Friday, May 09, 2008

I do not remember Najib saying that! Unless someone can prove it!

Wikipedia logo, it should be called Trikipedia!

*Breaking news 2*

I have just been told to apologise to a group of people that I do not know of for calling them moron and for using the words "Toyol moron". It started with this blogsite calling a survey made under "who is more likely to succeed Pak Lah" as a "sham" and which saw Muhyiddin coming first, Razaleigh second and Najib third at 13%.
My contention is, survey like this CAN be manipulated, I am not saying it was manipulated, I stand by my statement as a blogger. However, I will apologise for having offended some really sensitive Malays for calling them morons and for the use of the words "Toyol moron" in my posting. However, I would have love for these people that I called Morons to ask Karpal Singh instead to apologise for belittling the Malay rulers, instead of picking a fight with me.
As usual these people that I called morons in which I have apologised for it, cannot see the point that I am making. But remember five states and the FT have been taken over by the opposition, if morons had not been in charge it could have been a different story. And as for Selangor, if Khir Toyo had not spent his time trying to look fair and looking pretty, the state could have still been BN!
Another point is nobody can force Najib to come out and say he will fight against Pak Lah to be the president of UMNO, Najib said he will take over smoothly when the time comes as it has always been an Umno tradition. No amount of reverse psychology or a cockamamie survey to show Najib is not popular that can do it. Now KMU boys go brush your teeth and go to sleep!

*Breaking news*

Just saw Khir Toyo blogsite, here, and a survey on who is likely to be the one to succeed Pak Lah as PM one day, and guess what Najib got 13%, while Muhyiddin 49%, Ali Rustam 3% and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah 33%. Now then, the catch is, I found out from my own very deep source in Toyoland, that such survey is just like a blogsite when you get comments you can either reject or publish, and I was told a lot of votes on Najib got rejected by the webmaster! So Toyol moron did you know what your webmaster is doing lately on your dull blogsite! Are there any PKR members within your outfit that you do not know of? Or have you been bought by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim!?
(P.S. Next week I will place a similar survey on my blogsite on who will be most likely to succeed Pak Lah as PM and then we shall see the result. Cheers!)


If I were to write in to Wikipedia to say, in a spare time Nazri Aziz is a cross-dresser, or WeeChoo Keong a closet Muslim, these facts will be added in on the particular subjects into Wikipedia and they will become a fact. This is what Wikipedia recorded about Najib Tun Razak, and Wikipedia relies on people like us to slot or add in information on a subject. :

"In 1987, as UMNO Youth Chief, Najib defended special Malay privileges in a speech where he vowed to bathe the keris (Malay dagger) with Chinese blood. Shortly afterwards, the government launched a crackdown on extremist elements, termed Operation Lallang although Najib was not detained. At the same rally, banners were hoisted carrying phrases such as "revoke the citizenship of those who opposed the Malay rulers", "May 13 has begun" (referring to the May 13 racial riots in 1969), and "soak it (the keris) with Malaysian Chinese blood"."

Lee Kim The only problem is I, and three other journalist, do not remember hearing Najib saying that at that time at TPCA rally in 1987, when Najib was leading the Umno Youth. I do remember him saying to "ganyang", or to crush Lee Kim Sai, for belittling the rulers and the Malays.

I did remember seeing banner saying to "soaking the Malay kris
with Chinese blood" or something like that. But not Najib saying it. Unless someone can come out and prove Najib had actually said that , than I can also write in the Wikipedia that "Lee Kim Sai had wanted the Chinese to take over the country by bloodshed if necessary" and that, if printed will become a warped fact for a long time to come.

If Najib, as Youth chief then was angry enough to "crush" Lee Kim Sai, an MCA leader, than the question we need to ask is why would a young Malay leader who was so angry enough to say that. There must be something to it. It takes two to tango, or there is always the other side of the coin.

However, again we do not remember him saying to "soaking Malay kris with Chinese blood" somebody can ask past MCA leaders about this I am sure they will agree with me.



Anonymous said...


why don't just ask najib...

if he say yes, then yes la.

if he say no, then no la.

like we all said a lot of things in our life, some nice & some not very nice.

so, just let it go & let it be...

