Thursday, May 08, 2008

If you idiots really want to know about the real Anwar Ibrahim just click to the address below!

Under that proper and respectable look belies a man whose hatred for anything Malays, including the Malay rulers, that is so legendary! One wonders about his early childhood.

The "fossil-fuel-grabbing American neo conservatives" (neocons) made a mistake of taking Anwar and Karpal as their stooges and pet poodles!

Forget about the non-Malays in this country, like Karpal Singh or LKS or Guan Eng and Ng Ka Ting, Koh Tsu Khoon, Lim Kheng Yaik who will welcomed Singapore or the United States intervention into Malaysia, but for you Malays think hundred times and try to see what Anwar really is, see him in action in the Youtube with the websites below!
Usually a man is blackmailed into doing something that he does not believe. IN the case of Anwar he does not care, he willingly "sleep in bed" with anyone powerful, in this case the American neocons, so long as he gets his revenge, even at the expense of selling his country and his race.
Anwar doe not lift a finger to reprimand Karpal Singh, read Rockybru here, when the latter insulted more than one Malay rulers, if I have the power I will charge Karpal under sedition law for it appears that it has now come to "shove" for the Malays to get really, really angry!

If Karpal and Anwar can actually believe that the entire Malaysians will be behind them when it comes to inciting racial strife in the country they both deserve to be thrown into the dungeon and to throw away the keys.


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Anonymous said...

same to the rest of the idiots who think najib can lead this country.

Anonymous said... will be surprised that Najib is actually leading AND running this country...did you know he is chairman of about 39 committes...39 yes! They hope he will die chairing these commoittees...but he soldiers on!

Anak Sitiawan Mata Duri!

manny said...

eh pasquale,
i really dont envy u for being in the business of educating idiots. in case u havent noticed, some were genetically idiots ( like that anon at 12.00pm) and will remain that way no matter what u do. nonetheless, i salute u for trying.

Anonymous said...

ya, ya, 39 committee... & there are also jokers around who said they represent 200 ngo & some can write a petition as thick as a tel. directory... pordah!

Anonymous said...

dont worry lar ... an idiot like you can still survive in this country... you wont be the first, nor will you be the last. dont worry ok

Anonymous said...

Tuan-tuan semua jangan salah faham.....
pada masa keadaan sekarang ini pihak DAP,PKR benar-benar memerlukan kerajaan yang lemah longlai. Kita tengok sukan Boxing sebagai contoh, lawan nya hanya memerlukan SATU pukulan ceduk untuk K.O dan sekarang mereka sedang mencari masa yang sesuai.
Kita perhatikan mengapa Karpal singh buat bising luar biasa? mengapa Lim kit siang menyalak bagai nak gila kat parlimen? mengapa pulak dengan sukarela Raja Petra masuk penjara?
Mereka bukan bodoh.............
dan mengapa pula Anwar Ibrahim senyap sunyi sekarang ni?
mereka bukan bodoh............
Dan saya kira UMNO dan BN sudah terlambat dah, bak kata pepatah `dah terhantuk baru nak menadah'.

Anonymous said...

If you want to talk of disrepectful of our Raja than the No.1 got to be Tun Mahathir Mohamad and his UMNO members in 1983. Please don't forget so fast, please get Tun head if you need one to roll.

Wakmasnoor said...

Some people just never learnt. Some dont even bother to learn. They forgot history. They forgot what makes Tanah Melayu as Malaysia today. They forgot the KINDNESS of the MALAYS and the TOLERANCE of the SULTANS. Both whom gave them this peaceful, prosper land and rights to be called Malaysian.

While pre/post Merdeka Malays and Sultans busied championing for peace and stability; the favorite race of the colonial ruler fast helping themselves with greeds, richest, tricks and trades.

While the modern Malay start to acknowledge their forgotten rights and wealth, those afraid start using all within their huge arsenal of cash and definitions of justice, to quietly against the very owner and keeper of this god-gifted land.

These wicked and disgusted agendas were masked under the patriotism of one very STRANGE but COLORFUL politician cum detractor by the name of ANWAR IBRAHIM. THE ONE WHO FOUGHT FOR ISLAM UNDER THE BANNER OF ABIM. THE ONE WHO FOUGHT FOR MALAY UNDER THE BANNER OF UMNO. THE ONE WHO FOUGHT FOR NON-MALAY UNDER THE BANNER OF PKR. What is next dear Anwar??

I can still take my hat off to Tun Mahathir Mohamad, Lim Guan Eng, Nik Aziz and even Karpal Singh for STANDING TRUE to their to their principles and aspirations. But can i (and we) say the same of Anwar?

It is clear...crystal clear now what Anwar Ibrahim is and sadly was too. We just need to look outside the box to understand what fragile and dangerous material is inside it.

