Sunday, April 13, 2008

Umno like any sick old man is deteriorating in physique and health! But......!

A cartoon depicting Turkey as a "Sick Man of Europe". What was once a great Ottoman Empire reduced to naught today! A possible comparison with Umno if this party is not careful with its old habits!

Rahim is possibly one of Umno bad old habits that must not be repeated if it wants to be healthy once more!

Like any 50 year old man who does not take care of himself, Umno is suffering from a deteriorating physique and possibly from bad health! But it can recover if it wants!
Like an old man it may be suffering from a deteriorating cardiovascular problem or other general malaise for not taking care of itself.
Metaphorically speaking, the last general elections shows Umno definitely needs to go to a "health farm" or to take Yoga to strenghten the spirit and the old muscle.
I was watching BernamaTV and saw an interview with Rahim Thamby Chik, former Chief Minister of Malacca, and this man as a politician was full of negative publicity. If I were an ordinary member of the public growing up listening and reading what this man was involved in I would reject him as a leader. He was implicated, later found not guilty, in a sex case involving a minor, a sad and a very sickening episode that left bad taste to a lot of Malaysians.
Politic is about perception, my perception on him is never good, hey I am entitled to my views. To hear him say that he would gladly accept any post that he was nominated for is to make me cringe.
When I look at him with his dyed jet black hair and his sinister expression when he speaks I said to myself that Umno can never be healthy again as long as it still wants people like him to be leaders of a once respected and a very old Malay party.
Umno must be diseased free!
I believe Umno can still regain its health by not keeping up with old habits.
Umno does not need leader like Rahim to regain its composure after the last showing of the country recent general elections! Please agree with me on this people, especially Umno people that is, if you want your party to be relevant, AGAIN that is!


UMNOman said...

There were many lecherous old men in AMNO, and thay should be kicked out permanently! Another one is just appointed a minister!

rudy said...

Fully agreed....absolutely shameless that people like this is still around..well one of them is in the sham cabinet.

shanghaistephen said...

pasquale, UMNO is as sick as the people it glorifies ! A crook like Mohamad Taib and now this suspect phediophile is in the fray as trusted leaders ? Is there nobody else capable then these known fellons ? As a matter of fact there is NOBODY who's clean in UMNO and you too will deny my fact, right ? Go ahead and tell me to butt out of Malay affairs but remember NOW it is every Malaysian's business irrespective of race, kapish ? I know you will rather live a lie then hear my criticism. The day all UMNO accept THAT fact the wiser the choice of leaders we will have. Like MIC, MCA, PPP and Gerakan UMNO is a goner just waiting for a burial. Move on bro! Cheers !

Pasquale said...


I know Rocky asked you to reply to this posting and like an idiot you did! But, yeah stay out of Umno and Malay politics, this is nothing like MIC, MCA, PPP or Gerakan these are just incidentals and accidental political parties they can die for all I care. But remember we still control the army, the airforce, the navy, the police, the special branch, the defence intelligence, the civil servant, the Federal Reserve unit, the Wataniah, and your favourite the RELA! Mark my word Umno will be rehabilitated and I know your type would like to see Umno dies and the Malay floundered but tomorrow I bet you, you will again kiss the Malay arse!
People like you make Umno rise from the ashes so to speak!
BTW you do not have to do anything tha Rocky ask you to do MO!

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear from you again Stephen.

How was Tibet, I thought you have let the anger dissipated away from your soul during a trip of self-rediscovery in the land of monks and monastries.

But your comment shows that you have so much hatred towards UMNO. You accused me of living in a small cocoon, and for your info my small cocoon is a town in Kelantan where UMNO supporters live side by side with others races, even call them with Malay names. Good example for Bangsa Malaysia.

Perhaps while in Tibet you meditated in wrong temple as you are becoming more evil. For a journey of self-rediscovery, try other places, like Ganges or Siberia.

Pasquale, though I never registered as UMNO member, my hope and wish that UMNO regains its glory.

Kelate School Boy

Eddy said...

