Saturday, May 03, 2008

The idea is to lie convincingly to make people believe Najib IS guilty of murder!

Caricature of the brutal Spanish Inquisitors gruesomely trying to force the truth out of an innocent man by dissecting and bleeding him, the man was probably accused of being guilty of something. In the middle-ages, Spanish Inquisition has murdered millions of innocent Spaniard , Muslims, Jews, Gypsies and others all in the name of religion and politics.

Like the brutal Spanish Inquisitors, Malaysians are susceptible to lies and other unproven accusation, we are too easily manipulated by lies told. Yes! The emphasis is on the words "convincingly" and "to lie"! But if we care to open mind and to use our Grey matter we may began to see what is true and what that does not make sense.
Yes, it makes a good story line, that a man designated to be the next prime minister of the country is a murderer, but the catch is, it is purely based on innuendo, insinuation and guilt by association.
Another thing is, if there are indeed these alleged pictures of Najib Tun Razak sitting together with the dead Mongolian girl(may her soul rest in peace), Razak Baginda, and now Raja Petra Kamaruddin(RPK) assertion that even Kalimullah Hassan is also in the picture.
My contention is, if such pictures exist they would have surfaced during the last general elections which saw Najib won a majority if some 26,000 or so. This is an excerpt on what RPK said in his No Holds Barred column titled "Let's send Altantuya murderers to hell".....Many other ‘key issues’ raised by my non-lawyer friends, who all argued as if they were conducting the Altantuya murder trial, were matters such as how Altantuya’s immigration records could be erased from the Immigration computers, the letters Najib wrote to the Malaysian embassy supporting Altantuya’s visa application, the photograph of Altantuya, Najib, Razak and Kalimullah taken during Altantuya’s birthday party in the Mandarin Hotel in Singapore, and much more."
If such pictures really exist, which I have said above there is no such thing, we must bear in mind that Najib as a public figure might have inadvertently, unconsciously, tricked and sometimes forced into posing for photographs with crooks, charlatans, parvenu, carpetbaggers, con-man, and possibly prostitutes, who knows, eh!.
Once I witnessed a group of transvestites trying to ask Najib's security people for picture to be taken with the DPM at a small function but were told the DPM was in a hurry.
Imagine if they had a chance to pose with Najib and who knows years alter such pictures would surface and the caption would surely be "Najib is a homosexual".
I recalled my ex-journalist editor friend who was called by the then prime minister Mahathir Mohamad who asked him not to write or print picture of a Chinese community leader taken with an alleged crook.
Mahathtir purportedly told this friend of mine that he (Mahathir) too did not know he had posed with a crook when his picture was taken with a prominent man. This alleged "crook" was later charged in court for buggery and other crimes he committed against the people and government interest. Anyway back to Najib I am sure there are no such pictures taken of him and the dead Mongolian girl.
What I don't understand is how come RPK is not charged with contempt of court instead of being investigated under the Sedition Act? How can an unsolicited comments, accusation, innuendo, and insinuation designed to influence an on going cases are allowed to be made?
In a Civil Society like us we need not behave like Moron, the word means an adult with intelligence of a child and this prompted one blogger to write: "A convenient example is the case against Deputy Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak in his so-called involvement of the ‘Altantuya brutal murder’ and of course, the kickbacks from the Scorpene and Sukhoi military acquisition deals. Here in blogosphere, as far back as June 2007, we saw how “Blogosphere Drama Queen” Susan Loone obsessively posted on the murder and Najib’s involvement, 63 times before the trio were actually charged in court and the trial commenced. That was at a rate of one posting every three days, on the same topic! Then again, during the Ijok by-election in April 2007, Anwar Ibrahim’s entire campaign was solely centred on the “Scorpene and Sukhoi deal kickbacks” and nothing else. Not even how PKR is supposed to help the Ijok people. Again, at the point where BN leadership is very weak and the PKR led Pakatan Rakyat is not quite anywhere yet, in forming a Federal Government, the ‘gun sight’ in centred back onto Najib’s head. Most probably it is because Najib would be best option on the plate so far, to take over and revive BN. It became so intensive this round, that they even dragged poor and desperate Dr. Setev to Parliament (on top of the various press statements already arranged, including in PKR HQ) and later even resorted to make slanderous accusations against Najib’s wife, without any shred of adducible evidence, except in the ‘Court of Public Opinion’." Click here if you want to read more.



