Saturday, June 21, 2008

Najib and Rosmah are not the one in trouble here, but the country is for believing in lies!

*News update* - 21/06/2008 - 10.30pm

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahahtir Mohamad at a press conference today was asked about the Statutory Declaration (SD)made by Raja Petra Kamaruddin, and said: "Ini tidak betul. Ini tuduhan berat. Adakah dia berada semasa ianya (kejadian) berlaku? Kalau tidak, macamana dia boleh buat SD hanya berasaskan cerita orang lain?”(This is not true. This is a very serious accusation. Was he (RPK) there at the scene? If not how can he made a SD based on other people's account?" read more here...


Yes people if I am a wicked and mean and evil person I can also composed a Statutory Declaration (SD) with "proof that I can only reveal to a certain people" saying Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) is really a fake and a dud in so far as being a royalty and that he has been lying all along about his "blue blood" and that the entire SelangorRoyalty, from the present sultan onwards, does not recognise him as family member. Chances are many will believe me.
Yes, this, is about the horrible SD made by RPK which appeared in Malaysia Today which stated he has ample "proof" to say Rosmah Mansor (pix left) , wife of the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, was at the scene of a horrid crime where she was allegedly to have witnessed the blowing up of a Mongolian citizen to smithereens. The SD also said Rosmah was also there with two other persons. Nice story only Morons can believe!
I want all of you rational thinking Malaysians to pause for a moment and try to imagine that this is really happening. If you believe Rosmah was "nice" enough to be there to watch and witness this foreign national being blown up than we can believe ion anything. There is nothing that any one can do to change your mind if you believe, for when you "believe in the lies" you have in fact already allowed yourselves to be convinced that Najib can never be allowed to be the next prime minister of this country since his wife is involved in a murder? this is all about Najib you know. This is all about the wrestle for power, and this is all about Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim using his stash of billions of ringgit he squandered when he was in power to buy and create convincing lies so he can again be in power to rape this country all over again, no sir not on my watch! This is truly sad and tragic for this country, for this wrestle for power has come to a stage of a desperate push and shove for some people!!
This madness has to be put to stop once and for all. Personally I think RPK wants both Najib and Rosmah to react so he can have his three-ring circus event of the year. I do not think both should react to the allegations. The authority, namely the police and the attorney-general should look into this matter of the SD as a matter of a contempt of court on an ongoing case otherwise let us all make further mockery of our judicial system!!
If you think RPK's SD is one piece of a wicked treatise than voice it out by replying to this blogsite so at least you will be recorded as being sane and sensible.
Any fabrication of any horrid story about anything that is remotely or closely linked or related to Najib is all about trying to make sure Najib will not succeed Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
A very simple scenario really, if Najib succeed Pak Lah, desperate people like Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim will be denied of their "chances" of ever being the prime minister of Malaysia, God forbids! The SD first appeared in Bigdogdotcom's blogsite where Big Dog questions the wisdom of RPK's SD, read here...

No cheers for the country today!


Anonymous said...

Burung Murai Menyalak!

Saya yakin tidak banyak percaya Rosmah membuat bagitu!

Bukit Tinggi Sumatra!

amoker said...

It is hard for me to believe this but also the same for a lot of your pro Mahathir writtings.

Dhahran Sea said...

Now this an interesting development. It can explain why DS Najib kena penyakit KORO as indicated in Kadir Jasin's blog recently (the case where the male genital shrinks like kepala kura2 masuk badan bila takut)... and of course Najib's "agreement" to work with pak lah on the "smooth transition"... I've been "theorizing" all this while that Najib's buah pel&# dah kena genggam AAB, SIL&CO. to explain his "impotentence" sampai takut nak critique AAB, SIL&CO... that expalins it and I think A LOT OF MALAYSIANS CAN SEE THE EQUATION HERE!! Of course you have every right to your own opinion, but as they say, PEOPLE BELIEVE WHAT THEY WANT TO BELIEVE, RATHER THAN THE TRUTH!? Its all about POLITICAL BLACKMAILING... NOTHING NEW.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust RPK ! No need for further explanations, but I simply DON"T TRUST this guy.

I just have one piece of advice for him - Don't drag the military (any wing it may be) into your cheap political expeditions or risk facing the consequences.

OYA Sarawak.

Anonymous said...

The police should and must investigate RPK over his serious allegation he must let the authority know who is his informer as this is important to the current Altantuya case, if not I am convince the police is protecting RPK from any prosecution, in other words RPK is protected, shame the government!

Bukit Beruntung Trio!

Anonymous said...

Raja Petra will be charged under Section 203 of the penal code which carries max 2 years in prison or fine or both for giving false information. I am sure of this. Once in prison some one will bugger him for sure!

Bukit Aman Najib Fan Club!

Irfan said...

I see this as a desperate attempt by RPK and the puppet master behind him to prevent succession of power from AAB to Najib.

Not that I am a fan of Najib, but RPK 's deceit abhor me.

Rich Malay Indian said...

RPK is another rubbish like Hinrdaf for Malaysian. What his contribution to our nation?

"Maybe Baron British Cherry" could make a list and prove RPK is better than Najib or Rosmah.

Send RPK to hell (remember joke like LKS said). LKS I never trust this guy like U.

Don't forget to make another demo in UK.

Marry Poppins said...

RPK's Statutory Declaration is no different from Datuk Abdul Murad's Stautory Declaration. Both are bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Can't you all see RPK is suffering from classic signs of schizophrenia? The poor man needs medical help.

laywomen said...

I feel very sad about this. Seems that FITNAH is done without an eon of conscience. I share the blame for this. I think RPK is very big headed now due to the popularity of his website Malaysia Today. Enjoying so many hits, he thinks he can or do anything he likes. I used to be a fan and proponent of his site. Not anymore RPK. Its time you repent!

Anonymous said...

Her only problem is she is a strong,independent Minangkabau woman, highly educated with a Master degree and take no shit from a mediocre element! And many Umno leaders, read mediocrity, cannot take this!

Yahoo Boys!

J.C said...

very serious allegations. He has to stand ready to defend this in the court of law. I hope that people realise how politically motivated all these really are.

Army Officer said...

RPK is a Dajjal causing havoc to muslim in Malaysia,especially the HRH and i hope he face the wraught of his action.He should be banished.

The arm force is very angry with his way to deceit with "my informer said"

LKS stooge the debate.What a perfect timing for the parliamenaty motion.

RPK if you have balls...state your informer.Today motion is aborted and DSAI will be a day dreamer all his life.Angan angan Mat Jenin,The Master Mind of this SD is DSAI.