Wednesday, May 21, 2008

After six months of blogging I also have to say good-bye to Anon!

Phew! After six months of blogging it has been a long time for me. I also have to follow suit and taking a cue from Rockybru that I too will not entertain posting with Anonymous as a signature from now on! It is kinda like voyeurism, or peeping Tom, or worse still a stalker, a pervert since you do not know who are these people. Although my blogsite is not as popular as Rockybru, and after announcing no Anons need to apply, I may now even get fewer comments but that's okay. So if you are so inclined to comment then you must give a name, any name, make it a bit personal and it will be fun!


shanghaistephen said...

hi anonyMORONus, this is not me on the side of my comment, but he sure sounds like me, writes like me and even is as good looking like me...but it is not ME ! I've been cloned !And I'm gonna stalk you till you reveal yourself !
Cheers and I guess this is the only comment you're ever gonna get for this post !hehehe !
You really think if someone ends a comment with a nick he's got balls ? wrong man...he might as well be anon again, cos you can put any nick (maybe a name of his enemy)and still keep you guessing !
Get real man or get a life !
Sheeeesh !what theory !

ZACH said...

I agree that there must be a stop to Anons. Why hide behind Anons if one is a gentleman or gentlewomen. Regards

malaysianlover said...

Well done to you too. It's not quantity that matters, but quality.

cucu tok tuah said...

Bro pasquale,
I'm kinda perpelex here. You seems to take cue from Rocky's bru all the time!. The fisrt one is the BABI acronym..actually i never find BABI reference anywhere from rocky's posting but found it exist in your blog. But he was the first to declare not to post such a reference and yoU follow suit. Rocky declare that he knows you..


Pasquale said...

cucu tok tuah..if you are a Malay than it is typical, you are reading too much between the lines. speak very good Indian-English or yous speak god Indlish for short! Cheers Mo!

Pasquale said...

To an anon whose comment I rejected said that I am a "bagger cannot be choose" and she or he is bidding goodbye to my blog. Actually the phrase you are looking for is "beggars cannot be choosers" just as well you are not visiting me anymore!

M.I.H said...

Gooood! Gooood! Goood!

I find your opinions very frank and I like. I have registered as Blogger just to leave commments in your noisy blog. I hope you exercise freedom and don't bar me. My English is power so I don' t afraid your critic on my language.

Say No to Anons! Goooooood!