Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Butcher of Former Yugoslavia, Radovan Karadzic, is finally caught!

The butcher of Bosnia is finally caught!
(Left) Radovan and his famous trademark, his hair, and (Right) Radovan in his convincing disguise!

Two down and one to go. The deadly Troika of the former Yugoslavia!
Slobodan Milosevic who died while being detained in the Hague, Ratko Mladic still on loose, and Radovan arrested recently.

*news update*

I am now giving my consent for the United Nations to arrest President Omar Hassan al-Bashir
of Sudan, and for him to be tried by the ICT for atrocities committed on hundreds of thousands of his own people in Darfur. It does not matter to me if he is a Muslim.

It was a good news for me that former Bosnian Serb President Radovan Karadzic, accused architect of massacres and the politician considered most responsible for the deadly siege of Sarajevo, has been arrested. According to a news report he was nabbed on Monday evening in a Serbian police raid which ends his thirteen years as the world's most-wanted war crimes fugitive.
So it is now two down and one to go. First it was Slobodan Milosevic who was arrested by the International Crimine Tribunal on Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), or crime against humanity, un fortunately Slobodan died while in detention.
I am sure in no time now another one of Radovan's partner in the persecution and "cleansing" of tens of thousands of Bosnian Muslims and Croats, former Bosnian Serb military chief Ratko Mladic, who is still at large, will be brought to justice.
A psychiatrist turned die hard Serbian nationalist politician, Karadzic is the suspected mastermind of mass killings that the U.N. war crimes tribunal described as "scenes from hell, written on the darkest pages of human history between 1992 and 1995." They include the 1995 massacre of 8,000 Muslims in Srebrenica, Europe's worst slaughter since World War II. Read more here....

I was in Bosnia-Herzegovina during this darkest pages of human history in 1993 and have witnessed atrocities committed by the Serbs against the Bosnians and the Croats. I was also told of a tale of how many UN soldiers who were in cahoot with Mladic soldiers of systematically raping Bosnian women in a stadium. A Croatian colonel that I interviewed said he tried to alert the UN headquarters about the involvement of UN soldiers in the raping but went to deaf ears.
Like any other journalists there during the war in Bosnia-Hderzegovina we all dreamt of finding Radovan and Mladic in any back alley and to just kill them without compunction, for what they have done.
It was also sad to know that a Dutch contingent of the UN soldiers who refused to do anything when Serb solders rounding up 8,000 Bosnians, mostly males, and later to be massacred. The 8,000 Bosnians were in the protection of the Dutch contingent. The whole of "civilized" Europe close both eyes when that happened.

Lots of cheers today!


Anonymous said...


So glad to read in the net about the arrest. Have it my way these bas@#%$ will better be dealt with rifle squad or electric chair in public places.

The civilised world? podah to them, talk empty only. When people of their stock or their goons being slaughtered elsewhere they started jumping up and down like monkeys.

Wan Azli

straycat's strut said...

Honestly, I had difficulty sleeping those days every time I read what was happening, looking at a few pictures and listening to the cries of the women, the children and the men.

I remember Tun crying. The helplessness was so evident.

And how many times have we seen the muslim being massacred under the eyes of UN. Sebrenica, Shabra and Shatilla.

Why not just admit the fact that the life of a muslim is dirt cheap. One million died in Iraq as a collateral damage.

Closer to home, they still want anwar to be a pm. Some of the muslims and the malays are proud to label themselves as liberal and they just dont know what they are getting into.

Anonymous said...

It would be great news the day we see IGP, AG, and TDM going to jail.
Who cares about Serbia or Bosnia, we have more shit in our own country with all the corrupt ministers and umnoputeras!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Flabergas

change no subject please, we are referring to genocide here at gigantic numbers. please leave monkey politic issues out of this subject. we can discuss about that in other topics, subjects or forums. please be focused.

wan azli

Pasquale said...

wan azli thank you!

Anonymous said...

According to history, malays began to migrate to Malaysia in noticeable numbers only about 700 years ago. Of the 39% malays in Malaysia today, about one-third are comparatively new immigrants like the secretary-general of Umno, Dato Syed Jaafar, who came to Malaya from Indonesia just before the war at the age of more than thirty. Therefore it is wrong and illogical for a particular racial group to think that they are more justified to be called Malaysians and that the others can become Malaysians only through their favour."

Pasquale said...

Anonymous at 6.14pm wrote with "According to history, Malays began to migrate to Malaysia in noticeable numbers only about 700 years ago. Of the 39% Malays in Malaysia today......." Hey you may be right! But as I said before many times, should Australia be given back to the aboriginal people, should North and South Americas be given back to the original people?! If you want to play puck let me say this, we have the Malay archipelago, while you guy have China and India, thats where you originally come from. As for Syed Jaafar Albar came from rumpun Melayu or from within the Malay archipelago. The same argument goes that Sri Lanka cannot join Asean simply because they are of a different racial species, not from the Malay archipelago. Okay let us not get into this argument again if you post it again I will reject it, it is that simple! Hey have a nice day and enjoy Malaysia, you are so damn free here so why spoil it and do not complain, get it through your head that the Supreme and Paramount Ruler of this country si always be Malay! All thge rulers of the states are and will always be Malays that is a fact of life as death and taxes are!

Patriot Selatan said...

ooo u were in Bosnia? OK good that the guy is now arrested, but there will be trials etc...

Anonymous said...

i dunno if this butcher will end up like milosevic in the hague jail, kill himself... most probably he will be assasinated by the people who had protected him, be it during the sarajevo war or when he was on the run....they, have a lot to lose if he decide to name them in the trial... dunno, so many conspiracies...mabe this milosevic guy was assasinated after all. Anyways, as long as they are not convicted in court, justice will not be served. to them death is just an easy way out.

d-observer said...

Muslims life are worthless in their eyes. These so called civilised group of western people become uncivilised and animals when given the chance and opportunity to do so.