Friday, April 18, 2008

MB of Selangor Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim broke the law and......

Arrogant MB!

He is more than just tad arrogant! He is arrogant big time!
There was this story how he scolded a towel lady at his golf club locker room when he scowled at the towel lady saying "don't you know who I am!" at which my friend, who is behind him waiting in line said: "Hey, she does not know who you are man, and no body give a fuck who you are man you are just plain rude!"
My friend who was an ex-commando colonel from Alor Gajah, Malacca, said the towel lady was just asking him to sign the book.
Khalid Ibrahim is one of those Malays who have this massive chip on his shoulders. He, like many Malays like him, believe the whole world owes him a living just because he is a Malay. He as president of the Sultan Sulaiman Club, and a lawmaker, took it upon himself not to apply for a police permit to hold a rally which saw Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) scream to the world that he "is the only good leader around".
Tan Sri Khalid broke the law and by all convention he should be hauled in for questioning then charged, since no one is above the law.
I am just tired of all these double standards and lip services given to one group or another. The law is specific. Imagine if the opposition running the country they will interpreted the law according to their whims and fancies! Enough is enough!

Note: In Singapore if anyone clearly caught breaking the law he or she will be dealt with so swiftly! Not this country with such medieval thinking!


Anonymous said...

If that's what you want, then go and life in S'pore. I think it suits you best!

SiKenit said...

Khalid is a real sordid arrogant and resilient bastard, Then, Now and Always!

In no way, he will change now or ever, even if he wears songkok most of the time, to paint a picture that he is a people person.

Make no mistake about that!

No cheers for today........

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.44am. Try to give intelligent or constructive comments, if you have the ability that is. Khalid is a normal person..everyone has their good and bad points. Right now the BR are protrayed as people who could do no wrong. Whatever they do seem to be right..Just because you get to govern a state and have a lot of support does not mean you can flout the law. Walk the talk please.

Khalid is a Prick said...

This arrogant friend of BABI shd be ... korek ... korek ... korek .

Many skeleton left everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Eleh, sedara2 engko protest cam gila babi (pasal babi jugak!!)kat shah alam tak kecoh pun !!

Mamak geng penang engko kecoh kat komtar tak kecoh pun !!!

Dasar mat rempit umno macam engko practice selective prosecution !! Patut lah Malaysia kelam kabut

Anonymous said...

Please do not equate this guy with Malays generally. Many tycoons - malays, chinese, indians, mat salleh; are arrogant bastards. There are also many malay tycoons that are nice people. So, please don't generalise, and don't turn it into a racial issue.

Agreed, khalid is well known for his arrogance and temper. The PKR clan just hate it when the shit hits the fan. Sooner or later it will hit them.

Anonymous said...

they are the ILLUMINATUS... too late they are now in Asia and will control ASIA in 20012.. b4 this they are unable to penetrate TDM as TDM is critical towards the westerns foreign policy and agenda.. now their servant Anwar is free we will all be doomed to served the ILLUMINATI for a NEW WORLD ORDER.. hopefully the rakyat will realized that Bro Anwar is a FAKE!

I pity those blinded followers of Bro Anwar..

SAY NO TO NWO! said...

Please don't let your emotions to cloud your jugdement. Never ever call someone else BABI no matter how much you hate him. It just shows your poor upbringing. Your mum and dad deserve better that this. I trully pity them to have you.

Anonymous said...

Malam ni Khalid akan disambut rakyat jelata di TTDI Jaya Shah Alam. Minggu depan di Bukit Jelutong pula. The rakyat simply love him

Anonymous said...

anon apr 19, 8.10pm,
yeah...I'm sure the "towel lady" at the golf club loves him too...

Pak Su said...

Allah, may all this ethnic unrest come to a halt. Malaysia has bled enough as it is. Time for unification once again.

genki said...


That word 'Do you know who I am ' shows that he is arrogant man.

And when he says that shows that he look down on that 'towel lady'

He think that he is above her than he could says anything that show he is far superior than her.

How arogant that Khlid Ibrahim S.o.b!

Tan Guan Eng wouldn't say that.Nik AZiz Nik Nik Mat wouldn't say that!

That words usually come from some one who is arrogant and he only thinks he is superior than onyone.

Normal person?! That is normal person you say? Normal good person with sound mind woudn't say that!

The only person with that trait is the A.R.R.O.G.A.N.T person.

He thought that he is MENTERI BESAR he could say that! S.O.B BESAR KEPALA!