Anonymous said...

The picture is not important. I think the commission paid by the nation for buying the submarine to the pocket of someone (if any) is more important. Is important that our next PM is Mr.Clean otherwise please join Samy, so please prove it in court.

red1 said...

This is nothng new. The Spanish had their Inquisition. The Nazis and Serbs had their ethnic cleansing.

Our politics is still raw and tame. I am looking for more hotter tabasco!


BigDogDotCom said...

Anonymous 4.31pm,

What is there to prove?

Why is burden on Najib or him people to prove his innocence? Did Anwar Ibrahim ever produce or adduce any shred of admissable evidence, to say that Najib Razak is corrupted in the Scorpene and/or Sukhoi deal?

I wrote about this sometime back, (on 27 April 2007 - Pasquale, please hyperlink this here!)

"Sebenarnya, isu yang dibangkit Pembangkang dalam siri kempen Pilihanraya Kecil Ijok ini bahawa sejumlah RM 530 juta berbentuk komsiyen (atau kickback) dari pendapatan kedua dua kontrak ini disalurkan kepada pemimpin politik tertentu, sebenarnya tidaklah logik.

Ini kerana kontrak asal kedua dua projek pembelian senjata ini berjumlah RM 3.5 billion + RM 3.6 billion dan jumlah komisyen (atau kickback) yang diutarakan itu ialah 7.5% dari kontrak pembelian, 5% melebihi dari amalan biasa badan industri dan perdagangan antarabangsa (OECD) yang dianggotai negara negara Barat dan maju.

Mana mana syarikat perindustrian negara ahli OECD yang membelakangi dasar yang dipersetujui, seperti jumlah komisyen yang boleh ditawarkan keatas sebarang pembelian atau perkhidmatan, akan dianggap sebagai menyalahi amalan sihat dan akan di’pulau’kan dalam mana mana persaingan pembidaan sebarang pembelian peringkat antarabangsa akan datang.

Ini sesuatu yang biasa dielakan oleh syarikat industri negara anggota OECD, termasuk DCNi, Thales dan Pielstick dari Perancis, Ixar Navantia dari Sepanyol dan Whitehead Allenia dari Itali-Perancis, pembekal utama program pembelian kapal selam Scorpene. Thales juga pembekal utama avionic bagi pembelian Pesawat tempur utama Sukhoi SU 30 MKM.

Paling penting, tiada bukti keatas dakwaan liar ini. Pemimpin yang bankrap politik sengaja mensensasikan isu ini dengan melempar tuduhan tuduhan liar tanpa asas tetapi berbunyi begitu kontroversi dan amat mudah menjadi tarikan masyarakat yang memang sentiasa mencari berita berita kontroversi yang amat sensasi."

Just because Anwar Ibrahim and the rest of PKR, including people like Raka Petra says it so (a million times over!), doesnt mean it is the Gospel truth!

shanghaistephen said...

hey moron, the Spanish Inquisition was 600 years ago so why are you citing examples that old eh ? Are you and your train of thinking still stuck 600 years ago? The Spainards have moved on to the 21st. Century and have evolved into 1st. World thinking but you and that moron bigdog seem to be harping like 2 kampong idiots. Move on and let the courts decide. Give that rabid dog a tissue please there could be shit stuck on his nose from too much of kissing your arse. Seems he agrees to anything you say in your blog. Has he no opinion of his own ? Is he on your payroll too ? Sheesh morons, get a life !

Anonymous said...

