Monday, April 21, 2008

Pak Samad Ismail will be 84 this Saturday and the government should also apologise to him!

Pak Samad and his late wife Hamidah, with them are the children at 3540 Jalan Sudin, and one or two of them I am sure is Nuraina and Maria!

Pak Samad and his lovely late wife Hamidah Hassan.

Pak Samad now, a grand old man of journalism, someone should apologize to him also!

Pak Samad Ismail will be celebrating his 84-year old birthday this Saturday April 26 at 7.30pm at his residence on No 2, Lorong 16/7C, Petaling Jaya. And I firmly believe the government of the day should also compensate and apologise to him for his wrongful incarceration under the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA).
He was accused for being a communist, which I personally do not believe he was one, and was humiliated and made to confess under duress. The home affairs minister at that time was Ghazali Shafiee, a man who was quoted in one of Bob Woodward's book about the CIA, that a "top official of the Malaysian foreign ministry as a CIA liaison man", a description that can only fit Ghazali.
Pak Samad was the country journalism icon and a giant. The government is best to start by apologising to him and the way to compensate him is to help his children, I do not know how but just do it.
Pak Samad sin was he spoke the truth and riled up some insecure and powerful Umno leaders, but a communist he never was. He is a Malay nationalist and has been fighting for the rights of his people and others, and for that he was seen as a danger to the ruling elites at that time.
Come to think of it Salleh Abas dismissal was not as bad as Pak Samad who was being tortured while under detention. Come Pak Lah do the right thing for him before he dies. Those who have maligned him should come forward and seek his forgiveness before you people meet your maker! I have said enough!


Samad Ismail

Tan Sri Abdul Samad Ismail (b. 24 April 1925, Singapore - ) a journalist, political activist, and creative writer, known for promoting Malay nationalism. He was a founding member of the Gerakan Angkatan Muda (Geram) and of the PAP (People's Action Party). He was Chairman of the Malaysian Press Institute and was also a founding member of the National Association of Writers (PENA). For his accomplishments in the literary and journalistic field, he was awarded the title, Pejuang Sastera, meaning "literature champion" by the Malaysian Government.

Early life
From Javanese parentage, Samad Ismail was born and educated in Singapore, and was effectively bilingual in Malay and English. He completed his Senior Cambridge in 1940, just before World War II began, and launched into journalism almost immediately, starting as a cub reporter in the newly established Malay daily, Utusan Melayu.

During the Japanese Occupation, he did editorial work for the Japanese-sponsored, Berita Malai. The returning British thus had him jailed in 1946 but only briefly. After the war, he returned to the Utusan Melayu as the assistant editor and his influence helped to promote Malay nationalism. His close ties to left-wing Malay nationalists and his anticolonial stance led to a second arrest in 1951. Upon his release in 1953, he returned to his job at the Utusan Melayu and became a founding member of the People's Action Party along with Lee Kuan Yew.

However, disagreements with both Lee Kuan Yew and with the Utusan Melayu saw him leaving for Kuala Lumpur in 1959. There, he would head the Berita Harian and later the New Straits Times. He remained a strong advocate of the Malay language and culture, and continued to explore the complex dimensions of race and politics in Malaysia. He expressed some of these thoughts through his Malay novels which he began writing in the early 1960s. In 1976, he was again arrested under the Malaysian Internal Security Act and was not released until 1981. Upon his release, he returned to the New Straits Times.

1941 - 1945 : Assistant Editor, Berita Malai during the Japanese Occupation.
1945 : Editor, Berita Malai newspaper at the age of 21.
1955 : Represented the PAP at the Bandung Conference.
1959 : Editor, Berita Harian when it moved to Kuala Lumpur.
1958 - 1959 : Chairman, UMNO, Singapore.
1974 : Managing Editor and Deputy Editor-in-Chief, The New Straits Times group.
1981 : Editorial Advisor, The New Straits Times group.
1988 : Retired from journalism.

1963 : Kail Panjang Sejengkal.
1966 : Patah Sayap Terban Jua.
1967 : Tembok Tidak Tinggi; Orang Jauh.
1968 : Menduga Lautan Dalam; Menimba Yang Jernih.
1969 : Detik-detik Cemas; Orang Lama.
1970 : Hussein Zet.
1975 : Sutinah.
1995 : Hud.

Short-story collections
1959 : Temasya Tinta.
1967 : Mastura.
1994 : Ingin jadi pujangga : kumpulan cerpen 1944 -1991.

1994 : Ramon Magsaysay Award for Journalism, Literature and Creative Communication Arts, being recognised "for applying his intellect and journalistic skills to champion national independence, cultural revival, and democratic nation-building in Malaysia".
1992 : Knighted by Malaysia's Sultan.




hey pasquale,

dunno what to say..this is uexpected.
pak samad isn't asking for anything. after he was release,the Star asked him to join the paper. Then the NST...then he retired.

there was no apology, of course. Bapak never demanded for one. Neither did we. i guess we were all glad that he was released.

And well...there is such a thing as rewards and retribution from the Almighty.

One person whom the government MUST apologise to is SAMANI MOHD AMIN.
He was really an innocent bystander arrested and detained to strengthen the false charges against my dad..

The government destroyed an innocent man's life and caused much hardship to his wife and very young chidlren (then).

Pasquale said...

Yes Nuraina the government should also compensate Pak Samani Amin I also kow him as a decent guy and I have been to his house in Kampong Jawa in Klang. Ithink think this government is too elitist to only compensate former Lordie President!

The government should also recognize Mustapha Husein the vice-preesident of the KMM, Kesatuan Melayu Muda, another nationalist Malay who fought the Japanese and save many lives!

The governmetn must pay retroactive payment to Mustapha Hussein's family for non-payment of his salary working at Serdang College, now UPM.

Anonymous said...

You are a splitting image of your mum Hamidah or vice versa! Happy birthday to your dad, he is a great man!

Anonymous said...

i Solute you Pak Samad,
siapalah kita yang tidak mengenal erti kepayahan seperti apa yang telah dia alami.
Hanya Tuhan sahajalah yang dapat membalas segala budi dan bakti yang telah dia lakukan.

SALUTE and Happy Birthday...

Local Historian said...

Perhaps the file of the unsung hero Tuan Maroff(name after the famous Jln.Maroff Bangsar Darul Happening) should be open too no?

Pasquale said...

local historian, you damn right they should, did you know who he was? Maroff?

A Voice said...

Hishamuddin could apologise on behalf of his dad, if he wish. Rather than for wielding the keris.

Wan said...

Assalamualaikum Pak Samad,
Apa kabar? Your birthday happened to be on the same day as my arwah mother. Anyway hope it is not too late to wish you a healthy life. For your info your birthday as per the Hijri Calendar is the 24th Ramadhan 1343 so you may want to celebrate your birthday again come this Ramadhan.
Perhaps you may like to/already know that Hj Abdul Karim my father in law telah kembali ke Rahmatullah at the Changi Hospital some three months ago.
My wish now Pak Samad is to pay you a visit so that I can sit and chat with you just like I did some 25 years ago at your house for almost 5 hours in one sitting.

Wan - tel: 0193067230

Wan said...

Its me again,

For your convenience, here is the Hijri converter :