Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Those spreading lies must be dealt with immediately!

An open letter to the Shah Alam High Court judge:

The Shah Alam High Court judge, Datuk Mohd Zaki Md Yassin who is deliberating on the Altantuya murder case must take action against those who are spreading lies pertaining to the case, And that these people are clearly in contempt of court.These lies if allowed to go on and not checked by the court, can mar and contaminate the direction of the proceeding that can influence the outcome.

Some of the lies, exaggeration and allegations that have been spread, read eva's haven here, are so extreme one wonder whether our court is nothing but a joke. Raja Petra has no qualm telling the world Najib and Rosmah are involved without a shred of evidence provided. I, as a citizen of this country, demand Datuk Mohd Zaki to make some kind of a statement and to take action against irresponsible blogsites and websites that are spreading rumours and exaggerated stories pertaining the Altantuya case and churning fantastic “new evidence” in this case that we as citizen do not know what to believe anymore.

The court must also ask the police to check against those distributing disparaging VCD and CD purporting new evidence and many more lies that if left unattended to, can have grave consequences. By right and by convention, justice must be upheld as soon as possible, otherwise there will be many more police reports to be made as being done by the two accused Sirul and Azila, who are obviously not very happy where the court is going and how the court is handling the case, and that surrounding it.

I have sat long enough listening to lies and allegations and new evidence vis-à-vis this Altantuya case, and I hope the judicial system in this country I will respect again beginning with Judge Datuk Mohd Zaki taking action against those spreading lies that can affect the on going case. Thank you!


script writer for hire said...


Which are lies and which are fact? Can you highlight them? So you know more than the judge?

Interesting interesting, why are our court cases all have script writer like the one involved our future PM Datuk Anwar?

Pasquale said...

script writer for hire...I am saying lies and allegations by Raja Petra about Police Killing field where he insinuated police knew where Altantuya was kiled probably, he said,police had done it before with others! Now this gives the wrong impression to the public the police is in cahoot with the killer or killers! And when Raja Petra said, "do you think I am stupid that I dare to do all of these without proof" after he was released or when he was detained when he told reporters or something like that! This is what I am saying!!!

Bung Karno said...


syed hamid was saying that the other botak guy was berbohong about being threatened by sirl and azilah. Si botak tu tak jawap pun.

But the joker in him was saying this.... 'I was not mogok lapar. I just couldn't eat when food was brought to me and I realised that I cannot eat bcos that was prepared from duit rakyat.'...

Angelic botak. He was ordering pizza hut but Sg Buloh people stopped it.

Pasquale said...

bung karno...precisely what I am saying that these lies must be checked and the high court judge must do something, and the police report made by siril and azilah must be taken seriously, otherwise what is the point to all these but tofix Najib Tn Razak!

Anonymous said...

Your Truly No Holds Barred,

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“Ini Anak Raja Bugis bercakap yang mati dengan keris di dalam tangan.”
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“Anyway, to cut a long story even longer, I finally agreed to meet my wife and agreed to my wife’s appeal that she be allowed to pay the bail. After all, a knife in my stomach would not exactly be what the doctor would recommend.”


Sigh…..it’s so depressing……….anyway its coming from your heart right ?

Anonymous said...

anonymous...Raja Petra is only an empty barrel that makes at lot of noises. I am a bit disappointed with him!

daniel said...

Well, if what RPK saying that he has "proof" is true. I'm giving the benfit of the doubt. Not that I'm saying I'm believning his allegations either.

So now the two policemen in prison that RPK claimed he was assaluted by DENIED they had even met RPK in prison. Now what? WHo is the liar in this case?