"And when the broken hearted people living in the world agree,
there will be an answer, let it be.
For though they may be parted there is still a chance that they will see,
there will be an answer. let it be. "

~~~ may peace be upon us.

daniel said...

It's in wikepedia for a reason. It could be anyone writing those there. Because I'm thinking I've seen that (supposedly) najib statement being over-publicised in some other blogs too. Did these blogs quote from wikipedia too?

I dont know.... Nobody knows what is the truth on the net anymore. *sigh*

Political games. When will it end.

Anonymous said...


you are too much of a Najib man that you are blinded to the facts. Idol worshipping will get you nowhere. Taksub...that's what we call it.

No one is perfect in this world.

Oh yeah, not saying those racially charged words did not mean that he did not condone them as he could have prevented the banners, right?

Pasquale said...

anonymous....who ever you are, you still did not ask yourself that question what Lee Kim Sai had said that angered the Malays, remember it takes two to tango? That is the different between Malay and Chinese, Chinese tend not to forget over anything, small things, while the Malays are forgiving to a point of idiotic perversion. I will not repeat what Lee Kim Sai had said that angered the Malays but it was bad enough that his datukship was taken away from him! Now you think!
No I am not Najib's man, I am my own man who is willing to die to defend this country from foreing agents like Anwar Ibrahim and
against you bleeding heart liberals morons!

wikipedie said...

I vote Muhyiddin because looking at his experience in Johore it is the best of all, compare Najib's Education ministry I would say Muhyiddin got 80/100 where as Najib got 25/100.

So my vote is for Muhyiddin.

manny said...

eh pasquale,
i m getting really tired of reading garbage postings by self rightous morons such as that anon at 5.00pm. these dumb idiots will never accept facts for facts. they should just hang out with other pricks at RPK's website if they want to go on living in their malicious slander ridden dream world. sheeshh...najib want to kill, come on la, be real. just go meet any chinese living in pekan and tell that to them. they will most likely tell you that you and the whole seven generations of your ancestors were probably all made up of retards.

Pasquale said...

manny.....many thanks for your emotional support. Yes there are so many retards,especially Malays(hey new word...retard I like it!)around and how I wish they hang out at RPK's "malicious slander dream world" to quote you, cheers and shalom!

phillix-starscreamer said...

never ever trust everything on wikipedia lar. heck, it could be anyone writing it just to add more murk to the already polluted water. slandering, heard of? and pasquale, is it me or do i sense a strong vibe of racism coming from you? what's with the "yes there are so many retards especially Malays" ?

Wakmasnoor said...

Theres a strong sense of mutiny within Umno grassroots on Abdullah and Najib. While many of them see Abdullah isnt fit to lead Umno anymore longer, they are angered (upset) with Najib for not being brave enough to at least admitted the fact of their displeasure towards Abdullah. They are hoping for Najib to be more of a Hero against Abdullah rather than seeing and being more of an acquaintance.

There are strong rumors and of all sorts too came from Johor. The Elitist seems to be planning on something at down-under. Few names have been strongly mentioned from south to the north with Muhyiddin and Shahrir occupying most of the thinking and talking slots.

Md Khir Toyo will definitely goes for the Pemuda top post. He has been aggressively but quietly making his intention known to some prominent Pemuda state leaders.

Thats for now my good friend Pasquale. Next time i'll feed you more on the updates.

Anonymous said...

"remember it takes two to tango?"

Dont understand why this "forgiving to a point of idiotic perversion" people can become very, very angry.

Bung Karno said...


Hal tangkap RPK dan cabaran Karpal ni semua prelude untuk bahan kempen by-election DS Anwar Ibrahim. Diaorang ni saje nak bagi naik darah DS Najib, kepala kempen BN.

Nampak gaya termakan jugak umpan ni.

Dah masuk Sg Buloh hero, macho, hardcore RPK tau takut kena bogel. Tu yang cepat2 minta keluar. Takde sape ugut dia. Bohong semua tu.