The establishment of Pakatan Rakyat is one of the most important if not significant thing, to Anwar Ibrahim for 2 of the most detrimental reasons.
1. To get all the leaders to acknowledge him as the heir apparent to lead the coalition (and nation too).
2. To get the support of the partisan Malays (in PAS) to reflect both his and the coalition identity (purpose) of still majoring and championing the Malays. Without PAS, the coalition shall be deemed as UNACCEPTABLE to 17mil Malays who still have very much perception of Moslem is Malay and vice versa.

I have no doubt IF the Pakatan Rakyat does not work (which is true because of the leftist principles and ideologies of both PAS and DAP that will come smashing into each other), Anwar Ibrahim will consorts to other means including embraces his former party UMNO, which then of course, shall be under the disguise of Malay unity.

Think and judge for yourself.

Pendekar Demokrasi said...

In what way is Karpal Singh hateful of Malays and the rulers?

I think you are making very quick, emotional assessments based on little proof. If you say his questioning in Parliament and his press statements as proof, then read those carefully with a more objective frame of thinking against the backdrop of our Federal Constitution.

I am a non-Malay, and IF a politician is indeed anti-Malay (as Najib might be anti-Chinese -- his "soak the keris in Chinese blood" statement needs some hateful feeling to be uttered), then I will vote against this politician. No non-Malay, true Malaysian would and should tolerate a politican truly hateful to ANY of the ethnic groups in Malaysia.

So I think you should tone down on the accusations, be a bit more objective, say, like Dato' Kadir Jasin -- a more composed, rational analysis backed by proof and impartial thought, not quick, prejudiced labeling that is driven by emotions without the proper use of akal.

Pasquale said...

pendekar demokrasi..first of all I can never be like Kadir Jasin who wants to be like him...I can be composed if I want too but I am am not your typical Melayu I can be composed but not when I am discussing things that are beyond good manners with the non-Malays!
Karpal Singh will always be perceived as a racist by the Malays. Why? He has never made any attempt to bond or connect with the Malay community, except when he throw or traded insult with the Malay rulers and Malay community leaders. And you also want to know why he cannot bond or connect witht eh Malays that is because he cannot communicate in Malay, the national language of this country, all of his old years to where he is today he cannot even speak proper Bahasa Melayu, because of his mindset, and he has never shown his respect for Malay institutions.
On other issue, I was at the TPCA in Kampung Baru back in 1987 (?) as a joiurnalist when Najib was the Umno Youth Chief, I did remember him saying to "ganyang" or crush Lee Kim Sai for belittling the Malay community, but I do not remember Najib saying "to soak a Malay Keris with Chinese blood" in fact I do not believe Najib said or utter those words. It appears, if more lies were told long enough peopl, and moron like you, will believe it? Ah! The woe of the world is due to simple minded people and simpleton like you pendekar demokrasi, and the only thing that can make you really hapy in this country is to convert to to being a Malay! As for me I had a very very happy Malay childhood, cannot say the same for you my non-Malay friend! But cheers anyway!

daniel said...

It's in wikepedia for a reason. It could be anyone writing those there. Because I'm thinking I've seen that (supposedly) najib statement being over-publicised in some other blogs too. Did these blogs quote from wikipedia too?

I dont know.... Nobody knows what is the truth on the net anymore. *sigh*

Political games. When will it end.

phillix-starscreamer said...

anon at 2:47 is right. just because you LEAD a plethora of committees doesnt mean you're LEADING a country. hello, there's such a thing called i-pay-you-you-polish-my-resume ok.

i dont hate najib. i just need a reason to trust him as my leader. i dont see how he is proving himself clean.

Melayu Jati said...


Please read this important artikel. What is your opinion?

New Strait Times - 10/5/2008

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP chairman Karpal Singh maintained yesterday that he had not questioned the prerogative of the Sultan of Perak.
He said his statements concerning the Sultan's power to revoke the transfer of a state civil servant was purely a legal issue.

Karpal said he was not perturbed over the numerous police reports lodged against him.

"I have committed no offence and those making reports against me should be prepared to face the consequences of lodging false reports," he said at a press conference here yesterday.

"I will not be intimidated by anyone or any quarter.
"I stand by what I have said because the truth must prevail at all times" the Bukit Gelugor Member of Parliament said.

Karpal said he had in no way questioned the prerogative of the Sultan of Perak as head of Islam in the state.

He reiterated that in his view the Sultan had no jurisdiction to direct the state government to reinstate Perak Islamic Religious Department director Datuk Jamry Sury, who was a state government servant.

