Saturday, May 17, 2008

Akademi Fantasia...and sad, sad situation for the Malay society!

The guy in the middle thinks he is Ryan Seacrest!

I have a confession to make I do not watch Malay programs on television, nor do I have the urge to watch Malay movies, except of course the old P.Ramlee's.
Reason, well for one the Malay drama is very depressing, where women are being subjected to the whims and fancies their macho-baloney Malay male, usually husbands or boyfriends. The men like to hit their women and make them feel guilty! Why all these, I don't know, may be it is that Malay culture where men always feel inferior about themselves and can only show their frustration toward their wives or children.
Malay society to me has that extreme spectrum: it is either like that sad Malay drama or movie, or like that sad, sad f"forced happiness" Akademi Fantasia (AF). I know I am treading on thin ice here when mentioning AF, since this is sadly the most watched program, but more so why this need to be told.
But I hate it when we try to mimic, to seed the host who think in his mind that he is Ryan Seacrest, to see Fauziah Ahmad Daud trying to be like Simon Cowell, or Ida erina trying to be like Paula Abdul and the other guy trying to be like that black guy all speaking Malay language with an American Nuance, well I feel very very sad.
It is as tough there is this very big humongous conspiracy to make the Malays look like they do not deserve to have a country to govern, let alone to have a political clout. They can only do bad dramas and movies or force them to be lulled with program such as AF. I cringed every tine I caught a glimpse of the AF program.
The other day at Hulu Bendol I was having lunch with my brother-in-law and all of the Malay patrons were watching AF and eating at the same time, and they were so enthralled by it.
Then there is this program Raja Lawak, and after sampling it I am actually quite ashamed to be a Malay. Now I am more doubly ashamed to be a Malay when I saw a front page of a tabloid Kosmo with a story of a pathetic looking Malay man (and also ugly) surrounded by his three wives, announcing that all three have agreed for him to have a fourth one. Other Malay dailies including the NST, also carried this pathetic story.
It is as though the Malays can only do bad Malay drama, or to marry more than one or to have television programs only to make them look really really bad.
You the Umno led government, are you aware that all advertisements be it on television or print, have depicted Malays as morons, sorry to use the word.
There once was this Nescafe advertisement where a Malay driver took his Chinese boss, well dressed as usual, stop at a coffee shop and while the Chinese boss was so cultured and civilized when sipping his coffee, the Malay driver was pouring the spilled coffee from the saucer and then slurped his coffee, yes slurped, then the scene showed a cute daughter of the Chinese coffee shop owner rolled her eyes in disgust. To me the Malay guy looks bad to the eyes of the watchers and the Chinese guy and the girl, well you can make up your mind.
Then there is this DHL commercial. There was this traffic jam, where a big and tough and fit Chinese driver was told by his radio operator to take an alternate route to send the package and when two Indian drivers at his back saw this they followed him driving into a Malay village with an old lady sweeping the yard and chicken panicking!
The verdict is the Malays, as shown by the Malay lady sweeping, as usual are oblivious to their political surrounding. In so far as the advertisements are concerned, and as far as I am concerned, they show the Malays as just a bunch of idiots. You Umno people and Umno led government be aware that as Malays you are also affected by this "conspiracy" to make Malays like you to look like idiot and moron!
I rest my case!

My conclusion is: Malay men like to control, to beat up their wives and girlfriends as shown in Malay dramas, and they love to mimic the American Idol, and the sad part is this Umno-led government allows it as though they do not care about the image of the Malay race. And that a big humongous conspiracy to paint Malays in a bad and idiotic light is has not dawn upon their leaders so to put a stop to it. Datuk Shabery Cheek this one is for you if you are really different from the rest!

P.S. My grand-nieces are not allowed by their parents to watch Malay drama and AF, or Raja Lawak, to start with!


nstman said...

I agree with you 1 million per cent. Bavo.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you on AF and malay dramas. By the way, do you notice that in malay dramas where the story involve big business, whether it is a spa, a boutique or just plain enterprise, the word "project" never fail to be uttered. there must be a couple of thousands projects floating around!!

I dont watch AF either, but to stop
the nephews and nieces from watching it is plain mean!!

cucu tok tuah said...

i think u better stick to defending your beloved DSN. That is what you do best!

Is that embarassing to be a malay nowadays?

Pasquale said...

cucu tok your closed mind a bit...I am saying I am ashamed to be a Malay if the system or people entrusted to look after us allow our children to idolized Akademi Fantasia (AF) and to have people like Aznil and AcDisini (Actually the program for ACDsini is a play on word for ACDC, which means you are bisexual, and Astro allows that for the longest time) to be their role model yes I am ashamed cucu tok tuah that our children will grow up wanting to be famous on a crap show like AF and people like Aznil as their role model, so for you, do not be smug. As for my "beloved DSN", as you put it, yes he is still a very Malay at heart that will defend the Malay from further falling into the likes of "AF abyss syndrome",if he has that chance to do it!

Anonymous said...

apart from what you highlighted above,

i think shaberry should also monitor the dee jays on radio era and so forth. these dee jays mostly are the "X" products of all those damned fantasia programmes on malaysian and astro boy.

these dee jays are talking craps almost all day long. nothing intellect coming from them and the sad case is the listeners are mostly malays young and old.

we can't choose what racial group we want to be born but we can choose what race we want to defend and see them progress.

proud being born MELAYU.

Anonymous said...

