Sunday, June 29, 2008

Turkish Embassy granted asylum to Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI)! Most unfortunate!

By his act, he shamed the country! Break relationship with Turkey for believing the lies told by BABI!

*news update*
Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim was reassured no harm will come to him if he leaves the Turkish Embassy here in KL. Turkish ambassador also reassured him the whole world is now watching so he won't get beat up. He left the Embassy at 6.45pm Monday accompanied by his wife Wan Azizah and a lawyer. But still it is a shame that he has painted the whole system in this country as being useless and cannot be trusted for him to ask foreign country to look after his safety, if indeed he was threatened by death, which I doubt! Just to be on the record he did not ask for asylum just a safe passage from what he imagined from harms way! This guy is another schizoid and imagine wanting to be a prime minister?!!

Anwar is presently seeking shelter at the Turkish embassy after fearing assassination attempt on him. Hogwash! Not in this country even if some of us are compelled to do so on certain leaders! But not in Malaysia!
We must also remember ten years ago BABI also accused Malaysian government of trying to poison him with arsenic, and his wife believed the prison doctors would inject him with HIV-stained blood, he also faked neck and back injury but the soonest he got to Germany he walked!
What kind of a man is this who appears to have run out of ideas to trick the people and is now resorting to seeking asylum at a foreign embassy, placing Malaysia in a bad light. The Turkish Embassy, in a spirit of a strong bilateral relations, must reject the request for asylum since Malaysia is not and has never been a repressive country, let alone in a business of assassinating people!
Wisma Putra must lodge an official complaint to the Turkish government via the Turkish Embassy.
My take is, this time around he realises the whole world will now know that he actually is a guilty of something and that the latest allegation of sodomy made against him is true!

Bugger! No cheers today!


Civilian said...

Aiyah. How could one be sure that Anwar is even in the embassy? He could have been somewhere else, drinking mocktails with little straw hats...

Anonymous said...

Hi Pasquale,
An true nationalists leader, in my belief, should not fear lifelong incarceration in pursuit of justice for his people. Neither Mr Mandela nor Mahatma Gandhi were convinced seeking refuge from foreign government was the solution to freeing their people from oppressed government.
Now enter Anwar Ibrahim, a "wanna be" for the people's struggle from "injustce and opression"- just rumours of assissination is all it takes for this coward to hide behind Turkish Govt. Isn't this the act of a coward?
He should stand up to the sodomy allegations and prove once and for all that he isnt into anal sex with young boys. Use any means possible (legal,religion, emotional appeal) to prove the malaysia government is really out to destroy him since the administration of Tun Mahathir. Or else just 'frekin' admit he is a faggot and get on with his life...

PKR Member Cawangan Damansara aka Anak Watan Selangor

anak jantan said...

brother pasquele, i've been telling you that anwar is a cock sucker. well well ... god is great and now we have 23-year-old saiful who took the brunt of anwar's deviant behaviour. but you can't really blame anwar as saiful is tall and handsome. plus once a sodomite, always a sodomite. i wonder whether azmin knows a thing or two. whether azmin too is a victim. but then again, if you enjoy it then you can't be a victim right? hidup najib!!!

Bung Karno said...

There is SODOM in Turkey. Anwar has made a good choice!

Not UMNO fan but Hate Anwar said...

Watch BBC today..

29 June
The World Undercover.
Money out of Chaos.
(..dihasilkan utuk memutihkan tuduhan, tapi the reality they are rich by war profit)

Result of 'Wolforitz' cooperation.
Anwar = Wolforitz.

Anwar & bontot is his personal issue. Nothing for me.

jaim said...

Mr Anonymous

Anwar should not only stand up for sodomy allegation but also for his allege relationship with Norlila the boutique girl, ismail harun and several others too.

straycat's strut said...

Pasquale, I checked around the blogs and is actually awed by the fact that so many people actually swallowed (literally) at whatever anwar threw at them. They really believe that anwar is an angel, dont they? They believe in whatever he said instead of watching their back (again, literally).

Pasquale said...

straycat's strut...let us cut to the chase and I am one who is not a hypocrite. Here goes and let me say it as it is, the Malay as a race is not a thinking race just a follower and very impressionable. They follow Anwar's scam and lies and con-job swallowing it hook, line and sinker!
The non-Malays in PKR and the opposition will support Anwar for another reason, though they may not swallow it hook, line and sinker, but they know that Anwar is the key to erode and to bring down the Malay "domination" in politics. If I am a non-MAlay I will go for the opposition knowing that it is the only way to destroy Umno. Unless the Malays wake up and realise this then they have only themselves to be blamed if they were to be dominated politically, economically and above all psychologically, by the non-Malays! No I am not a racist, just a realist for I can and shall survive in any condition, but I'd rather this country be run by the majority of the indigenous Malay of which race I belong to!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous III

u know how criminals/crooks gets paranoid and always run when they see the police even when the police are not after them? That shows that they are guilty of some crimes.

Now, compare that to how anwar squirmed (runaway like a wussy) and immediately accused somebody else trying to kill him just to get a pathetic sympathy from his sodomy supporters..

To those who worship this sick bastard, Congratulation!because u just show the world how stupid u guys are! Of course he's not admitting the sodomy allegations even if its true..even jeff dahmer, ted bundy,john gacy and other smart criminals are not admitting anything even after they are sentenced to death or life sentences by the courts. Only until their last days on earth that they eventually admit it.

Anwar decision to seek refuge at foreign embassy and made allegations that ur government are trying to assassinate him shows that how he thinks u Malaysian are stupid as hell..If ur government really wants to assassinate him, do u really think that they would fail???!!! Do u really think that ur government would make fuss about his sodomies acts before they kill him??

