Thursday, June 05, 2008

Anwar is an empty vessel! And do you feel the same about this government under AAB!

This painting is titled "Lucifer Rising"(you can change the name Lucifer to a name of someone that you think resemble the face) and I cannot help but noticing certain resemblance to one person who believes he is God-gift to being a prime minister of this country. I will say Reject him at all cost!


Hi good people of this good country called Malaysia!

First of all while sifting through Rockybru on comments on the fuel price hike I found this inspiring one made by an anonymous who signed off as "hungry in malaysia". This comment struck a raw nerve in me as a Malaysian, you read it and see if it does yours. So I decided to make it a front page of BarkingMagpie (with permission). This particular comment said something that bothers me. It says "Pak Lah is opening a path for anwar to take over the government."
Already in Asia Inc article under "A New Alliance" May-June 2008 edition, Anwar was quoted or sort of insinuated that he will take over the country when the country is in "bad shape", and that AAB will relinquish his post to his deputy. He also said he would like to see Najib be the next PM so he can challenge him head on since the deputy prime minister has a "lot of baggage". But what Anwar does not know is others also have a "real baggage" on him that can be opened at any time. His attacks on Najib is only based on his ability to tell lies convincingly and making baseless allegations and making innuendos without any facts. Just like his "ex-cohort" Ezam Md Nor who claimed boxes of evidence ready to be opened for people to see, hogwash! Anwar is classic Moron of the first order, a desperate man who thinks he is pre-ordained to rule the country?! He will do anything to be one even if he has to sell "his soul to the Devil" to have it, which he has such as sleeping with the CIA, British MI5, being in touch with the Israelis intelligence agency Shen Beit, a good buddy of Zionist Wolfowitz. And he simply cannot bear the thought of Najib who will be the next PM of Malaysia. Here is a sample of that interview which appeared in Asia Inc under an article titled "A New Alliance" :
"Q: Who would you ( Anwar Ibrahim) like to see as UMNO Leader in the next election?
Who would be the easiest opponent for you- Najib, Tengku Razaleigh or Abdullah Badawi.
Answer: I am not sure Abdullah will be around the next election. He has already
hinted that he will hand over power before the next election.
Back to your question: Najib?Muhyiddin?Razaleigh?
I think Najib with all his baggage should be the easiest. I hope they pick him as
their next leader so I can fight him rather than the others you mentioned.
There are all those controversial defense contracts and all the issues dating back to
the time when he was Menteri Besar of Pahang."

And below is that inspiring comment made by "hungary in malaysia which appeared in Rockybry:

"Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pak Lah, are you committing political suicide or are you opening the path for anwar to take over the government.
or are your advisors that stupid, or they are smart enough to make you look stupid.
how much you want to tekan small fry like us.
we do not have enough money to eat now.
two years ago, during buka puasa time I did not have money to buy food for two days. So buka puasa I just drink water.
This year I must be prepared to buka puasa with only water for many many more days while you, pak lah, enjoy sumptious buka puasa spread.
pls dont be a heartless leader. we used to think you were nice.
now you are just nasty. plain nasty.

hungry in malaysia

12:43 AM"


sexyjudge said...

Hungry in Malaysia, I share this sorrow. A meal a day has been routine since 2006 unless part time second job is on and paying. But life must go on and no point indulging in self pity too.

Pasquale, another comment that followed "Hungry in Malaysia" is also worth highlighting:

"Mr PM, Don comapare our fuel price with other nations. Other nations' fuel price may be expensive but they enjoy cheaper car, better medical service, no tolls, good legal system,and transparent government... not to mention their incentives for the jobless. LOOK AT OUR COUNTRY, EVERYTHING ALSO EXPENSIVE AND POOR IN STANDARD!!! Pls don compare and we are not that stupid.

By Walao
11:59 AM"

anwar dot com said...


Soalan untuk Anwar-Betulkah terima duit Yahudi?

Video 7-Siapa godfather Anwar ?

Video 6- Siapa taja Anwar PRU 12?

Video 5- Anwar Muslim Moderate ?

Video 4- Anwar gugurkan Negara Islam PAS

Sumber :

Anonymous said...

Kepada semua rakyat Malaysia yang cintakan negara tolong tengok link anwar dot com pasal Anwar Ibrahim amat memeranjatkan, tolong dengan segera dan jangan melulu sahaja menyokong si petualang Anwar ini.

Patriot Game.

Anonymous said...

I think like-minded bloggers like Rockybru and Zorro and Nuuraina and many more should carry You Tube links, from Anwar Dot Com, in their blogsites to expose Anwar Ibrahim, but unless they are also pro-ANWAR!

Tired Old Perdana!

Anonymous said...

Pasquale, I have seen the links posted by Anwar Dot Com and I am now more convinced than ever that Anwar is indeed Lucifer in disguise as a Malay-Muslim from Penang. He must be stopped at all cost, I implore Umno members who are IT savvy to look at these links.

