Sunday, May 25, 2008

How effective is our intelligence agencies today!

Must watch this!

The Company is an interesting television mini-series that I was lucky enough to watch today.
With my aching muscles from lifting furniture I sat on my rocking chair and watch this six hours miniseries and it was great.
The epic story is about the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that evolves from the 1950s through Gorbachev, and to the eventual breaking up of the Soviet Union.
Depicted as a story blending history and fiction, the drama focuses on three agents, and one is James Jesus Angleton played by Michael Keaton. Angleton was described as an obsessive CIA counter intelligence specialist, but a good one. James Jesus Angleton was a real dedicated CIA spy, and he eventually managed to trace down "Sacha", a Soviet mole within the CIA.

Why am I saying all these? Just a thought that occurred through my mind if our own "spies" in our own "CIA" can detect if there are any moles of foreign governments that have infiltrate or already infiltrated our government. Are there any mole or moles, for instance, within our government that can or have influenced our decision making mechanism?!

Hypothetically, what if the decision not to build our part of the bridge across the causeway has been influenced by a mole? What if! Or do we have an effective counterintelligence specialist out to catch such a mole if there is any?

Remember once a political secretary to a retired Malaysian senior politician and he was caught and then detained under the ISA for being a Soviet spy.

Now that the Cold War is over the focus now is more on economic domination and neo-imperialism, or grabbing other countries' piece of a choice real estate. In the yesteryear country, like Germany under Hitler just plough through and invaded the neighbouring countries without compunction, but today things are a bit more dangerously subtle.

And it appears that our "Goth at the gate" are already in by the look of it. I may sound paranoid but the way I see it the enemy or enemies out to destroy the country's institution are already making an inroad, how so? Well, for one just look at Umno a party in disarray.

Malay community broken up in many ideologies and sadly racial disharmony is showing again. While this is happening I believe our once respected intelligence agencies, such as the Special Branch and the Military intelligence, are not as independent as they once were.
Politicians are demanding that they be controlled, with a short leash. One wonder if the action by these politicians are the product of a subtle influence by our foreign moles within our midst, especially in the government, to not make our intelligence community ever effective? I hope not!

No cheers today!


sexyjudge said...

Talk about disarray, it's major. I read somewhere that a strong rope is combination of good strands. We need somewhat selfless patriotic intelligence to gather and move as one, to negate whatever influence.

Anonymous said...

I am sure PM AAB is being advised and guided by a Singapore mole, whose restaurant in Bangsar is a meeting place of all his S'pore friends and handler. Our intelligence operatives cannot even penetrate this joint from the inside say by putting a eavesdropping devises!

Ex-CIA man!

Pisang Platinum said...

Betul, sokong cakap bro!

Perpaduan antara kaum nampaknya semakin meretak, dan disengitkan oleh orang-orang seperti Dr. Mahathir yang cuba membahagikan rakyat berbilang kaum dengan retorik mereka yang tidak bertanggungjawab semata-mata untuk mencapai matlamat politik tertentu (rujuk ucapan Dr. Mahathir di Johor Mei 17:

sexyjudge said...

Today's interview report, the signs are rising for a start of something positive. New wisdom offering, I'd say.

anwar dot com said...


Siapa taja Anwar PRU 12 ?

Video 6- Siapa taja Anwar ?

Video 5- Anwar Muslim Moderate ?

Video 4- Anwar gugurkan Negara Islam PAS

Sumber :

sexyjudge said...

Today, Shahanaaz Habib wrote "Government to engage bloggers in cyberspace"

Having said in my posts and comments, NEW WISDOM is setting its mark. For now, I salute this step by DS Najib. An opinion of mine, be mindful that the next move should be to have most the blogs, bloggers and their comments or posts acknowledged. Reliance depends on reliability too.

Getting the people to speak up for the good of all and feeling pleased encourages acceptable sensible words in the blogs. New practical ideas will surely be generated from many.

Anonymous said...

sexyjudge I hope you are a real sexy female judge!

Intrigue from Seattle!

sexyjudge said...

Intrigue from Seattle, whatever have made you hope that?

As regard the comments and blogs, I think it's time that people don't easily jump at just any statements and turn it into bundled police reports. It's not an ideal world but we can still be optimistic.

sexyjudge said...

This post, you question on the effectiveness of our intelligence agencies today. Perhaps what I have commented earlier on bloggers and Hishamuddin's tone affecting the issue of freedom of speech as reported in Malaysian Insider, is an indication of ineffectiveness.
DS Najib's idea is to be nearer to the people, but it is being halted by a sense of disagreement. How are we to hear the voices?

Panglima Perang Cyber said...

Mari kita bergaduh lagi..

Jangan bergaduh dengan Cina India, bergaduh dengan Melayu.

Jangan bergaduh sesama Kristian dan Hindu Buddha, tapi sesama Islam.

Mari kita bergaduh...sampai 'tauke' kita ketawa tengok kita bergaduh.

Siapa tauke ? orang nak ambik negara kita dari orang Islam.

Kenapa ? sebab Malaysia sahaja negara paling hebat di Nusantara.

Tak percaya? tengok peta dunia bahagian Asia Nusantara dan KDNK mereka ..

Cepat cepat bergaduh lagi...senang kita mula hilang kuasa.

Nak lagi ?? fikirlah sendiri