Saturday, July 05, 2008

Let's nail this BABI once and for all! This man is an evil reincarnate!

Lucifer rising!

In a twist and a new turn of events, many are beginning to believe that Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) may appear to be guilty of sodomy as many have suspected but afraid to even entertain the thought. His action, from the accusation of sodomy to his fleeing to the Turkish Embassy without invitation as he claimed he was, have led many to believe he was guilty.

I believe that a sodomy accusation made by his former aide is true. And so do my my own circle of friends who were known to be strong BABI supporters. They are now convinced this BABI as a man is a despicable human being whose hunger for an unnatural sex is just enough to make us cringe if he were to rule the country. Below is a report on statement made by Mukhriz Mahathir:-

"KUALA LUMPUR, July 4 (Bernama) — Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir said Friday he believed the sodomy accusation made by a former aide of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim aide to be true.

“I am not surprised Anwar has been accused again for sodomy,” he said in a statement here.

Mukhriz said Anwar, in making wild accusations about others now, was actually trying to divert people’s attention from the sodomy issue.

The Jerlun MP said the fact that Anwar initially “ran” into the Turkish Embassy here, was itself an admission of guilt.

Mukriz said he was not also surprised by the U.S State Department’s warning not to take action against Anwar.

After all, he said, as the President of the Foundation of the Future, Anwar received a US$35 million (RM100 million) grant from the State Department.

“This proves Anwar has more than a normal relationship with the U.S government,” he added.



Anonymous said...

DSAI seandai anjing yang dah gila, pak lah at one time bela dia now has disown him, 2.Amerika Syarikat new democratic govt may not need to use him anymore
3. Its probably now his sperm sample that Special Branch extracted from the boys rectum is sitting somewhere in a forensic lab awaiting a judge to issue an arrest warrant.
Anjing gila ni is cornered and will bite at anyone or anything to seek survival.
maybe its best that anjing gila is put out of his misery; my suggestion is for him to make a plea bargain with Pak Lah, fake his death and exile him to the US- there he can continu e ravaging little boys' anusses and still exercise his 1st ammendement rights to remain a homosexual.

Dog Cather aka ex PKR Member

Anonymous said...


This babi is the Syaitan . He is guilty without a doubt . Pls continue your quest to let ppl know about the real BABI


anwarwatch said...

Dear Editor

Reference The Australian online story "Anwar Ibrahim vows to seize power in Malaysia" article of July 3, 2008, the one question uppermost in most Malaysians as well as Muslims minds now is: "Is Anwar Ibrahim a sodomist?" This, despite a survey which respondents overwhelmingly say the accusations are politically motivated and Anwar's own defense that he has an alibi to counter the accusation.

Fresh allegations that sacked former deputy prime Anwar Ibrahim is homosexually inclined has not allayed fears that this cunning and astute politician will not parlay his instincts for the same gender in his sexual exploits: it in fact reinforces his former overruled conviction that possibly, and even remotely possibly, we have a sexual deviant, if not a sly sexual tyrant in our midst.

And why not? Six months after incumbent prime minister Dato' Abdullah Ahmad Badawi released Anwar Ibrahim from prison for lack of evidence on sodomy charges (he was charged with sodomising his driver), Anwar was unrepentant and ungrateful to the powerful and democratically elected chief of the country, his captor-releasor (Badawi was with former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad when Anwar was incarcerated) when upon arrival in Australia he was highly critical of Badawi's administration charging the elected prime minister with corruption and incompetence.

Later after a whirlwind tour of the world's academia and visiting his former friend, the sacked chief of International Monetary Fund, Paul Wolfowitz, Anwar again revisited Australia, in particular Melbourne, and his scathing comments and attack on Badawi's administration left no room for doubt that this political animal of a strange kind did not lack the political skills nor largesse of an imminent comeback to Malaysian politics.

And so he did. At the last concluded Malaysian general elections, the opposition coalition denied the ruling coalition – headed by Badawi – a two thirds majority in parliament. This was the nation's highest moment of history: never before had any opposition won so many seats.

Anwar headed the new opposition front as advisor, and with his wife, Dr Wan Azizah Ismail as president of Parti Keadilan (Justice Party), a political party formed after he was sent to jail, the votes were unanimous: the rakyat (citizens) wanted a fresh change in government. Any change to the present establishment would do: gone were the days when Barisan Nasional (National Coalition) could rule the country unchallenged.

However, this latest revelations that Anwar harassed an aide homosexually does not help any bit to Anwar's ambition of becoming Malaysia's next prime minister: needlessly toppling Badawi for the top job, which in Malaysian politics makes him a very powerful man in the country.

