Thursday, July 24, 2008

Like that great 18th century German liar Baron von Munchaussen, RPK is even greater!

Benign looking Baron von Munchaussen, but a greatest liar of the 18th century!

Baron von Münchhausen was a German baron who in his youth was sent to serve as page to Anthony Ulrich II Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg, and later joined the Russian military. He served until 1750, in particular taking part in two campaigns against the Ottoman Turks. Returning home, Münchhausen supposedly told a number of outrageous tall tales about his adventures. According to the stories, as retold by others, the Baron's astounding feats included riding cannonballs, traveling to the Moon, and escaping from a swamp by pulling himself up by his own hair (or bootstraps, depending on who tells the story).

Like Munchaussen, RPK has been telling tall tales (read lies) which I am sure he himself cannot tell the difference anymore. His telling of tall tales has become a second nature to him.
His latest is when he said he has a video tape of a man allegedly was with a man (Saiful) when he went to Najib house to tell the DPM that he was sodomised by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) .
RPK said the man was interviewed and videotape and allegedly to have implied the Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak conspired to accuse BABI of sodomy.
My take is if RPK claimed to have many incriminating evidence to destroy Najib politically is to produce them. Otherwise something must be done to check this man and his penchant for telling tall tales.
RPK I dare you to show the alleged video tape of the man you interviewed which can incriminate Najib, show it to the world. Otherwise you deserve to be thrown in a dungeon, any dungeon, for being a nasty human being.

P.S. I was told you have a record of mental and nervous breakdown and you were committed in a lunatic asylum while in England, and also in Tanjung Rambutan. I was told a group of people is trying to get hold of these records. You can imagine what we will do if get them, right!



modern youth said...

yeah us the evidence and dont just keep typing on those blog.

i am not if rpk if really telling the truth or just a lunatic hunger for intention.his wrting is kinda superficial with too "precise" detail of him talking to Saiful's friend concerning the meeting between Saiful,Saifu's friend and Najib.

if really rpk really used to get treatment of mental and nervous breakdown back in England and Tg.Rambutan then find his record for us,will ya.

wooncc said...

charge him!!! bring him to court!!!

wisdomthinker said...

I guess he would eventually. When it comes to politics, timing is important. He have to keep his cards for the last as defense mechanism, and also for him to escape from being threaten by Najib himself. By then he must know how to react and response to media and public through following time.

Then Najib will have a trouble time dealing with both of the cases, which if he is actually involve.

But it looks like RPK is going to bring down Najib together along until Najib will not able to become the next prime minister after AAB if he is sentence to jail in prison for his charges.

How about the husband and wife whom file charges against RPK?

idzan ismail said...

Dear Pasquale

RPK reminds me of a nursery rhyme: liar, liar pants on fire. His accusations border on the delusional. He sees Anwar as THe CHOSEN ONE.So be it.

White said...

Well, RPK seems to have all the evidences these days..
on whether the evidences are true or not, that is yet to be proven.
yet again, we all want him to show the video.

naomi said...

Why are we still talking about this ONE insane man?

godoot said...

Raja Petai ni dah gila agaknya, bila dalam keadaan sekarang yang dia dah terdesak, lagi menjadi2 gila dia. Cakap ada bukti itu, ada bukti ini, tapi tak nampak apa pun. Yang nampak hanya cakap dia je. Memang patut kena tangkap, orang macam ni buat huru hara je, sama je dengan orang yang dia cacai, Anwar!

Anonymous said...

What makes you think RPK is a liar? He is no joker nor a fool like you. He has his trump card and when the time is ripe it wil appear. So, just wait for time. We know who the real liar is and his time is running out. A desperate man like him would now find ways to snatch away the video recording that RPK had mentioned. So, no fool would keep it with him or show it to the world now until and unless it is you.

Amirah said...

Not many comments I see LOL can understand WHY

Anonymous said...

it is funny as he instill the conspiracy theory to the kid. 'Were they shocked with the revelations?' "no, i dont think so'

what is that? Observation can be accepted as a sound fact these days?

RPK is delusional and full of crap!

Please show us one SOLID prove, for once!

I'm totally bored with these allegations but no substance and people in MT are cheering like they are getting some candies. For god sake people, THINK! People are blinded these days as long as you give them candy.


Anonymous said...

Babi is like a cancer to Malaysia , RPK is a cancer related disease....cannot be cured...kena tembak aje


Anonymous said...

Since BABI n MADMAN tau so much about the death of the mongolian women ( which I dont think she is a nice woman after all - but not good to speak of the dead so I am not going to say it ) Perhaps they have something to do with the murder itself ??????
BABI paid the said mongolian woman or something ???

Anonymous said...

Is that a pic of RPK in a wig and a hat?


lupo said...

RPK ni sometimes make sense jugak, tapi kadang kadang kuat temberang...elok dia pergi jual ubat kat tepi jalan lah...

Anonymous said...

But that kepala batas guy lie all the time?

And by his own definitions : a lie is an act of treason.

So how ? can file charges against him also ke?

buttercity said...

And Najib is an angel?

Anonymous said...

buttercity! yes he is an angel! BTW do you know him personally as a person or like any other moron you just read and listen to what people say about him?! Like Pasquale, I still think you are a Hindu.


Anonymous said...

good one. Bored with with people who are way too obsessed with one personality that they become blinded and become the alien in star trek that think one, speak one.