Banyak lagi episod cinta yang PK akan buat nak pancing pengundi pasalnakbuat by election. Mungkin Bandar Tun Razak. Atau Klana Jaya.

Anonymous said...


Tak kiralah siapa pun orang umno nak jadi pemimpin yang penting nya dia mestilah mempertahan kan agama,bangsa dan negara.

Mentaliti pemimpin yang ada sekarang perlulah berubah
carilah pemimpin yang berjuang untuk memberi keadilan, peluang sama rata kepada semua rakyat, mengambil tindakan serta merta menyelesaikan permasaalahan rakyat(bukan dengar sahaja) luahan hati rakyat dikerjakan dengan turun padang SETIAP HARI, melakukan sendiri tinjauan apa apa kekurangan, jangan nak bergantung harap pada pihak PBT,
pergi ke surau dan masjid SETIAP MALAM dan solat berjemaah.

Ini adalah asas dan profil wajib setiap seorang ahli politik dan wakil rakyat.

Apa yang saya lihat DAP,PKR dan PAS pun gagal dan tidak dapat melakukan perkara perkara ini.

Bung Karno said...

You better believe this.

Saturday, May 10, 2008
Wigan 0 Man Utd 3

Man Utd crowned Premier League champions for the 10th time after the deafeat of Wigan in their final game .

Their star Ronaldo scored 2 goals to bring his tally for the season to 42 goals. Goalie van der Sar scored the final goal when his goalmouth kick at the final minute of injury time sailed into the Wigan goalmouth.

United were remarkable despite being reduced to 8 men by the 80th minute after the dismissal of Rio Ferdinand, Wes Brown and Patrice Evra for arguing with each other.

Long live the champions.

Chelsea ? Chelsea who ?

Posted by Bung Karno

Pasquale said...

wakmasnoor (I know who you are BTW) wrote..."they are angered (upset) with Najib for not being brave enough to at least admitted the fact of their displeasure towards Abdullah"

You see cik gu, Najib is not like one moron that we are familiar with, Najib is not afraid but he is merely following that proverbial Umno tradition of supporting your leader and to take over when the time comes!

ABC said...

Najib is simply not a suitable leader for all Malaysians, because although it may be argued that he did not say that he will bathe a kris in Chinese blood, he was capitalising on the antagonistic feelings towards the non-Malays in that rally he attended. Furthermore, even if he did not say those words, the banners in the rally he attended said "cecah keris dalam darah Cina", and he did not even criticise these banners or say that it was wrong to have such attitudes towards other fellow Malaysians. Dia macam terima saja. So, for someone who doesn't defend the rights of all Malaysians, termasuk non-Malays, mana boleh dia jadi Perdana Menteri kita, bro?

Fikirkan sejenak.

credit savvy said...

yep it certainly takes 2 to tangle well said

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Pasquale said...

ABC, what can I say since you have already decided you did not like Najib. As a Youth Chief at that moment in time trying to stave off nasty words from MCA and Lee Kim Sai he did not have that power to tell his boys to cool it off, since Umno Youth was in the heat of the moment and perceived Lee Kim Sai as an outright Chinese chauvinist( you see people only see what the "Malay" did, but never what the Chinese has said to anger the Malays, and I will be damned if I allow that to happen again).
You are wrong ABC, Najib will be the next Prime Minister and you will change your tune then.
For your info, Najib was the only Malay leader who had "Chinese connection" from small.
Tun Razak always asked Datuk Michael Chen to look after his children if he was away on official trips. Until today Najib will always motion to kiss Michael Chen's hand when he greets him. In Malay custom that is the utmost respect one gives to an elder, and
ABC please do not be a moron, kalau engkau Melayu jangan jadi bahlol, bangang and bharal, for saying "Najib is simply not a suitable leader for all Malaysians"

Cheers Mo!

Bagpie said...

Hey ABC you are right, I really don't know what those moron says by "cecah keris dalam darah Cina". Do you know that even Heng Tuah is a Ming Chinese? You know the history of Melayu can't even complete a single comic book where as the history of Han Daynesty's Liu Bang dated 206BC is well documented. To those morons please get a life.

Pasquale said...

