Friday, July 25, 2008

Hey world! There's more to it than meets the eye vis -a-vis Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim

The Three Stooges of the Neo-Cons Club! But very dangerous and powerful capitalist!

Ex-Liberal Prime Minister of Canada Paul Martin dubbed a Pirate of Canada over his personal financial scandal when he was in power that led to the defeat of the once respected Liberal party. Oh, BTW, good friend of BABI!

Ex-World Bank chief also a joker Wolfenshon, and a good friend of Wolfowitz. He was the one who talked BABI to suggest Malaysia should borrow from the World Bank during the currency crisis that saw many SEA countries bankrupt, but Malaysia withstood under a very strong PM Mahathir Mohammad. The onus is on the word strong!

Michel Camdessus, ex-IMF chief, who even when he was powerful people splash pie on his face for his ineptness and double standard in treating the Third World countries!

An AFP news flash below is a very good example of what appears to be very smart, level headed, and powerful men that are easily taken in by lies spun by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI).
This weak government obviously led by a very weak prime minister has allowed this once great country called Malaysia to be bullied and is a show of blatant interference by other countries.
To these self-righteous and bleeding heart liberals foreigners like former Canadian PM Paul Martin, ex-World Bank Chief Wolfenshon, and former IMF chief Camdessus, do not discount the fact that your good friend Anwar Ibrahim may be a serial sodomite. The government is not in a habit of trying to conspire to destroy a person on the same charges twice, especially after a walloping the ruling government received after the last general elections.
Do not be too smug as to tell us how we should conduct our business without outside interference. This time around the charges against your friend will be dealt with utmost professionalism and without bias as being shown in 1998 when evidence and the rules of law pertaining the case was perceived to be a sham and a joke so that many Malaysians felt compelled not to believe the charges against your friend, even though he might have done it.
And now it appears he might have done it again and we have to investigate with due diligence and to not allow any stone to remain unturned, so to speak!
Hey! You guys who come from your own powerful elite club, in which you Anwar Ibrahim is an honorable member, you guys can be also be a social deviant too, a powerful one in which you guys can actually get away with murder perhaps. And in fact you guys think you can get away with so many things because you guys are so powerful that you protect each other!
I hope Barack Obama is reading my blog and my advice to you sir is not to play with the Devil, do not, I repeat, do not give this Anwar Ibrahimn the time of the day and a chance to seduce you into believing he is an intellectual, a religious man, and pious man, or even a good politician. To me sir he is just a plain parvenu, carpetbagger, and basically a con-man who will stoop to anything to quench his "thirst" for you know what! I am speaking on behalf of millions of Malaysians who believed Anwar did what he was being accused of. If he is found to be innocent beyond any reasonable doubt we will then apologise to him en masse for sure the next day! Until then please allow the Malaysian government to do it job to try this man that has single-handedly brought this great country of mine in disrepute over his insistent of becoming a Prime Minister, by hook or by crook!

"EX-IMF, World Bank bosses ask Malaysia to drop Anwar sodomy charge

PARIS (AFP) — Malaysia should drop its sodomy charges against opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, said a joint statement by three former leading figures on the international stage.
"We have heard with deep concern the charges filed against the honorable Datuk Seri Dr. Anwar Ibrahim," said the statement by former Canadian prime minister Paul Martin, ex-World Bank chief James Wolfensohn, and Michel Camdessus, the former head of the International Monetary Fund.
They said the charges were brought "in spite of the fact that similar unsubstantiated charges filed 10 years ago against him were overturned by the Supreme Court."
They therefore hoped that "the government of Malaysia will ... demonstrate, by dropping the charges... an exemplary sense of respect for the rights of the individual which are so important to the international standing of Malaysia."
The three reiterated their "full confidence in his (Anwar's) moral integrity."
Anwar spent a night in custody last week after being arrested over accusations that he sodomised a 23-year-old male aide. He was released on bail.
The events threaten to derail Anwar's spectacular political comeback, after March elections that handed the opposition a third of parliamentary seats.
Anwar was sacked as deputy premier in 1998 and jailed on sodomy and corruption charges widely seen as politically motivated. The sex conviction was overturned by the nation's highest court in 2004."

No cheers today! A whole load of Beeswax here if I may say so!


wisdomthinker said...

Hello magpie,

What? Is he that honourable? I can't believe that we should all believe this guys (the ex-IMF) statement (the IMF, the US, bla3.. .). Its so ridiculous and absolutely rubbish!!

Based on what charges you think that he is honour? He was jailed for power abuse and corruption, not for the previous sodomy case in 1998.

modern youth said...

ex-World Bank Chief Wolfenshon and former IMF chief Camdessus both used to deal Anwar back then during the economic instability caused by George Soros.luckily we all survived that without any help from the world bank and IMF.

and now they want to have their say on the latest Anwar's never wrong to speak our mind.but it's like Anwar is using all the sources that he can reach to empower his position right now and to potray our govt and especially the juricidal system and the police as "evil".

the truth shall prevail.but are we ready to accept it?

onuor abraham said...

Yang beria-ia nak defend Anwar ni kenapa? Tak payah tolong dia, tapi takpa lah, kami faham yang BABI ni boneka US. Biarkan saja perkara ini diuruskan sendiri didalam Malaysia, tak payah percaya cakap-cakap Anwar yang mengatakan ini adalah konspiracy kerajaan against dia. Takkan lah kalau betul pun ada konspirasi sampai dua kali benda yang sama diulang.

khalid gagap said...

Dari dulu lagi aku dah tak percaya dengan Anwar ni. Dah la kuat berdrama, lepas tu sekarang ni US sibuk pulak bela2 dia. Apa maksudnya tu? Memang Anwar ni boneka mereka agaknya. Orang macam ni kalau jadi PM habislah Malaysia ni. Bukan kita tak tahu apa yang terjadi kepada negara2 yang pernah US campur tangan. Semuanya jadi makin huru hara dan hancur. Cukup2lah menyokong Anwar tu rakyat Malaysia. Jangan perjudikan masa depan negara.

Anonymous said...

BABI kalau jadi PM, tergadailah Malaysia.

nstman said...

Lies, lies, lies. Anwar is not afraid of the mountain of lies thrown by critics. Long live Anwar. Death to liars.