Sunday, July 06, 2008

I tried to access Malaysiakini on "Anwar on Saiful" I could not, must have been ordered to be taken off!

(Pix from Malaysiakini and used without permission)

Once in a while I will paste interesting comments on my posting, this time it is from Piggy Singh who is astute enough to see what I see and feel. I tried to access Malaysiakini YouTube or is it Malaysiakini.TV, for the interview with Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) on his accuser Saiful but I could not . Must be Malaysiakini also saw the cheat and body language of this despicable man, and decided to turn it off, any other explanation? In spite of no background check on Saiful, BABI took him on numerous trip overseas, too many discrepancies and to many lies already, eh! Here's the excerpt from that mysteriously disappearing interview from Malaysiakini.TV :-

Piggy Singh said...

Interview with Anwar taken from Malaysiakini:

Anwar Ibrahim today conceded that he had made a mistake in hiring Saiful Bukhari Azlan who has accused him of sodomising him.“It is a mistake in hindsight,” he lamented.According to him, Saiful was not employed as a full-time worker in his staff and as such there was no background checks done on him. Anwar explained that Saiful was first taken in as a party volunteer and was asked to be a driver.

“After weeks, he came slowly into the establishment. Until the day he left, he was still not a permanent member of the staff … We just pay him a part-time allowance,” said Anwar in a 30-minute interview at the PKR headquarters this morning.

Question from Malaysiakini:
Is there any truth that you took Saiful for trips overseas?
Answer from Anwar:
Yes, they take turns. (Personal aides) Ibrahim (Yaacob) went, Khalid Jaafar went, Saiful went, Rahimi (Osman) went. It depends, you know. I wouldn’t go into details.


Can anybody smell something here, shaiful was not even a permenant staff until the day that he left, but he was given the confidence to follow Anwar for trips to overseas.

For a suspected mole from the begining, Azizah claimed that Saiful was just making coffee, later found to be Anwar’s pegawai peribadi, but I never knew THEY BOTH have been to overseas, eiiii…. geli!!!

Well done Piggy! And Malaysiakini a word of caution, please be fair for your readers are also watching your increasingly pro BABI-centric reporting!



Conspiracy Theorist said...

bro Pasquale,

I pity DS W.Azizah..y?? as a human being kesian lak tengok utube frm Anwaribrahimdotcom.blogspot.. she fumbled & stuttered till d doter pat her on d shoulder.. see fer urself la bro,..heheh..wat can I say..(,")

here's d link bro..

Conspiracy Theorist said...

bro Pasquale,

try verying dis Whisperers whisper on a conspiracy theory dat bro AnWar/PKR paid bro Bala to make d SD & later retract d SD to make it look as tho Bala woz threaten to withdrew d 1st SD.. hmm..dats a cunning tactic den.. well mite be jst anothr possible theory or is it dat woz wat really happened?? heheh..wat can I say..(,")


bro AnWar will alwiz b bro of many faces..

"The masses have never thirsted after truth. Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master; whoever attempts to destroy their illusions is always their victim".
Gustave Le Bon (1841-1931);"The Crowd"

"You're not to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it."
~ Malcolm X

There are three truths: my truth, your truth, and the truth.
~ Chinese proverb

Anonymous said...

friend , the report only shown that shaiful been sodomized , but not necessary by anwar . by the way , if u penetrate a rod or stick into ur ass and it also deriving a sodomized wound as well .
unless , u can find there is sperm or DNA from anwar that is left inside shaiful anus .
ok ?

Anonymous said...

why take the report thousand years to come when we try to demonstrate our anger tonite ? the protes tonite not= support anwar rally . pls make it clear and all those who dissatisfy with BN gov regardless they like anwar or not must send them a message tonite

bZz said...

"eiiii…. geli!!!"

Hahahahaha... You're funny bro...

Me also geli you know... But for this man... he want to 'geli-geli' only...

Hahahha... "eiiii…. geli!!!"

Anonymous said...

As far as I am concerned I don't care even if you call Anuar Ibrahim gay! Non of the UMNO putras have the brain or charisma that the Anuar Inrahim has..thus they want to check his or rather others back side. Tak ada modal lain!!!

