Wednesday, May 07, 2008

RPK made serious allegations and he must own up to his actions!

RPK at court before being formally charged for sedition.

My friend Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) has been charged for publishing a seditious article titled "Let's send ther Altantuya murderers to hell", which appeared on April 25, which allegedly implicated Deputy Prime Minister Minister Najib Razak and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor in the death of Altantuya Shaariibu, now these are very serious allegations.
It is a damning article out to tarnish, destroy and malign an image of a senior Umno politician and who, for all intent and purposes, is also a designated Prime Minister of the country. Najib probably had no choice, but to reply and he did this via his his press secretary Tengku Shariffuddin, which RPK , through his website Malaysia Today, published. Then Rosmah was asked by reporters at a function and she had no choice but to comment on the serious allegation that she might be involved in a murder, for heaven sake! She, after all these years, since 2002, probably had enough but had to rebut RPK's malicious article. My contention is why didn't the police and the Home Affairs Minis also try to rebut RPK's allegations this time through the media also read here, be it electronic or print media. But instead RPK was called and interrogated by the police and later charged for sedition.
Then there is this wild story going around saying Najib had "abused" his position and had asked the police to arrest RPK over the allegations. It is not as easy as that. As a Malaysian, I demand the police to come out and give a press statement to say that is not true, and that the Police acted on its own without being coerced or prompted by anyone. As a citizen I also demand the police to come out with this statement otherwise RPK's accusations and public perception that Najib has abused his power to get back at RPK forever may be made believable!

I also took the liberty to again reprint the sentences which are parts of the said article written by RPK and the charges made against him were based on these damning sentences. I hope you all can make up your own mind on the matter! On what RPK said about the police is now being accessed by the whole world that our police force is in the habit of killing innocent citizen, as what his article implies, and for his wife to call all Malay as pigs (that is how I saw it written) and that the Prime Minister is hiding something so serious as he was made to "hide" certain evidence implicating his deputy in the death of this unfortunate Mongolian girl then implying the prime minister is an accessory to murder! My friend these are indeed serious allegations being made!


Paragraphs and sentences from the said article "Let's the send Altantuya Murderers to Hell" that led to RPK being charged for Sedition.

"The next point is about where Altantuya’s remains were found, which was deep in the jungles. The three accused deny killing Altantuya yet the police knew exactly where to go to look for the remains. How did the police know where to go when the three denied killing her? Did they use a bomoh? Was there an informer? No, the police just happen to know that deep in the jungles they would find Altantuya’s remains without anyone having to tell them.
It makes one wonder whether the police knew where to go because it is a ‘gazetted dumpsite’ where all ‘bumped off’ people are disposed. Does this then mean that the two police officers on trial alongside Razak are police hit men whose job it is to bump people off and then get rid of their bodies at that site where they retrieved Altantuya’s remains? This, of course, remains mere speculation but there is certainly cause for speculation and the evidence all seem to point to this assumption.
The whispering amongst those who walk in the corridors of power is that when they went to the ‘dump site’ they retrieved the remains of many others as well. Some say it was the remains of seven people and others say nine. So Altantuya was not the first. There were many others before this, almost ten judging by the remains.
This, of course, has never been made public and probably never will. So, until it is, we must assume that the ‘whispering’ is unfounded. But then, what about Razak’s Affidavit we talked about earlier, which stated that the police officer had admitted to killing six people before this. This would then make Altantuya the seventh victim. Against this backdrop, the ‘whispering’ about the police retrieving the remains of seven or nine people begins to sound like very loud whispers.

Rumour has it, and it remains just that, a rumour, is that all this ‘evidence’ has been given to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Okay, maybe Abdullah is using this information to keep Najib in line -- which appears to be working seeing that he is constantly licking Abdullah’s hand. But this is not about politics and should not be dealt as such. This is about the Prime Minister of Malaysia withholding crucial evidence in a murder trial. Abdullah is an accessory to murder and burying evidence that will affect the outcome of the trial and interfere in seeing justice done renders Abdullah as guilty as those currently on trial and those who also should be on trial but are not.

“Even pigs can be cute,” my wife who was driving the car butted in and I repeated what she said. “Yes, even pigs are cute. These people are not even the same level as pigs. They are lower than pigs. Melayu babi, the whole lot of them.”


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Anwar is a pig for being an American spy and trying to sell this country to the highest bidder!

Anak Sitiawan Mata Duri!

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Let RPK face the music, I really think he crossed the line.

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In that case RPK's wife is married to half a babi. If I'm not mistaken, RPK is half-Malay and half -Caucasian. As she used to be an eater of pig flesh (forgive me if I'm wrong)she should not call Malays babi - what then is the carnivo-makeup of her offsprings. Oh dear this is all getting too complex. As for Anwar, he should be canned and left as an exhibit at the Tate Modern Museum, to complement the Turd in the Tin exhibit. So all you self-loathing Malays out there, check your pedigree before you throw stones at the mixed-up Malays.

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Encik Pasquale (are you a Malay?)

Nama RPK patut ditukar kepada Raja Pondan Kita. Apa punya raja, baru Azilah panggil nama dah trauma dan histeria. Belum lagi hantu Antaltuya beri salam di penjara.Tulisan dalam blog dia bukan main lagi hentam Azilah, Sirul dan Razak. Kononnya semua cerita dia tahu. Sedangkan apa yg ditulis jelas hanya cerita rekaan, dongeng bercampur fiksyen semata-mata.Kalau dakwaan RPK betul, buat apa lari dari penjara. duduklah dalam penjara sehingga perbicaraan pd bulan Oktober. jumpalah Azilah, Sirul dan Razak dlm penjara tiap-tiap hari .Bagi tazkirah kat dia org bertiga sampai lembik (Dalam Malaysia Today ada komen yg kata RPK Rasullullah). Tunjukkan segala bukti yang kononnya Raja Pondan Kita ada.(Hakikatnya aku boleh potong jari dia tak ada bukti apa-apapun) Ketika dibebaskan semalam Raja Pondan Kita memakai T Shirt yang jelas tertulis 'RPK C4 Me'. Kalau berani apasal 'lari' dari penjara. Tak perlu suruh bini mualaf tu jamin. Biar bini kumpul duit hasil sumbangan org ramai. dlm penjara tak ada C4. Apa nak takut. Moralnya, jangan suka fitnah org dan jangan jadi penulis upahan utk pembangkang. Hidup patutnya berani kerana Allah dan mati kerana Allah. Hentikan fitnah terhadap orang lain.

Melay Sudah FedUp dari Perak!