He said that in Pengarah Pelajaran Wilayah Persekutuan & Others v Loot Ting Yee, the Federal Court decided that a civil servant liable to transfer did not have a right to be heard as a transfer does not amount to dismissal or reduction in rank.

The principles in the decision applied equally to state civil servants, Karpal said.

"I fail to understand why there has been such an uproar on what is purely a legal issue backed by the Privy Council in London, which was until 1985, the highest court in Malaysia."

He threatened legal action against those who made defamatory remarks against him regarding the issue.

In George Town, DAP secretary-general and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng defended Karpal, saying the party chairman was merely stating a case in law and had done nothing wrong.

He instead accused Barisan Nasional leaders of taking a selective approach and practising double standards.

Deputy Chief Minister I Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin of Parti Keadilan Rakyat said he would leave it to the leadership of the DAP and PKR to address the issue.

He said the Malay members of PKR always respected the palace.

"The issue should not be politicised. It is best for the Perak government and palace to resolve the issue," Mohammad Fairus said.

Pendekar Demokrasi said...

Saudara Pasquale:

What I am saying is that Karpal Singh raised a purely judicial point, nothing political or racial. There is nothing insulting of the kings.

Pada pokoknya, soal Karpal adalah begini: adakah Sultan telah melampaui batas kuasa rasminya, misalnya di Perak baru-baru ini, kalau berdasarkan kandungan perlembagaan persekutuan (the law of the land)? Inilah dia hujah yang dikemukakan. Instead of having a healthy, respectful debate, alangkah mengejutkan apabila dia tangkas dituduh menghina Raja atau bersikap anti-Melayu. Kenapa pula begini? Susah sangatkah untuk melihat isu ini melalui lensa yang objektif?

Benar bahawa kita harus menghormati sultan-sultan kita. Malah, antara Sultan yang saya paling kagumi adalah Sultan Azlan Shah. Namun begitu, apabila munculnya satu situasi di mana kita kurang yakin dengan tindakan Sultan, apa salahnya kita bincang?

Usahlah mempolitikkan pula, saudara.

Satu lagi: just because you do not observe Karpal Singh bonding with the Malay people does not mean he does not communicate with the Malays or hates the Malays. Saya bukan penyokong Karpal; walaubagaimanapun, logik saudara jelas mencerminkan pandangan yang sempit. Bolehkah saudara, misalnya, menjamin bahawa tiada seorang pun orang Melayu yang menyokong atau menghormati atau bersetuju dengan pendapat Karpal? Tambahan lagi, apa bukti saudara bahawa Karpal itu seorang yang tidak menghormati masyarakat Melayu biasa?

Tertonjol juga sifat saudara yang memandang hina terhadap mereka-mereka yang mempunyai penguasaan Bahasa Melayu yang kurang mantap. I got an A1 for my BM in SPM, and I am as fluent as a native Malay speaker. This fact I am proud of. However, my dad's command of it is basic to moderate because, like Karpal, he was born in the old, pre-Independence days when English was the medium of instruction in Malaysian schools. Still, he can communicate in sufficiently comprehensible Malay with his Malay colleagues and his many Malay friends. Tidak kurang ramainya sahabat-sahabat Melayu ayah saya. Maka dari segi pertuturannya, adakah pula Karpal Singh langsung tidak petah sehingga tiada sesiapapun di Dewan Rakyat yang dapat memahaminya?

Maka, berbalik kepada isu kuasa Raja berdasarkan perlembagaan, marilah bincangkannya dengan tenang dan rasional. Usahlah mengungkitkan sentimen perkauman atau sebagainya. Usah juga rasa tergugat atau terancam. Kalau asyik bersikap begitu saja, macam mana negara kita nak maju atau menjadi lebih progresif?


Anonymous said...

Harlo pendekar demokrasi,

We dont need negara maju macam Singapura or Taiwan. Kita ada cara kita sendiri untuk maju PAHAM !

Pendekar demokrasi said...

Harlo anonymous 12:51 am,

Siapa cakap kita mau maju macam Singapura atau Taiwan? Cuba baca balik apa yang saya katakan dengan teliti. Mana ada saya sebut pun nama negara lain? Jangan putar-belitkan apa yang saya cakap ya.

