Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why is Abdullah Ahmad Badawi silent despite scurrilious attack on his deputy?!

*News update*
I must apologise to the prime minister Abdullah Badawi for my posting below. It was written before he made his statement at Parliament refuting Raja Petra Kamaruddin's assertion that Najib and Rosmah being involved in a murder case Read more here. It is a relief and thank you sir, now it is Khairy Jamaluddin's turn to do the same!

(Pix: Dollah and his loyal deputy Najib)

In a Statutory Declaration made by Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) he implied in paragraph 6 that the prime minister and his son-in-law know of the said deed by Najib's wife at the scene of the crime. This is a very serious accusation. My question is why is Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin not make any public statement defending the good name of his Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak against serious allegations made by RPK.
What kind of a prime minister who just sat quietly and not make any comment that can or will destroy a good reputation of his deputy, Najib, and his wife Rosmah?!
Please enlighten us Abdullah Ahmad Badawi or are you also part of that vicious conspiracy to destroy a a son of the country most illustrious second prime minister, the late Tun Abdul Razak Hussein!? Are you part of that conspiracy to deny Najib a chance to succeed you?!



MANTRA said...

All of us are badaweed by PakLah.. peep my blog for this new word!

Pasquale said...

mantra thanks for dropping by..btw..badaweed can also be referred to people smoking bad marijuana (bad a weed) laced with pesticide under badawee they got bad tripping from it. Weed is also a slang for marijuana!


Anonymous said...

Blinking .....

Looking left n right for the truth............... so far nothing yet !


pro pahang said...

dear pasquale, yes, i believe that bodowi is part of the conspiracy to bring down najib.
why did pak lah announce that najib is next in line? because he thought that the rakyat would rather have him as pm than najib.
do you really think that bodowi will give up the pm and umno president posts after the umno elections?
with regards to rpk, do you know who he has been meeting often? mathias chang. that lawyer is an inspiration to some of rpk's wild accusations. pasquale, you should send your military intel people to check on this. hidup najib!!!

Anonymous said...

its very clear that the FIL and SIL are just woiting to see Najib down. don't expect these two to go in defence of Najib.

during the last ijo by-election when Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim went around hitting Najib on the Altantuyah and Scorpene, these FIL ans SIL did not even say a word in defence of Najib.

till today nothing comes out of them nothing but stupid,arrogant and flip-flopping elegant silence.

anyway, why do i care, these elite are filthy rich, they have more than enough to last them many generations. me? still on a hangover of the fuel hike, food hike, and what have not these last few weeks.

damned these people.

sexyjudge said...

Great sense of humour Pasquale!

It seems our country is infested with too many provocations nowadays... Perhaps some being so frivolous that the need to respond is not dire.

Anonymous said...


Pak Lah hari ini mengesahkan tidak ada menerima sebarang laporan kononnya isteri TPM menyaksikan Altantuya diletupkan di dalam hutan. Terbukti Raja Petra adalah pembohong dan pemfitnah besar. Mari kita pastikan 'si babi cute' ini menerima hukuman yg berat di dunia supaya pembaca Malaysia Today dan rakyat Malaysia tidak terus hanyut dengan cerita bohong beliau.

Penanam Limau Manis!

Anonymous said...

To Pasquale,
Its obvious to me whoever instructed Mr Petra to orchestrate Mr Najibs fall from being your country's next Prime Minister do not have adequate training in "character assisination"; which was why Mr Badawi did not play his hand this time; It tells you those meddling in this sort of allegations are simply foolish desparate in his/her game of politics.
To destroy your enemy through blackmail its never recommended to use those with close ties to ones "target". Historically similar tactics failed to remove other world leaders elsewhere. What we are seeing here is a novice mastermind;he haven't gotten his hands wet for this kindda of espionage.
He bests to leave this to professionals
As for Mr Petra, now's the time to start using what little "scottish grey matter" god has bestowed you; that is to quickly retract what was said about Mr Najibs spouse.
What makes you ( Petra) think all three name in your SD were present at the precise time and place mentioned on the night of the killing? Its highly unlikely which is why you ( Petra) are just a plain idiot!

Singaporean Malay

PembelaM said...

Benar @ tak, tapi saya percaya ini percubaan untuk lemahkan UMNO & melaga2kan pemimpin Melayu pembangkang lain supaya orang Melayu kacau bilau.

Anwar sekarang hentam Najib sebab Pak Lah memang dah tak perlu dilawan. Terlalu lemah. Najib bakal? diserang lebih awal.

Anonymous said...

RPK should have been put behind bars and the keys thrown into the sea.