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For morons, sceptics and anti-Najib, open up your minds, read and try to comprehend!

This letter appeared in Rockybru and I have permission to reproduce it in BarkingMagpie. The writer signed himself as BigDogDotCom and I like his comment and he makes sense!



The typical police procedure (as per the Police Act) is that when a Police report is made, the Police is compelled to investigate. An investigation paper (IP) is opened and usually an officer (depends on the severity of the case) would be assigned.
People involved would be called for an interview and a statement is usually recorded. Unless the people involved REFUSED to co-operate, the the Police will investigate on their own, making their own assumptions, deductions, findings and form an opinion.
Then the IP would be forwarded to the Attorney General's Chambers. Its up to the AG to charge, defer or declare the case 'No further action'.
(Smaller cases like theft, snatchings, pickpockets do not even go to the AG and the desk investigation officer will decide).
Should the IGP make a statement prior to RPK be charged under Seditions Act? Well, if there was already a police report made against RPK on the "Lets send the Altantuya murdereres to hell" piece and investigation on going, then he is not compelled to do so.
Should the Home Minister make the statement prior to RPK being charged under the Seditions Act? If the IP had gone up from the Police hands to the AG, then its no longer the ambit of Home Ministry's jurisprudence.

AG reports directly to the Prime Minister.

Personally I think its inappropriate for the IGP, AG and Home Minister to make statements as the investigation is on going and its an active case. Just like same statements should be refrained from other cases, especially when its common knowledge that there is an investigation on going.

Why did Najib and Rosmah being recorded by media as making statements?

Maybe they could not stand it anymore (at the personal level) and the press push them these issues, when they were appearing in PCs on other issues.

Then again, all of the allegations of the Scorpene and Sukhoi deals had been answered by MINDEF as far back as 26 April 2007. And yet people like Anwar, Wan Azizah and RPK VEHEMENTLY REFUSED to acknowldge these explanation and continue to demonise Najib, with morbid intensity.

Can Najib or Rosmah personally or officially instruct the Police to kill people, at their whim and fancy? They are not Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Nicolai Caucessu or Saddam Hussein, with absolute power, even to execute people!


Ulterior motive! Gunning Najib with such morbid intensity is the only way to ensure the nail-on-the-UMNO/BN coffin in properly knocked in!
Anwar, PKR and his not-so-solid Pakatan Rakyat has no strength and merit to take over the Govt on their own. Otherwise, they would have gone for it, as is. Anwar keeps saying 30-40 BN MPs ready to jumpship, for crying out loud!

So kill Najib, the heir apparent to UMNO/BN leadership is their ticket to power!

Same goes to demonising the Police, through and through. Isn't that the Oppositions', RPK and Malaysia Today's consistent explicit agenda????
Why RPK refuse bail or even refuse to meet his own family, like today? Why all the drama about refusing nourishment?
Its his morbid obsession to demonise the Govt that he has been victimised and the system is very cruel and gestapo-stalinist like!
I know this will come as very unpopular here but I can no longer stomach these blatant and morbid obsessions of people bringing the people and system into organised ANARCHY!

Sorry to do this in you blog.


I would now like to attach a statement made by the Ministry of Defence Public Relations office on explaination over the purchase of Sukhoi and Scorpene which appeared in Bahasa Melayu. The statement came about over accusation of impropriety during campaigning during the Ijok by-elections, over the acquisition and purchase of two strategic military asset and now I will also attached the English version to see if you morons and sceptics can take a moment of your pathetic lives to read. And after reading it you will still insist on being a morons! Hey it is no skin of my teeth dude For I am sure this country will still prevail and Najib will still be the next Prime Minister and mark my word on this!

The explanation on the Scorpene and Sukhkoi Su30MKM acquisition deals by the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) (In English for all of you smart pants )

The Ministry of Defense (MINDEF) today wanted to give an explanation on the statements made by certain quarters on the issue of the acquisition of the Scorpene submarines and Sukhoi Su30MKM fighters by the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM).

MINDEF noticed that statements made lately, especially by certain political parties on the acquisition of these assets have created a lot of ambiguity, confusion and doubt amongst the people.

It has created a negative perception and presumption that the acquisition for the ATM was carried out not according to proper procedure, not transparent and wasting.

Today, MINDEF would like to announce that all negotiations of the acquisitions were carried out accordance to the National Defense Contracts and Acquisition Methods by the civil servants. It involves the approval of various committees including the technical and commercial negotiation committees, to evaluate and scrutinize the acquisition fit into the ATM’s requirements.

On top of that, references were made to the Attorney General’s Chambers on specific clauses and inclusions in the contracts. All the terms and approvals for direct negotiations were forwarded to the Ministry of Finance (MOF) and can only be signed after approval from MOF is obtained.