Seeking refuge at a foreign embassy in his own country will tarnish Malaysia's image to the whole world. Clearly, Malaysia's sovereignty means nothing to him and he will use it at his disposal for the sake of his own interests.

Malaysian people, Open ur eyes and see the true colors of this sick bastard. I hate to see ur great nations falls apart because of this ass-thruster!

jamal pak tongko said...

anwar tak kena tangkap lagi laa.. dia yang buat wayang lari ke kedutaan turki... tunggu saja siasatan polis.. jangan duk buat tohmahan dan spekulasi..

kalau anwar betul kenapa dia sendiri tak buat press conference denied the allegation dan jawab segala persoalan mengenai tuduhan tue??

dalam banyak-banyak tuduhan kenapa tuduhan meliwat nie yang keluar?? old habits die hard my fren... aku simpati kepada peminat-peminat anwar nie.. tunggu sahaja keputusan mahkamah.. tak payah nak buat wayang bodoh..

azizah kata dia buat laporan polis mengenai musa dengan ghani patail dalam kes tahun 1998.. kenapa tak buat laporan tue dua tiga bulan lepas?? aku kesian kat azizah nie.. dapat suami macam anwar..

orang bodoh je yang taknak tgk bukti jelas nie.. dah tau saiful tu pernah sokong gomen.. kenapa amik mudah2 budak tu kerja dengan PKR???

tunggu saja bukti dna dan bukti laporan kesihatan.. apa payah sangat...??? kata pemimpin berkaliber.. tapi kes sendiri kena tuduh meliwat suruh orang lain jawab persoalan kat press conference..

angin tak ada.. ribut takda.. terus buat tuduhan konspirasi politik dan tetiba lari ke kedutaan turki atas dakwaan orang nak bunuh dia.. apa nie?? apsal tak bgtau dua minggu atau seminggu lepas orang nak bunuh dia?? saja buat wayang... Allah bagi kurniaan istimewa kat anwar nie.. dia pandai buat wayang... tapi salah guna..

tunggu sahaja siasatan polis.. dah ramai kena dakwa liwat.. ada cikgu liwat pelajar.. ada penganggur liwat kanak-kanak.. kenapa kes ini perlu dapat perhatian berbeza?? jenayah tetap jenayah.. kalau anwar bersalah.. dia mesti dihukum..

dakwaan azizah saiful tue kerja dengan DPM berdasarkan gambar kat dalam henpon tue.. orang bodoh je percaya dakwaan murahan tu... semua orang amik gambar masa berjalan ke mana-mana.. budak 23 tahun tu lagi laa.. dia dah laa muda.. mesti dia nak show off tunjuk kat kawan2 amik gambar kat pejabat TPM.. dah laa amik gambar kat reception.. sapa2 pun amik gambar kat reception.. mat sabu pun pernah orang amik gambar kat reception spr.. tapi takde pulak orang nak tuduh dia ejen BN..

desperate betul orang PKR nak selamatkan pemimpin ulung yang depa sangka sebagai suci tahap nabi.. dan KJ antara yang menangis..

tak perlu buat spekulasi.. tunggu sahaja laporan siasatan. anwar tak kena tangkap lagi... kalau kena tangkap pun mesti ada bukti implicate dia...

Anonymous said...

Org macam ni ka nak jadi PM ... sekit sekit lari macam tak dak telur. (oh ok ... opps BABI suka main telur )


Anonymous said...

Rasa Macam ada udang disebalik batu . I never seen such an evil man like this idiot the babi .
Just wondering why there are so many malays cant see it. I think he is doing it to himself ... if not manakan so fast dapat all those gambar of that boy posing with all the menteri.
Mesti kerja sibabi ni for his own political agenda.
I am so sure Pak Lah n Najib is not behind this or the SIL. I am so sure Babi sendiri yang buat perhaps babi n his cronies is paying that boy .

Kak Edah

Piggy Singh said...

If he ever becomes prime minister and crisis strikes in PKR, where he's gonna run and hide, perhaps Tel Aviv, or maybe Lousiana,(psst.. ada Mardi Gra kat sana).

malaysianlover said...

It may be true that someone wants to ASS..ASS..inate DSAI.

Possible suspects:
1) Wan Azizah (out of jealousy and being betrayed by him);
2) PKR's supporters (for being conned by him)
3) his other old gay lovers...
4) "Foreign Intelligence" (for getting caught before getting the "job" done...)

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that all the comments in this blog come from ppl who do not like DSAI. As right minded citizens I don't think that one can blame DSAI for what he did (seeking shelter in the Turkish Embassy) given the current situation vis a vis our police force and judiciary. There is no public trust in them anymore. The previous episode was a fiasco and there was no justice. The whole thing stinks!

Right minded citizen

JonC said...

Yup. to be conclusively denied that the Embassy ever invited him. But that shame is a small price isn't it, now that he gets the world's attention on us, on him again. He definitely reaches far, now the US is threatening to oppose any "politically motivated prosecution". To achieve his mileage, he won't care that he's trading our sovereignty with them. The world now regards him as our saviour.

ibnifadlan said...

DSAI,hahahaha. so funny la.dah le tu.jgn buhong org mesia lagi.nangis wan ajijah kat lumah laaa.

Zawi said...

Thanks for giving people like me another perspective of Brother Anwar.

Pasquale said... sorry I have to reject your nasty comment but not on Anwar but your using of expletives when describing Malaysia as you would be equally offended if I called your country "fuc#ing Indonesia". If you insist on using the F word I suggest you go visit someone elses blogsite! Terima kasih Pak!

Zawi....who is Dino you are thanking!?

pamina said...

i'm lesbian ok and i'm happy being what i am. but whatever anwar's going for climbing the political ladder is disgraceful.

aiyah...dont want la leader like this..and not because he prefers asses