I would ratherhave a gay as the PM ten a murdere ,lier, womenizer, corrupt...u name everything negative.....;). U also open ur eyes to whats happening. The country is being sodomised.....including urself!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon July 6- 9.19pm,
Anal Sex is prohibited in Islam and many other religion.If dogs, swine and other animals do not practise this..why should Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim?
Unless you want this country to be hit with "bala" dan "malapetaka", this country better reject Anwar Ibrahim ( anjing amerika from ever being our leade)
Remember- practioners of anal sex destroyed a civilization as depicted in the Quran. Don't you dare to wish this "faggot" Anwar to become our leader.

Anti Anal Intercourse Dude aka Parti Rakyat Member

jebatmustdie said...

Bro pasquale,

I think you should buy me roti canai for my latest article. OK kidding :)

Please read :

Thanks man!

Anonymous said...

I do not want a faggot as my prime minister.

malaysianlover said...

To anon July 06, 9.19pm,
I thought anwar's case is shocking enough, but your acceptance of anwar (even if the allegation is true) is even more shocking.

You ni mesti kaki sontot jugak...

Anonymous said...

to anon 9:19

awak dah gila ke as PM...cih chi podahhhh..Anwar tu bukan saja gay malah he is a barua to US ...dgn your ass sekali nanti tergadai...

And I think you are also gay thats why u dont mind a gay pm ...


straycat's strut said...

I am quite amused by anonymous's comment July 06, 2008 9:19 PM

"I would ratherhave a gay as the PM ten (sic) a murdere (sic) ,lier, womenizer (sic), corrupt...u name everything negative.....;)."

We heard a lot of that lately from his sympathizers, arent we? In the case of Anwar, its okay to be gay. Mana belajar nih?

Its okay for Anwar to be Gay since the alternative is a murderer, womanizer, corrupt... Tsk.. tsk.. tsk.. so "taksub" meh? Are you sure Anwar is not a corrupt and a womanizer? How about if I add a traitor to his country, race and religion? ...and gay some more... eii.. geli! Still Ok?

Rawna Hibramin said...

mana transparency nya? Bila kena dekat pemimpin kesayangan tak perlu ketelusan? Macam tu? Memang BABI ni ada benda yang tak kena ni..Tapi ramai jugak pergi sokong dia..Buat apa? Nak Malaysia terus huru hara ke?

mohd daniel hanif said...

Penyokong Anwar dah terlalu taksub..Tak boleh buat apa dah..Putih kata beliau,putihlah.Kalau hitam,hitamlah..Bila ada keburukan Anwar disebut, maka dengan pantaslah penyokong Anwar ni 'melatah'. Lebih teruk dari makcik atau nenek tua 'melatah'...Denagan pantas mereka menafikan walaupun siasatan sedang dijalankan..Begitulah kisah takkjubnya penyokong2 Anwar ni...

Piggy Singh said...

Mr MagPie,
The comment was meant to let the netizens analyse the consistency of Anwar's statement regarding the liwat allegation.
But as mentioned by many commentors like rawna and mohd daniel, Anwar supporters are always in total denial coz they see the world with only ONE EYE.

optional said...

memang taksub sampai tahap semua yang anwar cakap semua betul, dok layan je..habis semua orang lain bodoh dan tak betul dan kejam..padahal..

muslimah_262 said...

Folks! Remember the "weapons of massive destruction" (WMD)story cooked up by the Neo-Conservative group in USA?.

Paul Wolfowitz said it was a "convenient excuse" to invade Iraq.
Yeah, right. Millions of Iraqis are now dead, dying, starving and displaced, and Iraqis have to queue like slaves, for oil which are, at this very moment, being siphoned by private FOREIGN USA-friendly companies.

So, if those crooks can make a coctail of stories and conspiracy to "convince" the gullible Gentiles (you and me) to believe them, then the conspiracy by Paul's buddy, Anwar,which turns this way and that, to create a smicu chaos and confusion in M'sia (with lots of money thrown in via USA and NED, I suspect), then it all fits in.

What other way to "invade" M'sia and take over its rich OIL resources, takeover Petronas, and its fertile land than to have their buddy @ proxy, Anwar to discredit the ruling govt,discredit Petronas,create utter confusion among its population,(and while the masses are in a confused state) then take over.

See the picture? One has to see from a DISTANCE to see what is really going on.

May Allah save Malaysia and our religion.