I firmly believed Shaberry Cheek also is ashamed to be a Malay just look at his name "Cheek". I also believed Umno to be more relevant is to make and seen to be making the Malays to be proud with themselves and to be positively portrayed as a progressive race rather than a bunch of morons who like to beat up their wives and girl friends, and who love singing and dancing and reality show like AF. My generation were the same( I am an ex-Singaporean_) were love to ber-kugiran and then PAP(reads Chinese) took over one fine day and Umno in Singapore was rendered useless. We must learn from our past mistake!

Kumpulan Gitar Ranchak (Kugiran)

Anonymous said...

-all these program created by Intelligent head, host by brainless head, to brainwash Professional Malay to become stupid. By thinking & investing money for stupid dream, young generation (viewers, acedemican & AF winners).

-Result: Orang Melayu rela menangis dlm AF (berpura2 nak duit not in politic only) & secara tak sedar telah sesat memikirkan soal remeh-temeh. no itellectual value except hypocrit.

Tak Suka Cina TONTO said...

Not Surprise,

Kalau tengok setiap drama melayu mesti ada adengan menitis airmata (betul2 keluar airmata punya) kalau buat lawak mesti stail keling punya terpekik, terlolong dan yang ketawa hanyalah penonton kanak2 kat studio tu.

Tak boleh ke kita buat drama yang penonton menitis airmata dan bukannya pelakon? Tak boleh ke buat drama lawak
yang menggunakan akal minda secara `sinis' membuatkan penonton ketawa dan bukan nya pak lawak tu sendiri ketawa?

Jangan pula kita jadikan filem `Dari Jemapoh(Jelebu) ke manchester` sebagai contoh filem melayu kerana dari segi teknikal nya ianya lemah, tidak ada moral serta tidak ada mesej bermutu serta tidak ada unsur seni. Syok sendiri aje, hampeh! Memang patutlah orang ni tak aktif lagi.Sape yang sponsor filem ni ye?

Kita tengok hafiz hashim lemah longlai main badminton dah tau akan kalah.
Begitu juga dalam sukan bolasepak,takraw dan hoki.

Punca nya dari segi saikologi dan minda kita yang lemah!


Kalau tengok Abdullah Badawi punya stail `baling batu sembunyi tangan` sudah jelas menunjukkan dia ni jenis yang lemah minda nya

Anonymous said...

tu lah psl org undi umno,,,tgk je lah surrounding camane,,,bak kate lagu radiohead,,,no surprise,, heh,,bak kate amir hafizi only 1 thing can solve this,,,,mass nuclear war,wipe all idiots and other collateral,so the survivor can kickstart a new system..

Anonymous said...

Cheers Pasquale, my sentiments exactly. You can feel your IQ drop the minute you turn on AF or any malay drama.

If I have to watch anything Malay, it will only be Yasmin Ahmad's movies.


Anonymous said...

Realiti sebenar..Melayu tengokpun sebab dah takde rancangan lain. Dari astro..nasib bail ada Awani & suhaimi sulaiman...
& Prof Agus..Hujah 9..

Ada la sikit intelect value..

Aznil-in realiti hanya diminati oleh otak budak <5 tahun. dan juga Ibu2 tak ada panduan (inc. gol. elit yg dlm dilemma)..

AcMizal..AC disini..
Jgn Tidur lagi..

Hanya dari golongan kosong minda..bermodalkan lawak kosong @ emosi..

Bertujuan..mempromisi diri/cari duit..Tak ada definisi rasional yg tersirat dlm lawak bodoh mereka..berbanding filem P.Ramli.

More: Umno, Pas, Pkr bukan masalah..Tp masalah Melayu otak rasional mereka hanya aktif bila terdesak..

Piggy Singh said...

Pasquale, since you mentioned P Ramlee, it came across my mind that what would happen if Tan Sri P Ramlee is still alive.

P Ramlee had always expressed his thought and conveyed his message to general public in his movies. When he saw social injustice, he came out with penarik beca, and musang berjanggut is about royal blundder.

If P Ramlee is still around, what movies will he produce to reflect the current political situation. I like to sugggest a few,

1. Menantu Bapak, about greedy but beloved son-in-law, messing with anything on earth just because the FIL is a sleepy head forever.

2. Nujum Hidung Belang, about a hidung belang witch-doctor cum politician who promises the opposition political parties with diamonds and gold, though the promises are conflcting one to another.

3. Bujang Lapuk Berangan Ke Putrajaya, about three ageing politicians cum big time losers, Ah Kit, Wak Karpal and Bung Nuar, who form a pact to topple a govenrment, after they are let to ride the GREEN MOON, yee hah!!!

4. Musang Berjanggut II - about a berjanggut delusional politician who likes to steal the limelight, to create impression that his popularity never dies.

5. Penarik Beca II, about a political writer nickname Kutu, who writes any political news concerning the earth and the moon. But the moon inhabitants never wanted to know the truth.


BrightEyes said...

Don't watch Gangstarz either, I can't even tolerate an episode of that show. People actually watch this bullshit?

Tell you, if I had brought some .38's along to that ikan bakar shop last Sunday, I'd shoot out the TV... Elvis style.

Pasquale said...

brighteyes..the sad part about Malays they are ashamed to be one...and if the government had been a sincere and a good government it should be able to brought up a respectable and well brought up"children", unfortunately the present government, like any irresonsible parents has failed tremendously and miserably. What scary is the country has lost a whole generation of Malays. And we all should be very very afraid of the dire consequences! Personally I want Pak Lah to step down before another generation in the making will also be lost!

pamina said...

same thot, same thot.