bagpie, as I am fond of saying, here goes: So what have you Chinese done lately in Malaya, should the Malays give this country to you or to the Orang Asli?! Or should Australia, New Zealand the entire North American be given back to the Native? And yes we are very proud to know that Hang Tuah is P. Ramlee and Hang Jebat is Ahmad Mahmud and Tun Teja is Zaitun and none of them are Chinese. Oh BTW if you are proud of your Chinese Hans's history go back to China, you Moron!

Sharon said...

i think Mr. Toyol should start learning how to manage his blogsite himself lah.

bagpie said...

I agree with pasquale, Cina jangan salahkan kerajaan hanya akan jaga Melayu. Jangan salahkan Cina tidak dapat jagaan yang adil.
Macam ini baru boleh menunjukkan yang orang cina tidak takut menderita
Macam ini baru boleh melatih kita mencari jalan keluar apabila menghadapi kesusahan
Jangan mengatakan standard ini sangat pelik
Kerana dengan ini baru menunjukkan kami sangat teror
Anak-anak yang tidak dimanja baru akan menjadi tabah
ada orang sampai sekarang masih belum berhenti minum susu.

ABC said...


I am very well aware, thank you, of Lee Kim Sai's action that triggered off the commotion. It is not sensitive for sure.

Lee Kim Sai should be berated by whoever is in the position to berate him for that.

Pada masa yang sama, wajib bagi pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO, sebagai pemimpin besar negara, untuk cuba meredakan suasana tegang. Misalnya, kalau benar Najib itu seorang pemimpin yang bertanggungjawab, sudah tentu dia menggesa orang Melayu untuk bertenang, jangan tergesa-gesa dan agar tidak berantagonis terhadap kaum Malaysia yang lain, atau menegaskan bahawa perpaduan harus ditegakkan dan perasaan benci terhadap Cina dan sebagainya adalah tidak patut walaupun sikap Lee Kim Sai adalah tidak wajar.

Mana ada Najib cuba meredakan suasana yang riuh dengan cara yang diplomatik terhadap semua kaum?

Walaupun Najib tu cuma Ketua Pemuda UMNO ke, orang kecilan UMNO ke, jelas dia mempunyai pengaruh. Tak kira apa pangkatnya di UMNO, apa salahnya kalau dia menasihat bahawa sifat benci pada kaum lain adalah jelas tidak wajar?

Kenapa beliau berdiam diri, malah, mengambil kesempatan daripada sentimen anti-kaum bukan Melayu?

Pada amnya, mana satu contoh seorang pemimpin Malaysia yang sebenar-benarnya - satu yang mengambil kesempatan atau mengapi-apikan sentimen perkauman, atau seorang yang tegas terhadap Lee Kim Sai dan pada masa yang sama menasihatkan kaum Melayu agar sifat benci terhadap kaum Cina keseluruhan adalah tidak adil dan tidak betul?

Fikir skit, saudara.

p.s. Berkenaan Hubungan Najib dan Datuk Michael Chen, bagus lah kalau ada rasa kenang dan terhutang budi terhadap Datuk Chen. Itu isu lain daripada apa yang jelas saya terangkan di atas. Boleh ke tidak saudara menjawab soalan saya yang dalam huruf bold di atas?

Pasquale said...

"Pada amnya, mana satu contoh seorang pemimpin Malaysia yang sebenar-benarnya - satu yang mengambil kesempatan atau mengapi-apikan sentimen perkauman, atau seorang yang tegas terhadap Lee Kim Sai dan pada masa yang sama menasihatkan kaum Melayu agar sifat benci terhadap kaum Cina keseluruhan adalah tidak adil dan tidak betul?": ABC you are a fucking moron, since when do Malaysian prime ministers mistreat the Chinese community, look around you,you shit head, the Chinese practically own the country, own the choicest real estate. Najib is not and has never been a racist, and in 1987 he was reacting to a fucking Chinese chauvinist called Lee Kim Sai who said many nasty things about the Malays and the Malay rulers, no I do not think any Malay leaders in their right mind will tell their followers to stand still when chauvinist Chinese piss and spit on their mother land, no sir not on my fucking watch! I will not entertain nor will I open anymore of your rejoinders from now on for you are one of those self-righteous fucking shit who takes the Malays for granted and who refuse to see our side of the story! Malays have been so accommodating since the last two or three centuries back! As for you fucking Melayu, wake up from your fucking slumber for one day people like ABC will rule the country and he will tell you how many time you can shit and piss in a day! I feel good using all those fucking words to describe this fucking issue! Good fucking night!

. said...

Berani bikin tak berani aku ?

Takde bola ke?

. said...

"Oh BTW if you are proud of your Chinese Hans's history go back to China, you Moron!"

Cakap besar aje .....

Apa lagi yg tu boleh bikin?

Anonymous said...

Siapa yang layak jadi pemimpin di malaysia ni ?

1.Anwar Ibrahim = sekutu kaum nabi luth dan bersedia menjual negara ni.