This wild accusation by the DSAI and the opposition is very serious. In any developed country an accusation like this would be investigated by an independent commission (since this is involves a very high ranking person). Then if Najib is proven innocent, then action should be taken against his accusers.

Pasquale said...

shanghaistephen dick head my point precisely, it is as though our mentality is still in circa 600 years ago. And BTW you are the type of Indian that are causing real problem in this multi-racial society. You cannot even speak Bahasa Melayu the country's national language and you cannot even speak good English, you only mimic it after years watching TV. I hope one day the police will come and get you and put you away for being stupid to this country taht has allowed you and your ancestor live happily and safe. I am letting this stupid comment of yours go this time but forget your reply for I shall not entertain them form now on. And how much is Rocky paying you to write your thrash. And Big Dog is a Malay he knows whats going on in this Malay land he has his own mind and can decide on his own, let see if you can tell me Najib is guilty and for you to defend Najib who is already condemned by our own "Inquisition" which you without using your brain decided to follow! As for your Pakatan Rakyat crap, you had better get a job, a real job my idiot friend for they will not find one for you!

manny said...

eh pasquale,
thats more like it. Honestly, I m getting sick of these opportunist lying bastards and the stupid dickhead morons who blindly follow them. Having a blog or running a website does not make one a God and can slander anyone with impunity. Jadi penulis upahan lepas tu claim freedom of speech. The worst are those who actually blindly believe these scumbags. Sheesssh...real morons of the highest order.

Anonymous said...


I do not see any non-Malays coming to the rescue of Najib I bet you all those who comment are Malays. We are so racially divided Chinese and Indians and others simply do not care! Pakatan Rakyat or BUM or whatever all they want is the downfall of what they perceived as a Malay regime. But if the Malays fall so do the rest of the country, trust me on that!


Anonymous said...

I think ShanghaiStephen should just go and migrate elsewhere. Try Timbuktoo. I can't believe there are uncivilized people like him around. Wonder if his kids or family are like him...uncivilized.

Anonymous said...

pordah... all the same!

bro anwar ia a BABI and...

najib also a RACIST PIG

berok said...

Now PAS are trying very hard to convince the Muslim that PIGS are good for them. They even go to the extend of distributing flyer's in the mosque all over Selangor!

Pasquale said...

Hey anonymous at 3.11pm his family is definitely very civilized, his wife is a fine lady his daughter is well adjusted and well brought up, I am sure by her mum, but not much toi be said about shanghaidickface!

manny said...

anyone who believe that Najib is a racist pig is a moron. anyone who believe those PR leaders are not racist in their political approach is also a moron. u r right pasquale, too many morons running around in this country la.

Pasquale said...

manny it is nice to know there are Malaysian like you around, I now know why Malaysians are mean and nasty and moronic,it is because they drink too much and sometime they refused to recognize the fact they are bunch of alcoholics!

shanghaistephen said...

hey anon of 3.11pm since I see that you have no balls to even put a name guess I shall call you a balls-less moron. Who are you to drag my family into this huh ? Do you know pasquale personally ? I do. So there you go. What's written and rebutted on this here blog is between me and pasquale and for a ballsless idiot to infer my family is not your privilege. Understand, you village idiot ? And pasquale,thanks for coming to my family's defence although the part about me needs another apology. That's another story. See just by reading the comments here cowards like anon aka ballsless moron of 3.11pm becomes a super judge to advise huh ? you sure don't know a thing about blogs or us, boy ! Hahaha ! Just stay out of the blogs till you "grow" some balls before you participate and at least call yourself "ballsless moron" next time you attempt to be judgemental.ok moron? No cheers today mo !

eva's haven said...

hey pasquale,

i'm no fan of najib or his wife. i enjoy reading Raja Petra's tales....but i draw the line when it comes to making baseless accusation against someone for MURDER.

here's where RPK fouled up. I agree that our system sucks but i don;t believe that the DPM has anything to do with killing altantuya.

cheers and shalommuah.

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