Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) is an American pet poodle..Part 2!

Malaysian riot police in front of the Turkish Embassy where BABI was holed up for nothing!

A question of perspective here for BABI and the United States of America (USA).
BABI could have seek a safe refuge at Selangor Mentri Besar's house since the chief minister is his good friend, or at his good and dear non-Malay friend places like Lim Kit Siang, or Karpal Singh. If he had gone to any of these places rest assured he would have been far safer.
I cannot imagine Malaysian security forces storming into these opposition leaders houses or the mentri besar's house to retrieve him.
Unfortunately, what BABI did was something a warped or a sinister mind would do, without thinking of the consequences he seek refuge at a foreign embassy in an attempt to seek worldwide attention, well he succeeded and in return he shamed the country. I am sure BABI had alerted all the foreign news agencies and his contacts at the US embassy here about his plan, hey I cannot think otherwise because his news spread like more than wildfire.
In a jiffy the US state department issued a veiled threat to a a non-nuclear weapon possessing countries like Malaysia not to touch its allies or friends, like BABI or else!
The US government must make a distinction between showing concern over the worldwide abuse of human rights issue and intervening into other legitimate sovereign countries internal affairs like Malaysia.
It appears the US is blatantly swinging its "big-stick foreign policy" of warning other smaller countries without compunction and that its words are law and if we protest we will probably get invaded, eh!
Not that it matters to the USA, but apoloigise you must or you will be further hated by your allies for blatant disregard of other people's affairs. Remember we, Malaysia that is , have always been your allies and you must always get your facts right before you fall into a trap that will make more people hate you! BTW Uncle Sam I am still attending you 4th of July Independence Day celebration tomorrow!


Meanwhile former PKR youth chief, Ezam Mohd Nor was not at all surprised by BABI antics below is an excerpt on what he said in the nst

"SHAH ALAM: Former Parti Keadilan Rakyat Youth chief Mohamad Ezam Mohd Nor said he was not surprised by the allegations of sodomy against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim but dismissed the claim that they were a conspiracy.

"I have my reasons not to be surprised. I will explain at the right time." read more here.....


Anonymous said...

Babi was in all international news channel and also newspapers .

Slashing Malaysia .

Once BABI will always be a BABI .
Well now i/o Doggie style ... we also can say BABI style ... ha ha ha ha


Kim said...

And you my dear, is Najib's puppet and his pet parrot.

openminded said...

"Hello magpie,

It is very clear that Anwar is a puppet of the US government. I believe that his action of asking advice from the US government definitely looks like he is in the desperate motion to realise his ""dream"" as a prime minister in september 16. He has gone overboard and is a wise decision made by Dollah to ask Syed Hamid Albar to sent letters to the US government not to interfere with the internal affairs in Malaysia. This ""selfish"" act by Anwar is going to an end, making only his own supporters criticise and despise him. "

jamal pak tongko said...

Anwar is a BABI indeed. I cannot imagine how many millions of Malaysian owe Tun Mahathir a big apology starting with anwar BABI himself!

muststopthis said...

I think this time round, Anwar may have gone a little too far with his antics....
I had my doubts initially, but now am more inclined to think that he is actually....err....'more prone to going against traffic?'...
His body language is indeed surprising for one that claims conspiracy.....
I guess its still premature to say, until we get the evidence (again)..

Pasquale said...

kim I'd rather be Najib's pet parrot anytime compared to selling my country the highest bidder!


Anonymous said...

well this confirms the "conspiracy" that he is an American our sovereignty with them now. He doesn't care that they would fabricate a crisis or another (WMD would not work here, maybe gross breach of the rule of law, humanitarian crisis) to stick their noses up our a**. no pun intended.


Tor said...

he's the shame of our country. My frens in Australia told me this is what they're all talking about these days, as in they the Malaysians over there as well as the Aussies. His plan was a huge success.

ctannie said...

Anwar tu kan drama queen! takkan tak tau lagi?

lekiu said...

How Anwar's supporter can easily forgive or choose not to remember his treason in almost handing over the country to IMF is beyond me !!

pamina said...


thank you for writing this down. im scared of the thot that this man could come to power like this :(

piggy style said...

Tak boleh percaya BABI ni. Tah hapa2 kaitan dia dengan US, sampai US berminat nak campur tangan. Mintak jauh lah orang macam ni jadi PM Malaysia. Takut hancur je nanti..

Penyokong Setia No. 1 Najib said...

Bro Pasquale,

Hero kita Najib sudah kena C4 (baca berita mengenai penyiasat upahan Razak Baginda yang memberi keterangan beliau yang membabitkan Najib).

Habislah bro. Nak buat apa sekarang bro? Macam mana kita nak selamatkan Brother Najib??

Anonymous said...


How come li dat?

1/7/08 :

but today :


Anonymous said...

My reliable source in the corridor of power tells me there is a fifth element within UMNO, not Badawi/Najib vs Tengku R but another block. R is dead horse, not a chance at all, it is just a smoke screen. Their strategy is if they use Anwar to do their bid for them, like releasing damaging info. If this info damage Najib, they are on a home run. Badawi is goner anyway. So that leave with this third block, untested, clean, new but only group and acceptable. UMNO does not have a choice other than this group. This group, you have to ask the kris man

Hate Anwar style said...

I don't know if Najib is sex maniac.

But just don't like Anwar.

In PR coalition only Anwar, only Anwar- wanted Sabah MP, or Sabah Parti or Sabah Autonomy or PM of Malaysia.

DAP, PAS just happy in what they have.

He is very desperate now. Maybe if he not become PM in Sept 2008, he will be *ead. like Buttho.

Probably Wolfowits asked him about the result of their investment.

Anonymous said...

past tense (and past participle) of seek is sought.