In reference of the acquisition of the Scorpene submarines, MINDEF would like to reiterate that the so-called RM 540 million commission paid to Abdul Razak Baginda were baseless allegations.

MINDEF would also like to stress the point that in the acquisition of the Scorpene submarines, NO COMMISSIONS were paid to Perimekar Sdn. Bhd., unlike the accusation. This is because the acquisition of the submarine was made on a direct negotiations – in accordance to Government acquisition methodology - with the manufacturers, namely ARMARIS (French) and NAVANTIA (Spanish) where approval were obtained from the respective Governments.

On the other hand, Perimekar Sdn. Bhd. which was accused to have received commissions, was actually given the kontrak to provide support services and coordination for a period of six years. The value of contract was Euro 114.96 million and it was paid in stages, accordance to the development of the project.

Perimekar Sdn. Bhd. is jointly owned by Armed Forces Fund Board (LTAT), Boustead Holdings Berhad and K.S. Ombak Laut Sdn. Bhd.

The support services scope of work:

1. To provide accommodations with fixtures for the project team and their 27 families in France and Spain for six years

2. To provide office and accommodations with fixtures for the 156 submarine crew for four years in France and Spain

3. TTo provide medical insurance for the project team and their families and submarine crew in France and Spain

4. To provide daily allowance and submarine crew of Euro 50 per day for the first three years and Euro 60 per day for the next three years

5. To provide return trip air passage for the submarine crew to return to Malaysia every four months (three times a year)

6. Other requirements of the project team and submarine crew in France and Spain

The coordinating services include:

1. Responsible to ensure that the participation of Malaysian companies in the construction and assistance of potential Malaysian companies in the offset program

2. To assist the main contractors on the government procedures and relevant information on the implementation of the contract

3. To coordinate the training of the submarine crew between the contractor and government

4. To provide coordination report every six months

The amount of Euro 114.96 million is not net profit realized by Perimekar Sdn. Bhd., but this amount will encompass all the direct cost involved in the support services scope of work and indirect cost involved in the coordination work, as per stipulated in the contract.

MINDEF decided to appoint a local company to provide the support services and coordination because the method is thought to be most suitable and effective. It also will smoothen the work of the project team to monitor on the construction and training of the submarine crew in France and Spain.

On top of that, all expenses pertaining to the submarine project is controlled and according to schedule where else the cost over-run is avoided, especially when the project takes a long time to complete.

Based on the requirement, Perimekar Sdn. Bhd. has been appointed to provide the services based on the scope of work and terms of reference.

On the acquisition of the SU30MKM, MINDEF would like to reiterate that the acquisition of the asset was made through direct negotiations with Rosboronexport, a Russian state owned corporation.

The direct negotiations are in-line with the Russian and other countries’ policies to control the export and sale of arms and prevention from falling to the hands of irresponsible parties.

Based on the above scenarios, all the defense acquisition contracts have been signed by MINDEF representatives and officials on behalf of the Government of Malaysia with the principal companies from the respected exporting countries. This includes the acquisition of the Sukhoi and it adheres to the National Defense Contracts and Acquisition Methods.

In the case of the acquisition of the Sukhoi, Rosboronexport has appointed a local Malaysian company to facilitate their operations and business here in this country. MINDEF would like to disclaim any involvement with any dealings between Rosboronexport and the appointed local company.

With this, MINDEF hopes that all parties understand the real situation and refrain from issuing further statements which are deemed confusing and promote further negative perception on the ATM, MINDEF and the Malaysian Government.

Public Relations Branch

Ministry of Defense

Kuala Lumpur

26 April 2007

Bahasa Melayu:


Kementerian Pertahanan hari ini ingin memberi penjelasan berhubung kenyataan-kenyataan yang dibuat oleh pihak-pihak tertentu tentang perolehan pesawat Sukhoi SU30MKM dan kapal selam Scorpene oleh Angkatan Tentera Malaysia.

Kementerian Pertahanan mendapati bahawa kenyataan-kenyataan yang dibuat terutama oleh parti-parti politik tertentu mengenai perolehan kelengkapan tersebut sejak akhir-akhir ini telah menimbulkan banyak kekeliruan dan salah faham di dalam masyarakat.

Selain itu, ia juga menimbulkan persepsi negatif dan prasangka bahawa perolehan kelengkapan untuk keperluan Angkatan Tentera Malaysia telah dilaksanakan tanpa mengikut prosedur yang ditetapkan, tidak telus dan membazir.

