly, I thank you for graciously giving me the space to discuss all this with you on your blog.


Anonymous said...

Anak Malaysia
do you think politics is a honest game? Tell me do you think you are fair minded person? ask yourself first? Do you think Nik Aziz is the most honest person in this world? Do you think there is fairness in this world? You think and your wish to make this world a better place? Try correct yourself included......