Dan memang, kita ada cara kita yang tersendiri untuk maju, saya setuju dengan saudara dan itulah yang saya terajukan dalam komen saya.

galapasos said...

pendekar demokrasi,

i have no doubt that you got an AI in B and can speak the language fluently. My point is there are many, many others who cant or simply refused to. I used to work in an MNC with many Chinese colleagues. One could not count after ten in malay, and many could not string a decent sentence in malay, and these were urban people. Of course English is important in our business dealing but if you are a Malaysian and cant speak the national language properly then thats a travesty.
In some of the forums, some even questioned the need to be fluent in malay since English and Mandarin are more 'International'. They can argue what they want but the fact remains that Malay Language is our bahasa rasmi. Give me the name of any country where the locals cannot speak their national language fluently.
One more thing, there was a commentor here who was harping about how great Dynasty Han was. This was one of my points of contention. Why did he have to 'mendewa-dewakan' the history of another country at the expense of the history of Malaysia/Malaya? Why cant these people be proud of the history of Malaysia/Malaya/Tanah Melayu? Does this has something to do with the fact that non-Malays had little to do with the history of this country?
With the issues of the language, appreciation of history and insistence of going to Chinese school, its no wonder that some Malays are suspicious of non-malays' claim of nationalism.

Pendekar demokrasi said...

Saudara Galapasos/Pasquale:

Hujah saya di forum ini adalah mengenai komen Karpal Singh yang berkait dengan keperlembagaan dan sempadan kuasa Sultan-sultan kita mengikut sepertimana yang ditetapkan di dalam perlembagaan persekutuan Malaysia.

Seseorang itu berhak membangkitkan isu ini dalam latar negara demokrasi asalkan ianya dilakukan secara sopan dan bukan dengan motif atau niat sengaja mahu menghina mana mana pihak termasuk Raja-raja kita.

Oleh demikian, tidak perlulah kita teruja-uja sangat sampai mendakwa ianya adalah tindakan menderhaka.

Dalam sistem demokrasi, mari kita duduk berbincang dengan tenang dan sopan tanpa emosi yang keterlaluan atau niat mahu mengambil kesempatan untuk keuntungan sendiri dengan mengungkitkan isu perkauman, agama, atau politikal. Sekiranya satu hujah yang jelas sah dan munasabah tidak boleh dibincang di negara kita, maka merosotlah negara dan kebajikan masyarakat. Ini selaras dengan saranan muka hadapan blog ini yang berbunyi 'freedom of expression is essential for any society to evolve'. Saya sukacita dengan pendirian penyelaras blog ini untuk membuka ruang bagi pengungkapan pendapat yang pelbagai.

Seterusnya, berkait dengan komen saudara mengenai Bahasa Melayu, saya bersetuju penuh. Adalah sesuai dan harus bagi warganegara mana-mana negara mempunyai penguasaan bahasa kebangsaan pada satu tahap yang memuaskan. Tidak patut bahasa kebangsaan diendahkan. Kita seharusnya cuba mendidik mereka-mereka yang tidak tahu Bahasa Melayu atau sekurang-kurangnya menggalakkan mereka bertutur dalam Bahasa Melayu dengan cara yang diplomatik dan sopan. Pada waktu yang sama, harus juga kita kikis rasa syak wasangka atau prejudis terhadap kaum lain dan taat setia mereka terhadap negara. Rasa curiga inilah yang pada asalnya mencetuskan rasa hilang keyakinan atau kepercayaan pada mereka-mereka ini terhadap konsep bangsa Malaysia yang bersatu dan harmonis. Majoriti orang bukan Melayu di Malaysia merupakan generasi yang lahir, dibesarkan di tanahair kita dan telah menjadi inti-pati tanahair kita sama seperti orang Melayu. Marilah kita mencipta satu suasana dan polisi kerajaan dan negara yang menggalakkan perpaduan dan bukan perpecahan dan perasaan seolah-olah satu kaum itu adalah lebih baik atau lebih tinggi tarafnya dari yang satu lagi (persepsi istilah 'second-class citizen', dan sebagainya). Hanya sekiranya perpaduan yang adil dan saksama dicapai maka semua rakyat Malaysia tidak kira bangsa atau agama sudah tentu bangga dengan negara mereka dan mempunyai insentif dan semangat kukuh dan kuat untuk mendakap penuh jiwa kenegaraan. Maka tidak adil sekiranya kita menuduh mana-mana kaum sebagai tidak taat kepada negara dan sebagainya kerana sikap ini timbulnya daripada punca institusional dan polisi yang membuatkan mereka rasa seolah-olah tersisih atau diabai. Rasa yakin mereka-mereka ini harus disemai kembali dan dijamin agar simptom masalah yang dihuraikan oleh saudara di atas dapat di atasi dengan sebaiknya.

Terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

pendekar pendek..

habis yg dia kata ini bkn zaman feudal tu apa?

No 2nd chance for Malay & King symbol. Sekali diorang dapat, habis melayu.

Yg hang bakup orang Gila tu apa pasal? Dah tau DAP=PAP. Tujuan asal mereka nak hapus Hak Melayu dari dulu lg.

Yg sebok bakup diorang apahal? Nak sokong Pas/PKR sokong tp jgn jadi Bodo/ barua sing yang entah mana asal usul ni.