2.Nik Aziz = Dah tua dan golongan pertama iaitu pemimpin yang akan disoal di akhirat
3.Lim Kit Siang = Ketua Racist
4.Karpal Singh = Keturunan Benggali ni tangkap/bunuh maharajalela, mat kilau, tok gajah dan lain-lain lagi
5.Lim Guan Eng = New breed of Fascist Communist ideologi.
6.Mahathir = Dah Pencen
7.Kulaisingam or Manoharan or Ambiga = Kalau terserempak ular ngan mereka sendri mau ingat
8.Haji Hadi = Dah Tua , cuba berbahasa arab tapi dia kantoi dan orang arab tak paham.
9.Mat Sabu, Salahudin, Nasharudin golongan oppurtunist PAS lebih baik pilih Ibrahim Ali aje….
10.Pak Lah ? dia baru je cakap kat umno dia nak pasti kan rakyat cukup makan...

Anonymous said...

you may reject this, but you must be living in a lalaland.:)


ABC2 said...

Just a personal message for you, Pasquale, as I am aware that this might not get published.

My arguments in your blog were civil.

No malicious or slandering words, nor any kata kasar were hurled.

Just a logical questioning.

Contrary to what you think, I do see both sides of the story. I lived through those events of the late 1980s. I disagree strongly with Lee Kim Sai's utterance, as it was unacceptable and insensitive to the Malays and thus it is very anti-Malaysian as a whole. I do not support such leaders who divide the people and cause uneasy feelings between races.

Yet, what I ask is how would a prophet have responded to the issue? Would he (i) react and inflame further hateful feelings towards all Chinese people, or (ii) would he take strong action against Lee Kim Sai berate and punish him in what way is appropriate as Lee was a BN person, and then also conciliate the public and saying that hateful feelings towards the Malays and hateful feelings towards the Chinese is wrong and unacceptable in our multiracial country where we seek perpaduan?

Let's put aside the who spit on who story for a while, and simply consider the above. That is all I proposed. No prejudice towards anyone, and we cannot attribute the DPM for having said those words without proof.


shanghaistephen said...

hey mo or is it "retard" now, yes it's true. You cannot beleive everything you read in wikipedia or even in our current history books as compared to what you and I learnt in school. When history is distorted to lies repeatedly enough to suit an agenda , then those lies become FACTS. Hence the emergence of an entire generation of morons or as you'd prefer "retards" as we have here. Don't blame them as they have been lead to beleive lies and if you're still not happy....get out of here, ron ! Shalom retard !

Pasquale said...

Apology accepted ABC2, but remember we are no where near having a Prophet demeanor, we are merely human with a certain boiling points, Malays especially. You must give credit to the Malays for being too accommodating! But do not push it!!!

Shanghaistephen (notice I spell it right?)you still have a chance for me to like you considering your last comment, keep it up and don't behave like an Indian moron with foul mouth! PS can you behaver like your wife and daughter? Civilized! Nah! That's asking too much from you.

Anonymous said...

what if we do "push it" as you put it? What are you going to propose? Bloodbath for the chinese? Another May 13? Oh look May 13 is just round the corner! Are you and your goons going to slaughter us again?

So what if we own every fucking thing? We worked hard for it through years and years of sweat and toil. Whatever we have wasn't handed to us on a silver platter i.e NEP. Maybe if you and your kind expend the same effort then maybe you'll have more and not rely on handouts for the past 50 years moron!

Pasquale said...

Listen up moron anonymous at 9.39am, May 12...Push means we can change legislation we can change the law and we can simply take away and we can simply not be accommodating anymore, we will simply institutionalized discrimination! But no we will not resort to bloodbath, I think we have all gone past that, I will personally protest if the Malay morons resort to that. But rest assured we will o all of the above except that one! So let us not allow for "push to come to shove"okay! Now brush your teeth and go to bed!

Thomas47 said...

Dear Pasquale,

I couldn't recall much about those turbulent years.

What I do know is that you could edit articles in Wikipedia without much hassle. I have edited some wrong entries about Sabah without much problem.

Pasquale said...