It in fact, drives the point home that Anwar's character possesses a veneer of truth: There is the one percent possibility that this is a sex prey. His underlings (judging by repeat performances based on allegations) are his usual haunts. Petrol prices escalating 40 percent doesn't increase his case for "reform" or his stature as a "better prime minister"; it ignores basic world economics on rising fuel prices globally and it makes him another co-conspirator along with his predecessor prime minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who obviously put Anwar in charge of the nation's purse strings when Anwar was also holding the finance minister's portfolio in addition to his deputy prime ministership position.

Anwar is finished. His only choice of any integrity in his character is if he denies all charges and proves that he is innocent. He can also submit willingly and grandiosely (his trademark) for a lie detector test. Finally, he can also agree to a DNA sampling of his semen, one which was found on the mattress on which his liaisons with his former driver took place, and which the police and intelligence were recording his activities during that time. Somehow, Anwar's defence lawyers managed to circumvent this strong piece of physical evidence based on his defence that the test would be self-incriminatory.

Anwar has nothing to lose. So does the driver and his new aide. The citizens of Malaysia deserve a fair trial to Anwar's condition: as the law says, you are not guilty until proven guilty but which also means that you are not as innocent as you appear to be. This has nothing to do about a "young man being made a fool". If he broke the law, then he has to face natural justice.

Anwar should be able to swear in front of the camera that he is innocent from any such charges and that he is ready to fight the accusations. In the meantime, he should not seek refuge in the Turkish Embassy because by doing so, it reinforces the perception that he is running away from the truth. That truth, now seeks to be vindicated and not vilified by any parties. Anwar's stands alone in this fight for justice, precisely what his ideal and ambition is because he alone knows what he wants.

He should refrain from massing the popular crowds with idiotic slogans of change and promises of reform. This was an Islamic-styled leader who changed course midstream and joined the government because Anwar is really a power hungary maniac who uses everything in his powers to manipulate the public into getting him into office.

There is no future in Malaysian politics for Anwar for as long as he claims and harks on his past position that all of what he is experiencing now is politically motivated. It is not. It is the police who are now investigating claims of a similar behavior. There is nothing political in a criminal investigation so Anwar should leave it up to the authorities to determine the veracity of the charges.

In the meantime, Anwar, should not show any aspirations to become a leader in Malaysian politics. He should simply retire or, if he made a mistake, own up and apologise or if this is unpalatable to him, migrate to Australia and United States of America where he is fond of visiting and seek refuge in a land where gays are accepted. Therefore, he won't risk a twenty year sentence for sodomy.

Anwar's spin is over. The international media has been suckered into believing this man whose real motive of becoming Malaysia's next prime minister is only known to him.

Idzan ismail said...

Anwar, please stop this lunacy. U should just live in The US. Who knows Obama may pick u as his right hand man. Malaysia is too small and our people too stupid for u Leave us in peace.

Piggy Singh said...

Interview with Anwar taken from Malaysiakini:

Anwar Ibrahim today conceded that he had made a mistake in hiring Saiful Bukhari Azlan who has accused him of sodomising him.“It is a mistake in hindsight,” he lamented.According to him, Saiful was not employed as a full-time worker in his staff and as such there was no background checks done on him.Anwar explained that Saiful was first taken in as a party volunteer and was asked to be a driver.

“After weeks, he came slowly into the establishment. Until the day he left, he was still not a permanent member of the staff … We just pay him a part-time allowance,” said Anwar in a 30-minute interview at the PKR headquarters this morning.

Question from Malaysiakini:
Is there any truth that you took Saiful for trips overseas?
Answer from Anwar:
Yes, they take turns. (Personal aides) Ibrahim (Yaacob) went, Khalid Jaafar went, Saiful went, Rahimi (Osman) went. It depends, you know. I wouldn’t go into details.


Can anybody smell something here, shaiful was not even a permenant staff until the day that he left, but he was given the confidence to follow Anwar for trips to overseas.

For a suspected mole from the begining, Azizah claimed that Saiful was just making coffee, later found to be Anwar’s pegawai peribadi, but I never knew THEY BOTH have been to overseas, eiiii…. geli!!!

Anonymous said...

A lot of people say, "I believe...." The question is DO U KNOW. Some poeple believe in God, but does he know God. Am sure brother Pasquale believe in God, but does he know God.
My premise is simply, IF U DONT KNOW SAY NOTHING, OKAY????