Monday, April 28, 2008

The Police Killing Field: The Royal Malaysian Police must answer to Raja Petra's serious allegation on police killing people!

Is the police force involves in killing people as said by Raja Petra?

He insinuates the Police Force is involves in killing people!

Raja Petra of Malaysia Today has made some very serious allegations and insinuation when he wrote in his column, No Holds Barred read here saying that the police might have killed people and buried them in a secret graveyard. Thus a Police Killing Field!!(Raja Petra also published rebuttals both in English here and Bahasa Melayu here).
What I failed to understand is how come the authority is not reprimanding him over such serious allegation, if I read the column correctly. If read it correctly he sort of saying the police might have "bumped" people in the middle of the night and then bury them in an unmarked grave.
This is an excerpt on what Raja Petra wrote in that column:

"It makes one wonder whether the police knew where to go because it is a ‘gazetted dumpsite’ where all ‘bumped off’ people are disposed. Does this then mean that the two police officers on trial alongside Razak are police hit men whose job it is to bump people off and then get rid of their bodies at that site where they retrieved Altantuya’s remains? This, of course, remains mere speculation but there is certainly cause for speculation and the evidence all seem to point to this assumption."

Hey this is a very serious statement and if the police do not take any action against the writer over the allegation then something is definitely is wrong with the country's system. I am now afraid of the police after reading Raja Petra's column for I can also be bumped off, you can be bumped off. If it is true some serious investigation must be conducted, this is very crucial for they public to feel safe from the very forces that are supposed to be looking after our safety.

No cheers today!


Anonymous said...

Shocking to what extent this Petra fella has gone simply to gain political mileage for DSAI.
Is it really worth it? Afterall the very stability and peace in this country is due to our defense services?
Lets see if any PKR/DAP/PAS members has his back on this one?
Any comments DSAI/Wan Aziziah/ Lim Guan Eng/Datuk Seri Khalid Ibrahim? (Please for our party sake- disassociate PKR from this man Petra)
Politics is one thing- but accusing the Royal Police of murder is unacceptable and shames the Malay race.

Concern PKR Member/Anak Melayu Selangor

terry said...


berok said...

What RPK wrote has gone overboard. His allegations are very serious and definitely must be investigated. This man has long played sentiments just to make his blog popular so that he could gain in return. He instead hide behind the cyber world. I dare him to make this allegations in front of the local journalists, if he is man enough. This is the kind of man who ever willing to sell everything for money.

Anonymous said...

The Home Ministry must look into these allegations. One thing we must remember what Raja Petra wrote in his website can be accessed by the whole wide world at a flick of the fingers. Raja Petra sort of gave more credence to the assertion by the Amnesty International that Malaysia's police go out in the middle of the night kidnapping people and they were never to be be seen again.

ShebaUncome said...

Raja Petra, if you have picture of Najib,Altantuya, Razak Baginda, and now Kalimullah, why don't you publish it in your website, it looks as though you can only talk and a lot of your "facts" on Najib appear to be just mere allegations. Are you so desperate to stoop this low to discredit him since he WILL be the next Prime Minister, is that why?! Your allegations on the police going on a killing binge is also very serious and damaging indeed to the country and I wish they will investigate you!

Anonymous said...

Is not that shocking is it? I mean after all the corruption that's happening, even within our Police force, their position is being threaten, and more is require if they want people to respect them.

But how can we? If there is nothing we can look at to respect?

Anonymous said...

those who refused to believe this are living in denial!

Anything is possible in Malaysia!

I believe there's such a dumpsite!

Are you serious when you said you don't believe police will kill civilians? You just have to look out for news of dead detainees in lockups...wake up! This is Malaysia!

Stevie said...


you're either:

1. a cybertrooper, or

2. completely ignorant of how the PDRM operates.

PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog said...

Like I said before all the sh't from mahathir's admin. until the present govt. will ooze out of malaysia for all to see. Mahathir will live long, he will not die until malaysia is cleansed of all his sh't.

Anonymous said...

Is this REAL - i mean the posters who commented. Have you EVER EVER been to a polis lockup??

woeii this Malaysia - land of the BOLIH. make no mistakes.. prisoners are known to get away with handcuffs on. Latuks are charged & the reports will vanish. ANYTHING is negotiable. EVEN immigration records will FLY.

Polis Raja Di Malaysia. Otherwise how else could they get their hands on C4?

Malaysia - truly BoliH

Anonymous said...

:::: Shocking to what extent this Petra fella has gone simply to gain political mileage for DSAI.
Is it really worth it? Afterall the very stability and peace in this country is due to our defense services? :::::::::

REALLY? Could have fooled me.

Anonymous said...

Let this man speaks his mind. Do you all honestly think that a man of his calibre and standing will utter nonsense? Whether it is an insinuation or fact, he merely said what he deemed fit.Tell me, how did this young Mongolian woman died? Who was arrested?

Anonymous said...

I'm saying it is but... What if this is done by Anwars's man to frame the government? What if the 3 accused are Anwar's undercover?