Monday, July 07, 2008

How can an ex-convict be given a limelight to debate with a Cabinet Minister on a national television?

Shabery Cheek, do you know what you are doing!?

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim you are pathetic! You should debate with Mokhtar Hashim!

Either I am going crazy or is it this government is out of control and out of order to allow an ex-convict to debate live on a national television with information minister, Shabeery Cheek?!!
How can our prime minister even to this to happen, or are we really that desperate or, is it, afraid of this ex-convict that has caused a lot of anguish to this country or are we pandering to what? First of all how sure are we that this man will not stray from the subject, and didn't we even think that for a moment this evil man will not going to seize this opportunity to spread more damn lies?!
I cannot help but to think that there is after all a conspiracy by some Umno leaders to bring back this ex-convict into the Umno or into the Malay limelight, I cannot help but to think it. If the government is sincere and had enough sense already, to put a stop to this madness!
This is a man who have no compunction about shaming his country worldwide and for the record, being accused of sodomy and yet Umno members allow this ex-convict to a limelight?
The debate will take place on the night of July 15 and the venue is at Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, KL.
May the force be with all of us!


Anonymous said...

Dear P,

The force is sleeping ..............

Babi tu gila babi !


donplaypuks® said...

Ha, ha! Shows does it not that the BN Govt dosn'nt believe in its own shit propaganda.

Better switch sides Maggies, b4 it's too late!!

malaysianlover said...

What is Shabery thinking??

AnalWAR is a master of deception. He will sodomize Shabery in the debate.

Bung Karno said...

Shabery Cheek wants to be a hero. Or he is already a zero.

That bekas banduan has got inside help. Paklah & Ezam.

Piggy Singh said...

For a person who has no shame, he'll do anything for popularity and fame.
Though I'm doubtful that Sabery has the capacity to handle manipulative BABI, let's hope that Sabery may drop a punch or two while BABI will be trapped by his own stupidity.
While the government is currently burdened with so much problem, advantage certainly goes to BABI. So another conspiracy?

wisdomthinker said...

Hello all,

Anwar is just trying to humiliate the PM and DPM in front of all the citizens in the public.

I could not deny that Anwar had outspoken capabilites compared to AAB. Anwar is using his advantages against AAB and DPM itself.

Kelong Jimmy said...

Dear Pasuqale,

Ex-convict will debate with minister because minister wants to debate.
Nobody ever made noise about a Canadian blogging about Malaysian politics did they?

sex crime said...

bro, anwar is a sex criminal. he preys on young, impressionable boys such as saiful, azmin and ezam. and this shabery has the cheek to debate him. why don't we put anwar and shabery in a room and lock the door for two hours and see whether shabery still wants to debate with saudara anwar. shabery is such an arse.

Anonymous said...


Nak tanya ni

Ezam tu boleh di percayai ke?

Kak Edah

Yent said...

If this government is willing to allow an ex-con to debate on national tv, that says something about the democracy and freedom we are allowed to have, right? =P let' just hear out what Anwar has to say, how is he going to magically reverse the petrol prices back to pre-2004. Or is he gonna be on his usual tirade of this expose and that...with evidence that he will reveal "at a later date".

roy said...

aiyoo... shabery willingly hulur pungkoq kat B.A.B.I. mesti kena sondol baik punya!

Conspiracy Theorist said...

bro Pasquale,

read dis frm pemuda-pelapis..heheh..a gud one bout bro AnWar..


heheh..wat can I say..(,")


"The masses have never thirsted after truth. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim".
Gustave Le Bon (1841-1931);"The Crowd"

Rawna Hibramin said...

ok jugak kalau bagi dia peluang membebel..nak tengok tahap bangang mana BABI ni berlakon..boleh dengar fantasi2 dia yang boleh menjanjikan macam2 tu..tapi nanti mesti bila orang tanya apa2, dia akan jawab "akan didedahkan kemudian, pada masa yang sesuai". tu skrip sengal yang biasa dia akan bagi..

Anonymous said...

Bala has run away , to hide just like his matermind (the babi) , what does that tells us ????


Anonymous said...


"sekadar pandangan: Debat Shabery Cheek dan BABI (bro Anwar bin Ibrahim) perlu berhati2 dan amat bahaya.
1) BABI akan ambil kesempatan utk menipu dan membelit fakta utk publisiti murahan.
2)This is what BABI wants,i.e alih perhatian SMS DARI KAWANmasyarakat dari kes sodomi kpd debat ini."

Carbuerator Dung!

Anonymous said...

Tuan Magpie

Anwar kini telah bawa kes Saiful ke mahkamah Syariah. The question is "Why is Anwar, supposedly leader of a plural opposition front,using Islamic laws to shield himself from common law?"

Ex-Special Branch now grows melon in Perak!

Anonymous said...


My leader also being charge with sodomy and we know he did it but the people are so stupid not to believe, and I am sure your leader also guilty!

Tomas M'bele, Joberg, SA

Anonymous said...


It is still not too late to cancel this debating debacle, you Morons (sorry Pasquale to use your trademark)

Joe Black

Ery Satiti said...

What an ***hole you all. We in Indonesia never have such problems.

Anonymous said...

The whole country under AAB vis-a-v is the Malays is a big joke now. Someone even insinuated that Malaysians being referred to may not necessary be Malay. Malays are reduced to being insignificant in this country!

Happy In Auckland.

al bujuri said...

setuju dengan pandangan cik anon.. BABI pastinya akan mengambil kesempatan untuk memutarbelikan cakap..Tapi elok juga diberi peluang, nak tengok cakap temberang dia, tapi entah2 bila dah bagi peluang nanti dia akan bagi banyak alasan, sebab takut nak berhujah sebab dia takda hujah pn sebenarnya.

Anonymous said...

I say Brother Pasquale:
You forgot that Nelson Mandela was an ex-con and given much limelight even today. Your BABI enemy/friend has the same record (for different reasons). So whats de big deal. Malaysia Bolih.

Anonymous said...

Nelson Mandela was a freedom fighter and a hero who freed his people from racist white policy he was jailed for that, but Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim was jailed for abused of power and he is also a suspected sodomite (main belakang) not nwar is nmot in the same league as Mandela!