Monday, May 12, 2008

On-line voting in Khir Toyo blogsite CAN be manipulated, I did it!

*Breaking news*


I would like to make an apology to anyone that I have slighted and for being rude in regard to my posting and comments on Khir Toyo's on-line polling and voting, on who is the likely the person favoured to succeed Pak Lah as prime minister.
My argument is the on-line poll can be manipulated as I have said and then of what benefit can Khir Toyo on-line poll do to Najib when he is seen to be voted as slightly more than Ali Rustam. In the moment of anger perhaps, I may have said or used words that could have disturbed many, for this I apologise. But I stand by my reasoning that an on-line poll such as the one used in Khir Toyo blogsite serve no purpose and can be manipulated but except to tell people Najib is not being supported by the rakyat and that is all, and that is the way I see it. Again I sincerely apologise for all the anguish caused. Thank you.


I received a SMS sent to me by someone who argued over my contention that Khir Toyo's blogsite on survey and voting on who is more popular to be the next PM to succeed Pak Lah, can be manipulated and I also did some manipulation it is so easy. Unlike CNN (maybe) or Gallup Poll, that can be "trusted" and manned by professional, Khir Toyo's on-line polls can be easily manipulated.
So to prove a point a friend, well versed in IT , sat with me and showed me how I can vote for Najib nine times in a span of 15 minutes. Just do a few functions from your laptop and voila I voted and voted! Imagine if there were 20 or 40 people doing it and I am sure the results would be different for everyone.
The results of the on-line voting thus far, for only three days left of "manipulation"and Najib gets only 13% and Muhyiddin about 48% and Tengku Razaleigh 33%, hey wow! What a survey, and what a moron!



Bung Karno said...

Ye lah, stupid survey.

I voted 10 x for Muhydin, 5 x for TRH, 1 x for Najib.

False hope to Muhydin.

Anonymous said...

maybe i should spent a whole day and vote for Najip just to boost his ego if he happens to visit KT's blog

A Voice said...
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Anonymous said...

Tks for removing the sms.

Apology accepted and apology seek too.

Lets move on. Banyak kerja nak buat.

You know who I am.

Ebony said...

Good post.