Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Parti Tindakan Rakyat, or Ptir, or Petir, and in English it is PAP!

Petir, or PAP! The symbol is the brainchild of PAP co-founder Pak Samad Ismail! Yes our Pak Samad!

Ever wondered why lightning is the symbol or logo for the PAP?!
The lightning logo of PAP, People Action Party, of Singapore was a brainchild of Pak Samad Ismail, the co-founder of PAP. He suggested the logo should be lightning, or petir in Bahasa Melayu, since in Malay, People's Action Party, is Parti Tindakan Rakyat or thus the acronym PTIR for short!
Whether Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) wants to admit it or not PAP, or PTIR, could not have existed today let alone a republic if it weren't for Pak Samad. But instead LKY, like any Chinese leader at that time did not trust him in the end!
Having said that I think it is incumbent upon the Republic of Singapore to confer Pak Samad a belated recognition, any kind of a recognition, now that he is 84, and it is just proper. A show of magnanimity is good for politically strong Singapore, especially for the sake of our bilateral relationship.
For a start the Singapore High Commissioner to Malaysia, HE Jesudesan can pay Pak Samad a visit during his birthday celebration this Saturday the 26th! Just a thought!

Lot of cheers today!


Anjing Bosar @ Godang said...

Chinese centric-cum-chauvinistic Pasquale,

What I am thinking.....

"PAP sending high ranking official to pay homage to one of the founder, if not early activist of PAP, a Malay in a Malay controlled country, Malaysia????

I don't think so!

They'd rather send a delegate to an Israeli Socialist Party convention in a Kibbutz somewhere, lost in Negev desert."

Honest to God!

Whenever did PAP ever paid homage to the early contributors of Singapore, like Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Ahmad Ibrahim, Professor Syed Hussein Alatas and his brother Syed Naquib Alatas.

Later, people like Assoc Prof Hadijah Ishak, Professor :ily Zubaidah Rahim (niece of First Singapore President Yusof Ishak).

How about Brigadier Syed Abas Al Sagoff, Commander of the Royal Malay Brigade when Singapore became independent after being ejected from Federation of Malaysia.

These are Malays who had contributed immensely in the early development of city-state.

DAP willing to do that????"

Anonymous said...

You've unfolded a simple historical fact that many singaporeanyouth are unaware of.
Hell, for that matter,LKY was originally from Persekutuan Tanah Tanah Melayu; news that eludes many of those from across the causeway.

Many Cheers to you Pasquale

eddy said...

The greatest of God's creation and Overlord of PAP Singapore, Mr Lee Kuan Yew who has been marginalising the Malays in Singapore since 1967 wants to Pay homage to Pak Samad and tell Singaporeans that the DAP logo is a Malay idea? Get real bro, stop your fantasizing, only happens if pigs and cows can fly.

Pasquale said...

eddy Pak Samad was the founder member of PAP and it is the PAP flag not DAP, yes it was a Malay idea, if you are belligerent in your comment next time I will just expunged it moron!

Anonymous said...


What do we expect from the chinese indian and benggali ?
They even cheat their own GOD!

eddy said...

Ampun,should be PAP logo not DAP logo typo error tuan.