Never Pro Anwar Dot Com!

yesterday once more said...

Anwar doesn't have the look of the next PM but Najib surely have. Najib head is big enough, is big and round like Mou Ze Dong and also the head is very high like Lee Kuan Yew. He got a big boss body, very big like that of Mou Ze Dong too. When he smile he looks like George Washington and when he speak he sound like Fidel Castro. He got a beautiful wife too just like the wife of John F Kennedy. When he walk it is like Kim Jong IL. Everything he has is that of a PM and the only thing missing is the two ball.

pamina said...

the fact that ppl are banking on anwar as a savior shows how desperate the siuation is.

but he was an empty vessel, long time ago.

HandsomePM said...

if Anwar became PM (of course, with Wolforiz fund) then LKS will be ugliest face shape TPM in Malaysia history. Then new Lim dynasty (cronies) era begin..

Some say, LKS & Karpal Singh are selfless, stupid fact. I only trust that statement-after they becoming monk.

malaysianlover said...

Anwar, described as "empty vessel" is an over-statement. A "tongkang bocor" is more like it.

sultan Malacca said...

When Anwar was DPM the Malays are united and UMNO win with over 2/3 majority but when Najib is the DPM the Malays lost power and UMNO lost 2/3 majority. This already prove that Najib is not as good as Anwar. If Anwar is sailing on vessel or tongkang than Najib is holding on to a log.

Pasquale said...

Hei sultan malacca bodoh, bangang, bahlol, bengap, moron!
BN lost because of Abdulah Ahmad Badawi whose home state was one of the loser to the opposition! There were even rumours AAB also lost in Kepala Batas, I believe that, but was saved by trickery. On the other hand Najib's majority increased by 26,000 and he was a model MP who won convincingly even with increased majority. So the lost of BN has nothing to do with Najib but because of AAB. IN a democratic system the PM should have step down but he refused. So in you pro Anwar the buggerer fervor jangan lah jadi bodoh, bangang, bahlol, bengap dan moron, fikir mesti fikir.
BTW Anwar did not win the 2/3 majority when he was DPM Mahathir did!

sultan malacca said...

You might not agree to what I say but still you already agree that Tun + Anwar is better than AAB + Najib. Anwar also prove that Najib doesn't know economy by saying that petrol subsidy will bankrupt the country. How can a surplus oil producing country end up being bankrupt when oil price is on the increase? Does the smart DPM saying that Malaysia will benefit more when oil price is decreasing? This is a prove that he is a real moron.

hate Anwar love Peace said...

sultan Melaka..

Better u say,when Anwar was DPM,he stopped Bush to raise oil price.

Anwar-war type person/ Hitler politic style. After people heard his speech, right or wrong, the stupid of them will mad & die for him.

He never follow up his victim during chaotic time which he created. Student kena buang, org mati dsb. Even Nalakaruppan(rakan baik tenis), tengok video Nala- dia tak lawat/give support. Itu masalah depa, sapa suruh jd bodoh (kata hati Anwar agaknya).

Anwar dh resign FFF (Wolfowizt-Iraq War).
Dia tak tau nak jawab, what for he joint 'dark force' mcm dlm filem star wars. Tp kalau dah berkawan dgn mcm ni. Think yourself & never trust him.

Ini org nk cari makan & popular, bikin kecoh. joinla gangstar..lg baik.

sexyjudge said...

Hey, this argument, might not arrive at any decision. However, looking at the whole post by Pasquale with some others, you can still appreciate it in many ways more.

xaviera said...

anwar dot com,

no point u post the links here. better post it at malaysia today or through malaysiakini.

anyway i've seen those links. what strikes me is that anwar relationship with the wolf was never a secret. all the info is public knowledge.

Arsenic dan Ikan Masin said...

How sincere Anwar is when it comes to free speech, post a comment at Anwar's blog, ask him questions about jewish connection, buying MPs to become instant prime minister, his color changing persona, nalakaruppan etc.
Guarenteed the comment will not be published.
Below is my comment at Anwar's blog regarding Anwar's claim to shift his focus from international issue to national matters, and the comment was never published, so much of a free speech.
"DSAI, nak tumpu perhatian politik dalam negeri ke atau nak jadi PM segera, tak reti-reti belajaq dari pengalaman masa dalam UMNO, nak naik cepat sangat semua orang hang pijak, bila jatuh tak bersambut memekak melolong cari pengikut.
Apa cita MP yang nak join hang, tak kan nak join PKR saja, tak offer masuk PAS ke. Dulu bagi tarikh bila MP nak cross-over, then panggil media, tapi orang media balik saja, ada yang meluat ngan perangai hang selalu cari limelight.
Setakat budak2 hingusan boleh la kau kelentong, tapi aku nak bagi tahu kalau hang nak dengaq, ramai dah fed up ngan perjuangan hang yang asyik dok tukar color, bak kata Chandra Muzaffar, macam pok ko."