Di sini, pihak Kementerian ingin memaklumkan bahawa semua rundingan perolehan adalah dijalankan mengikut Tatacara Perlaksanaan Kontrak-Kontrak Perolehan Peralatan Pertahanan Negara oleh pegawai-pegawai kerajaan. Ia melibatkan pelbagai peringkat kelulusan termasuk Jawatankuasa Teknikal dan Jawatankuasa Rundingan Harga setelah penilaian-penilaian yang teliti dibuat demi memastikan perolehan tersebut menepati keperluan Angkatan Tentera Malaysia.

Selain itu, rujukan juga dibuat kepada pihak Jabatan Peguam Negara bagi mendapatkan kelulusan ke atas klausa-klausa kontrak tersebut. Semua terma-terma dan kelulusan untuk rundingan terus dikemukakan kepada Kementerian Kewangan dan kontrak hanya akan ditandatangani selepas kelulusan Kementerian Kewangan diperolehi.

Berhubung dengan perolehan kapal selam Scorpene, Kementerian Pertahanan ingin menegaskan bahawa dakwaan kononnya kerajaan telah membayar komisen sebanyak RM540 juta kepada Encik Abd Razak Baginda merupakan satu tuduhan yang tidak berasas sama sekali.

Kementerian juga ingin menegaskan bahawa dalam soal perolehan kapal selam Scorpene, TIDAK ADA sebarang komisen yang dibayar kepada syarikat Perimekar Sdn. Bhd. seperti yang didakwa. Ini kerana perolehan kapal selam telah dibuat secara rundingan terus - selaras dengan tatacara perolehan kerajaan - dengan syarikat pembuat iaitu ARMARIS (Perancis) dan NAVANTIA (Sepanyol) yang telah mendapat persetujuan kerajaan masing-masing.

Sebaliknya, syarikat Perimekar Sdn. Bhd. yang didakwa menerima komisen, sebenarnya diberikan kontrak menyediakan perkhidmatan sokongan dan koordinasi untuk tempoh selama enam tahun. Nilai kontrak tersebut adalah sebanyak EURO 114.96 juta, yang dibayar secara berperingkat-peringkat mengikut kemajuan pelaksanaan projek.

Perimekar Sdn Bhd dimiliki bersama oleh Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera (LTAT), Boustead Holdings Berhad dan K.S.Ombak Laut Sdn. Bhd.

Skop kerja perkhidmatan sokongan adalah seperti berikut:

1. Menyediakan kemudahan kediaman beserta kelengkapan untuk tim projek bagi 27 keluarga di Perancis dan Sepanyol untuk tempoh enam tahun.

2. Menyediakan pejabat urusan dan kediaman beserta kelengkapan bagi krew kapal selam TLDM seramai 156 orang untuk tempoh empat tahun di Perancis dan Sepanyol.

3. Menyediakan insurans kesihatan bagi anggota serta keluarga tim projek dan krew kapal selam di Perancis dan Sepanyol

4. Membayar elaun harian dan elaun krew kapal selam sebanyak EURO 50 sehari seorang untuk tiga tahun pertama dan EURO 60 sehari seorang untuk tiga tahun kedua.

5. Membiayai kos penerbangan pergi dan balik bagi setiap krew kapal selam untuk balik bercuti ke Malaysia pada setiap 4 bulan (tiga kali setahun).

6. Lain-lain keperluan tim projek dan krew kapal selam di Perancis dan Sepanyol

Perkhidmatan koordinasi pula melibatkan:

1. Bertanggungjawab memastikan penyertaan syarikat Malaysia dalam pembinaan dan membantu syarikat-syarikat Malaysia yang berpotensi untuk menyertai program off-set.

2. Membantu kontraktor utama dalam memberi maklumat tentang prosedur kerajaan berhubung perlaksanaan kontrak.

3. Menyelaras latihan krew kapal selam antara kontraktor dengan kerajaan.

4. Menyediakan laporan koordinasi setiap enam bulan.

Jumlah kontrak EURO 114.96 juta bukanlah merupakan keuntungan bersih milik syarikat Perimekar Sdn Bhd., sebaliknya jumlah ini adalah meliputi segala pembayaran kos langsung bagi skop perkhidmatan sokongan dan tanggungan ke atas kos tidak langsung bagi perkhidmatan koordinasi seperti yang ditetapkan dalam kontrak tersebut.

Kementerian Pertahanan membuat keputusan untuk melantik sebuah syarikat tempatan bagi menyediakan perkhidmatan sokongan dan koordinasi kerana kaedah tersebut dianggap lebih sesuai dan berkesan. Ia juga bagi tujuan melicinkan kerja-kerja Tim Projek membuat pemantauan ke atas pembinaan dan latihan krew kapal selam di Perancis dan Sepanyol.

Selain itu, segala perbelanjaan untuk projek kapal selam ini dapat dikawal dan dijadualkan manakala perbelanjaan di luar jangka (cost over-run) dapat dielakkan memandangkan pelaksanaan projek perolehan kapal selam memakan tempoh masa yang panjang iaitu selama enam tahun serta melibatkan bilangan anggota yang ramai.