Bro, Rahim irihati gak, kalau kawan dia Mat taib boleh jadi Senator dan dilantik menteri kabinet kenapa dia tak boleh pulak. Afterall dua dua mereka ini bekas MB dan dua-dua ini terlepas dari disabitkan tuduhan masing-masing. Tapi Rahim kena belajar lebih sikit ilmu ampu bodek dari Mat Taib, sangat mujarab.

shanghaistephen said...

hey mo pasquale, Was I wrong then by your reaction and of your outburst and denial ? I am never a racist like you and actually welcome the bangsa Malaysia spirit. Heck I grew up in such company back in Taiping in the 60's too so you don't tell me otherwise you moron , understand ? Stop dragging rocky into the picture. I don't need him to tell me to comment an opinion and I have my own views and I comment as I see fit , unlike you . With a shit-brain like you no wonder Umno is doomed !Arrogance clouds reason and breeds morons- you included. That is the truth of the matter on UMNO and your claim of malays controlling all strategic forces shows the bigot in you. Get a life moron or get out of this country to back where you came from ! Kapish ? No cheers today !

baie-segan said...

Mana mana PM yang bijak pun tidak akan melantik orang seperti Mat Taib or Mashitah sebagai Menteri atau Timbalan Menteri (lebih lebih lagi atas landasan Senator)selepas keputusan teruk PRU ke-12 lepas.

Bukankah tindakan ini (melantik Mat Taib dan Masitah)sudah pasti mengundang kemarahan rakan BN dari Sabah dan Sarawak?

Namun,sekali lagi ingin saya perjelaskan,PM ke-5 bukanlah seorang yang bijak. lantas kebanyakan (atau, semua) keputusannya adalah salah.

Justeru, permintaan (untuk PM Ke-5 berundur)ketua-ketua bahagian UMNO di Kedah, P.Pinang dan Johor ada asasnya.

Tapi,sayangnya PM ke-5 masih belum sedar atau tidak mahu sedar daripada lamunannya. Harus diingatkan UMNO semakin tenat,dan langkah drastik ke arah pemulihannya 'WAJIB' dijalankan segera,dan salah satu daripadanya adalah menolak kepimpinan PM ke-5.

Lantas dalam 'konteks pemulihan UMNO' , adalah 'HARAM' untuk terus berpaut dan menyokong pemimpin yang sudah jelas tidak lagi berupaya memimpin.

jebatmustdie said...

i agree with you bro..

RTC, nazri aziz, mohd2x taib, pak lah and KJ are liabilities. umno will sink if we still keep them.

Anonymous said...

Shanghaistephen, if you are not on good terms with pasquale, why do you still hang around here? You have such a childish character for one so old. Is this the way you talk to your children? You call others arrogant and yet your sentences show you as such an arrogant guy. Try talking nicely to me, it doesn't hurt.

Rocky's Bru said...

Whoa, it's hot in here!

I am a Melakan as RTC is, and I am not proud of that similarity. He is from Pengakalan Balak, I was told, a descendant of a great warrior called Pendekar Mata Buaya (hence, those pop-out eyes). I am also not proud of that similarity.

That we have people like him as an Umno member is what ails Umno, I'd agree with Pasquale. Umno as a party, however, does not equal RTC. Umno has contributed a lot to this country of ours. Those who benefited from Umno's struggles in the early years included the non-Malays, not just the Bugis, Arabs, Mamaks, Jawas etc.

What has become of Umno after those great years, most of us know. Part of the healing process, people like RTC should be made to stay far, far away. But even if he does, the party has many more eager to take his place, and the Son in Law is a top contender.

Thank you.

Pasquale said...

Way to go Rocky!
I like your comment and it shows you understand what I am trying to say. It also shows, obviously, you weren't buggered by a Malay Ketua Kampung as what had happened to one Malaysian of Indian origin from Taiping, who like to use slang when he thought he was writing in English. Also your comment Rocky shows you are so well brought up and went far in school. I am all for refreshing non-racial comments in my blogsite.
May 13 happened when a bunch of Malaysian of Indian origins told some Malays to "balik kampung" after winning some seats in Selangor in one unfortunate general elections. This time BN lost big time still no racial incident so lets us not have loose lips from anyone!

ShebaUncome said...

shanghaistepen, on behalf of Pasquale, I think you are crude and the semblance of your English language reflects your upbringing! Sorry mate!

shanghaistephen said...

sorry to dissappoint you,but as far as comments on this blog go... I take it you do not know this moron pasquale !So please take my advice and stay out of our reparte, it's complicated and you will never understand and I have to say this to you now....just back off, kapish ?

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!