thomas47 can you tell me how!

wak segen said...

Pasquale & ABC/ABC2..hear this out...

While driving one day, I saw a Chinese taxi driver suddenly crossed dangerously into the path of an old Pak Haji.A short chase occurred until both cars stopped at the traffic light.
Pak Haji who otherwise looked perfeclty harmless,was fuming and went out his car stood beside the taxi driver and gave him a verbal lashing.Seeing the old man is too old for him to fight back, the taxi driver noncahalantly wound down his screen and said "Sudah laa soly laa.. lu semayang punya olang pon mau marah kaa...?"
Fortunately nothing ugly happened as both drove off after that.

But see what I mean?

Anonymous said...

If Najis didn't threatened the Chinese with his dagger, why didn't he deny it ?

Anonymous said...

Cantik lah tu , hang and rusdi are known spanners for Najib , so why aint i suprised ?

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha jokes on you dickhead pasquale whatever the fuck's your name. Institutionalized discrimination has been well entrenched in M'sia for the past 40odd years, there's no need for legislation. Racist and discriminatory policies has been the order of the day for umpteen years now. Where have you been burying your head, inside Najib's ass? Moron!

Anonymous said...

Wey pasquale,

Awak ni anjing kurap UMNO ker?

Musnahlah UMNO, berkecailah UMNO.

Maka aman dan damailah Malaysia.

Arubin said...

Interesting. I never knew that Najib never did directly utter those words.

Doesn't change my opinion of him one bit. I still don't believe him worthy of being the next PM.

If he were that great a a person, he would have tried to help calm everyone down. He would have gotten those people carrying such banners to put them down. He would not be stoking the flames by saying...well, whatever it was he said.

He could have proven himself to be a better person. Instead, he just used the heat of the moment to solidify his standing with the hotheads in the party.

Which is why I don't believe him worthy of being the next PM, no matter what he might have said all those years ago.

manny said...

wah pasquale,
one day i didnt login here and now so many comments on this posting. got link to rockybru somemore. eh, u not tired ka layan all these dickheads. for all their hue and cry that najib is a would be mass murderer of chinese ala slobodan milosavich, none so far had come up with the evidence you asked, that najib actually said he have a thirst for chinese blood. so, what the heck la. the way i see it, these malicious bastards are only out to get najib because he is the only one who can actually rebuild Umno and BN.

superserious said...

open your eyes,wake the hell up bro,,its not that hard to see the reality,,

Thomas47 said...

Dear Pasquale,

Not all the pages are accesible. Pages that are still in the development stage and required voluntary assistance are open for editing.

Just log to the webpage and select "edit this page" and edit or add accordingly. Then click confirm.

Some pages are "locked" to prevent vandalism. Lucky for them. :)

daniel said...


although i agree for a fact that you are fighting for the things that you can consider right, but don't you think there are some very *harsh* things being thrown about about the races here?

I'm kinda cringing. Erm, you might have made a very very excellent point in your blog, but is all that obscenities necessary to counter back these comments...?

fearless said...

My military hostel is just a few hundred meters fron the stadium where Najib shouted "bunuh China" openly.

What evidence do you want? My personal testimony is considered evidence for an idiot like you?

Datuk A. Kadir, former NST editor is still alive, he received more evidence on Najib's racisit remark. He has to filter out those remarks from appearing in new straits times.

Pasquale said...

fearless I live in Kampung Baru since when I was one month old I attended Princess Road School, Batu Road and Maxwell school but I do not recall any military hostel ndear the stadium, good try mate!

Daniel my brother, try obscenities once in while it will do you good especially when you are trying to get through some thick head.

thomas47 thanks a bunch I will see if I can do it.

Naji* son of Altantuya said...

"Another point is nobody can force Najib to come out and say he will fight against Pak Lah to be the president of UMNO, Najib said he will take over smoothly when the time comes as it has always been an Umno tradition." - Pasquale

