Thursday, May 15, 2008

Najib: Read my lips, I am not involved!

Read my Lips! I am not involved!

Leader of the Opposition Party Wan Azizah tried to pull a fast one was caught and shamed!

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said he has never known or met murdered Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu, despite all the wild allegations made against him.Najib said as a responsible citizen, he would again reiteratd that he had never known or even met this woman before. And that he prays the court will continue to seek justice and uphold the law without any interference.
Najib was replying to points raised by MPs in parliament during the debate on the Royal Address in Parliament. He also thank God for giving him the strength to stave off all wild allegations, accusations and lies thrown at him when trying to link the murder case to him just for the sole purpose of trying to smear his reputation to the maximum.

Several opposition MPs, debating the motion of thanks to the King, had linked Najib to the late model. The allegations triggered heated exchanges between government backbenchers and the opposition. Najib's response on the Altantuya case came at the tail-end of his hour-long speech, which was largely delivered without interference from questioning MPs.
He earlier told the House that there were no improprieties in the government's acquisition of military hardware. Najib, the defence minister, said the acquisition of two Scorpene submarines from France and 18 Sukhoi jet fighters from Russia were done through direct negotiations with the respective countries.
For the submarines, he said the contract valued at STG1.084 billion (RM5.5 billion) included the actual acquisition price of STG969.15 million and co-ordination and support services worth STG114.96 million.
"The claims that RM350 million was paid to Perimekar Sdn Bhd as commission are not true read more here. "No commission was paid. The RM350 million was the value of the work done by Perimekar Sdn Bhd as the project services provider (read more here)," he said in reply to a question from Datuk Ibrahim Ali (Ind-Pasir Mas).
Najib told the House that the agreement to acquire the Scorpene submarines was signed on June 5, 2002 between the Malaysian government, DCNS from France and Navantia of Spain. DCNS, a French government-owned company, and Navantia were engaged as the submarine providers while Perimekar Sdn Bhd came on board as project services provider.
Najib said the purchase of the Sukhoi jets was made directly through the Rosoboronexport company, which was owned by the Russian government. He said IMT Defence (M) Sdn Bhd, which is the sole representative for Rosoboronexport in Malaysia, was appointed by the Russian company.
"The government is not involved in business dealings between the two companies. I must stress that the government did not pay any commission to IMT Defence (M) Sdn Bhd as claimed." Najib said for both the Scorpene and Sukhoi acquisitions, the cost differed from purchases by other countries depending on the specifications.
Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (PKR-Permatang Pauh) had asked why the Malaysian Scorpene had cost more than those purchased by Chile and India. Najib said purchase of Scorpene made by Indian and Chile is not the same as the one purchased by Malaysia.
He said one can only compare apple with apple since our submarine specs are not the same and that he could not reveal the extra fittings or equipment made on the purchased Scorpene due to security reasons.

On Wan Azizah allegations or corrupt practices in awarding of the RMN to PSC Naval Dockyard, she was stumped by the answer given to parliament that the man who awarded the contract to PSC Nava Dockyard was none other than her husband Anwar Ibrahim, who was the Finance Minister of Malaysia then, and who is now the "great" adviser to Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR). Wan Azizah then quietly sat down. (read more here).



daniel said...

Whether what Najib's statement was indeed true or not is anybody's guess, let justice take its natural course (in this world or another) and we will anticipate.

But on another note, I'm a little bit irritated that MPs from both sides are resorting to bringing up allegations which well, still have no proper proof as of yet in the Parliament. Where is professionalism?

I mean, this atlantuyaa issue, parti khinzir rakyat etc. Come ON

Anonymous said...

You'll believe anything Najib says don't you? Like Daniel said, the truth of the matter is still anybody's guess.

We should be looking at matters that have been found true like the "Wang Ehsan" for Terengganu and question where all those billions have gone to or who had benefitted from the money and stop squibbling about unproven issues.

Ridzwan said...

Dude.. where can I get this video ? Its damn hard to find on youtube where the media is heavily skewed on the opposition agenda...

Anonymous said...

To Datin Seri Wan Azizah,
If this news on Naval Dockyard you fail to research in advance, imagine what other "dirty little secrets" your husband may have that you dont know about? Ask him about them so you may be spared any future embarrassment and better prepared in Parliament.
Ask him tonight and post them in the PKR website so we have better expectation on our beloved leader, DSAI!!


Anonymous said...

Aduh kak Wan! Dah lama dah aku dok nengok Kak Wan ni jadi politician hanya atas proxy Anwar.
Ade je issue, Kak Wan muncul no satu, siap dok sebelah pak cik Mongolia.
Nak kata Kak Wan ni keldai tunggangan Nuar tak boleh sebab dia isteri yang sah!
Nak kata Kak Wan ni balaci tak boleh sebab sememang mesti patuh kata suami!
Bila kena macam ni hopefully Kak Wan learnt that Nuar ni bukan boleh percaya punya kaki.

Piggy Singh

Anonymous said...

stop politic, start do bisness..malaysian politician, esp. dr pembangkang actually org yg nak kaya.. tapi tak tau tak dapat kaya dlm BN, cuba nasib jd bangkang..lama2 diorang jadi kerajaan diorang pun songlap.

amoker said...

Sorry, am not convinced just by these statements of 'no wrongdoing". Perimekar got RM500 million plus just to provide housing service. And Primekar is own by our tentera ( so why can't tentera do it themselves? ) And what is the different spec between the 3 submarines? And if Najib believed that justice will prevail in our courts, he should at least submit himself to the same intensity of grilling than just a public relations exercise.

Anonymous said...

kalau UMNO tu kotor sgt mcm kandang babi..Anwar dulu pun drpd UMNO..dah samak ke belum atau tak perlu pasal dia Brader Anwar Bin Ibrahim..

tetiba je jd makhluk suci yg dipuja mcm berhala segolongan manusia tu..

Kalo dia ada empat tangan dah lama ada spisis bangsa yg buat tokong & sembah..

Pasquale said...

amoker...Najib is not on trial here so he is respecting the ongoing case otherwise it is in contempt of the fact that Najib has already said in parliament n front of the country and people, so to speak, that he is not involved and what else do you want? Repeat, he is not on trial here for murder, Razak Baginda and two others are! You must be a slow learner!

Anonymous said...

Amoker Dude,
So your're not convince huh?
Than I guess you give a shit about the alleged misappropriation of awards to Datuk Amin Shah by DSAI in the PSC Naval Dockyard scandal?
Go look that up as well and tell us if you are now a believer.
Why not share that findings with wan azizah.

Anonymous said...

Oooch...! that's painful...

Bro Anwar..., what else you haven't "confessed" to you wifey...?

sexyjudge said...

I am drawn to comment, although this subject is long forgotten. This is one of the reasons I disagree with RPK on Court of Public Opinion. Making COPO an authority will only be damaging.