Berdasarkan kepada keperluan tersebut, maka syarikat Perimekar Sdn. Bhd. telah dilantik untuk menyediakan perkhidmatan yang diperlukan mengikut skop kerja yang ditetapkan.


Tentang perolehan pesawat Sukhoi SU30MKM pula, Kementerian Pertahanan ingin menyatakan bahawa perolehan adalah dibuat secara rundingan terus dengan Rosoboronexport, syarikat milik negara Russia.

Rundingan terus ini adalah selari dengan dasar negara Rusia dan negara-negara lain yang mempunyai polisi bagi mengawasi penjualan peralatan ketenteraan keluaran syarikat negara masing-masing agar tidak terlepas kepada pihak-pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab.

Berdasarkan senario tersebut, semua kontrak-kontrak perolehan peralatan pertahanan ditandatangani oleh wakil Kementerian Pertahanan bagi pihak Kerajaan Malaysia dengan syarikat-syarikat Principal negara asing, termasuk dalam soal pembelian pesawat Sukhoi. Perolehan pesawat ini juga mematuhi Tatacara Perlaksanaan Kontrak-Kontrak Perolehan Peralatan Pertahanan Negara.

Dalam soal pembelian pesawat Sukhoi, syarikat Rosboronexport telah melantik sebuah syarikat tempatan untuk memudahkan urusan mereka di negara ini. Justeru, Kementerian ingin menegaskan bahawa sebarang urusan perniagaan antara Rosboronexport dan syarikat tempatan yang dilantik adalah merupakan urusan perniagaan biasa semata-mata dan sama sekali tidak melibatkan Kerajaan Malaysia.

Dengan penjelasan ini, maka Kementerian Pertahanan berharap agar semua pihak memahami keadaan sebenar dan tidak lagi mengeluarkan kenyataan-kenyataan yang mengelirukan dan boleh menimbulkan persepsi negatif terhadap Angkatan Tentera Malaysia, Kementerian Pertahanan dan Kerajaan Malaysia.

Cawangan Perhubungan Awam
Kementerian Pertahanan Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur
26 April 2007



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Anonymous said...

anonymous at 11.56am. I am convince your mother is a whore because you cannot differentiate between fiction and a legal document. At least you can speak smattering of English this is why you canot understand the statement made by Mindef!

Staff Sarjen 111257

Pasquale said...

Guys let's have a healthy repartee and rejoinder, and lets not call each other's moms name!

manny said...

well pasquale,
i think u have to excuse the staff sarjen.
quoting you - certain things are beyond good manners (or something like that).

Anonymous said...

staff sarjen,

tsk, tsk, thats not very nice to swear at my mother...

u better apologize to her when you see her in heaven & the sooner, the better for you... lest if you wait too long, you might end up on the other end.

galapagos said...

Anon 11.56,

That comment is to be expected from someone like you. If it's something against what/who you believe in, its all fiction. But if its something vilifying someone that you do not support, its , regardless if there's no evidence to support it.
CAn we be more objective and less biased?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous May 08, 2008 11:56 AM, since you have said it is a piece of fiction then perhaps you can shed some light on it, otherwise even I or everybody else can simply say this or that a fiction and create any uncalled remarks.... easy what, people explain something you just smack impression on it...why? because it's easy to damn and insult rather than rebutting with arguments and facts....Most commenters do sound like Americans these days.. If something doesn't sound right to the ear or doesn't fit with one's sentiment that gel with every other citizens although it may not necessarily be true what those sentiments are, then mulalah attack orang... huh?

Edi said...

Well the question is at the committee stage do the politicians have undue influence on the civil servants? Wouldn't best to have a parliamentary committee to oversea defence purchases?

Also why was a private firm required to provide support services?

According to Najib support services included preparing accomodation to RMN personel training for the Subs and preparing their transportaion and such. Shouldn't this be government to government thing?

And why do we need subs in the first place? Malaysia's immediate security problem is her long maritime border which is porous and hard to patrol. Assets like aircraft, radar networks and small fast boats to keep a visible presence are more important. Subs are slower and cannot hope to solve these security issues. Therefore the delay of the small boats project from PSC bousted is most unfortunate.

Salak said...

"...[this country will still prevail... "

Granted it will, it may not necessarily need the likes of Najib or his spousal mentor, or Anwar or anybody in particular.

Let's take the face value of this "explanation/ staement". The next step is to verify and authenticate the purported correct information - let's examine the facts!

With due respect to genuine and ethical professional people in the Military, we would need to verify the facts. As it is, we do have problems with the Judiciary.

A name to the author of the explanation would have been useful, if it is consistent with the OSA?