He is now under the thumb of AAB as the 4th floor boys have all the evidence of Altantuya and the submarine commission against him, he doesn't have a choice.

Anonymous said...

naji* son of altantuya you are a shit alright because of all the baseless allegations.

starlite said...

Sinatra, Pasquale,
you say look at your side of the story.
What about the other side? Why do you think Lee Kim Sai would say these things? After 40-50 years of blatant racial discrimination, of course people will be angry. So before you ask people to understand your side of the story, try understanding the other side as well.

Anonymous said...

En Pasquale, bapak saya pun pergi ke Princess Road School. Isn't it known as Sekolah Raja Muda now? Anyway, I was also born in Kg Baru but now working in Kuantan. Anyway, Hidup Kg Baru. Hidup Kg Baru...

Shalini said...

Pasquale said...

bagpie, as I am fond of saying, here goes: So what have you Chinese done lately in Malaya, should the Malays give this country to you or to the Orang Asli?! Or should Australia, New Zealand the entire North American be given back to the Native? And yes we are very proud to know that Hang Tuah is P. Ramlee and Hang Jebat is Ahmad Mahmud and Tun Teja is Zaitun and none of them are Chinese. Oh BTW if you are proud of your Chinese Hans's history go back to China, you Moron!

Oh Pasquale, you are just so racist. I'm a Malay myself but hearing how you ask our Chinese brothers "go back to China" it makes me sad. Is there really a need to do so? Fist of all, you must be thinking this whole land of Malaysia belongs to only our race? It is wrong. It belongs to Allah. Who are you to ask our Chinese brothers in Malaysia to go back to China when Allah has not spoken a word?

Just who the heck you think you are!??

Lim Fang-Yin said...

Pasquale, though I was a baby during operasi lalang, and I don't have proof that Najib said the seditious statement, I believe what Wikipedia said is true.

The statement in Wiki cites from RPK's blog (you might not believe what RPK said, but of all the police reports lodged against him, none of them referred to this article). My parents who don't know what blog is also told me the same thing about Najib long time ago. I also heard this from other people.

Even if Najib hadn't said that, don't blame Wiki, as many people who've been through Operasi Lalang believes he said that.

BTW, my parents also told me that Najib was caught having affair with a married woman. Lim Kit Siang also said something like this.

Pasquale said...

lim fang-yen..stop pretending you are a miss goody two-shoes pony-tailed innocent Chinese girl which you are not. I do not know what your parents have been pumping in to your brain and I do not care, but if you want to believe pig can fly go ahead its a free country. for you I know I am not a moron and I do not know about you..My God yu have no idea what I am trying to do, do you! I am merely saying if you, not YOU just a figure of speech, can be a racist in this country another person next to you can also be equally racist!

. said...

Kepada Pasquale yg takde bola,

ape yg tu boleh bikin, selain dari cakap besar tu?

otak udang! biadab ! binatang !!

Lim Fang-Yin said...


Look who's flaming here (AND I'M NOT A GIRL!), and judging from your complete denial of Najib's involvement of Op Lalang, I believe that you, like me, wasn't old enough to know what happened during Op Lalang.

The indisputable fact is that UMNO Youth led a mass rally at TPCA Stadium which elevated the tension to that point. Najib was the president of UMNO Youth at that time. It's not uncommon that many questioned about Najib's involvement.

Much about Op Lalang can just be found in the gossips between the people who been through it, as there's been a crackdown in the press during the operation. Just because he haven't heard of it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Information is getting cheaper & cheaper with the help of internet, but it's your choice if you don't want to search for the answer.

Anonymous said...

Syabas barkingmagpie, teruskan perjuangan dan timbulkan kebenaran. Mereka-mereka ini semua hipokrit saja dan hanya tahu salah orang lain. Cakap M'sian Malaysia, suruh 1sekolah dah terkencing tak bagi, "liberal" bagi mereka maknanya mereka ambil dan Melayu memberi. PKR/DAP/MCA/MIC <- ejen pemusnah negara. UMNO dan PAS harus bersatu.